Lawn Care Tips: How To Achieve An Amazing Lawn

People say that first impressions always last. This is not only applicable to people but it is also applicable to homes and even to commercial and public properties. The lawn is the first thing that people will see before they enter your home. It would be great to have an outdoor area that is beautiful and appealing. This can be done when your lawn is well-maintained.

With that in mind, it is best to care for your lawn regardless of the season. This way, you can have a property that the entire neighborhood will surely envy. Here are some tips that will help you achieve an amazing lawn:


Do What Is Best For The Season

Caring for your lawn is extremely important and should be done regardless of the weather. The best time to water and fertilize grass is during spring and summer months. Fertilizing should be done before winter comes. This can be difficult to do during winter because there would be plenty of snow that would accumulate the ground and the soil would also be frozen. Regardless of the season, watering the grass is also important. Don't let your plants die from dehydration. During fall and winter, you should start preparing and doing steps to ensure that your lawn would be protected from the cold weather. You have to make sure that your lawn would be able to withstand the harsh conditions caused by lower temperatures.

Get Rid Of Weeds

If you see weeds growing around your lawn, make sure to get rid of it. Do not wait for it to thrive as you would spend plenty of time getting rid of weeds. It would also be difficult to remove it when it has already thrived. Weeds compete with water and sunlight. It would also absorb the nutrients in the soil that would have been absorbed by the grass. Because of this, the grass would look unhealthy and may be prone to diseases. Weeds would also make your lawn look unattractive.

There are weed killers available in gardening stores in your local area. Make sure that the weed killer you use would not be very harmful to your pets and/or children. You can always ask the store attendant which weed killers would be best. Before you apply weed killer, see to it that you have read the guidelines on how to use it and the safety precautions.

Mow Your Lawn


Do not forget to mow your lawn. When mowing, make sure that you will not cut it too short. It may be easier to do as it can save you time. But, this can make the grass susceptible to damage. Cutting it too short would also make weeds thrive around your lawn. Keep grass taller. If grass grows fast, you can always mow your lawn from time to time. Keep the grass taller so that it would also grow healthier.

If you do not know how long the grass should be, the general rule is to avoid cutting off more than one third of the grass blade. Check with a landscaping or turf management expert to find out what is best for the grass in your lawn.

Start Watering Your Plants In The Morning


The best time to start watering your plants is during the morning. Start watering early. When the sun comes out, it will dry the grass and allow water to absorb well down through the roots and the soil. If you water during night time, it will take time for water to absorb. Moisture will also last longer. This make the grass prone to diseases that would later on inflict major damage to your lawn.

If you do not have time to water in the morning because of work or household chores, you can always make use of an irrigation system. You can hire an expert to install an automatic sprinkler. Through this, you can set the time as to when you would like to water your plants. It will automatically turn on and turn off depending on what you have set in its controls.

Plant New Grass

If you are not happy with the grass in your lawn, you can always plant a new one. There are different varieties of grass that you can choose from. Before you purchase, make sure that you ask about the needs of the grass. There are some varieties that will require you to water it constantly while there are also those that would still survive even if you do not water regularly. There are also some varieties that would not survive warmer or colder temperatures. Always consider such factors when choosing new grass. We all want our lawn to look its best throughout the year so it is advisable to choose one that would fit best in your area.

Fertilize The Lawn

It is important to fertilize the lawn. There are fertilizers that would help the grass grow faster. This is important especially when you've replaced the grass with a new one. Seek the help of experts to find out which fertilizer is best for the variety of grass in your lawn. When using, always read what is indicated in the label. This will help ensure that you apply just the right amount of fertilizer. Make sure you do not put too much as it will burn the lawn. Applying too little would also not be sufficient for what the grass would need.

Hire An Expert

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Having a great lawn can be achieved through the tip we have discussed. Taking care of your lawn is extremely important. Yes, we agree that it may be a tedious task but what you are doing will surely pay off in the end when you would have a beautiful outdoor area.

If you lack the time to care for your lawn, you can always hire an expert who can help you with it. Premier Lawn Care has a team of experts who are skilled and knowledgeable on what your lawn really needs. We offer landscaping services, turf management and all other service that would be helpful for residential and commercial property owners. Contact us today and we will help you.

How To Get Your Lawn Healthy Again After A Drought

Drought is one of the issues that property owners in Tennessee have to face. It can cause extensive damage to our outdoor area because the extreme and scorching heat and dryness can make the grasses, trees and other plants in our lawn to be dehydrated. Our lawn is one of the first things that will suffer the most during a drought. However, drought is a situation that cannot be avoided. All we have to do is to prepare for it and do necessary measures once it has passed.


During a drought, the local government will impose strict regulations encouraging people to save water as there will be extreme water shortage during that time. Because of this, the use of sprinklers and other forms of irrigation system to keep your lawn green may be prohibited. It may not even be an option too. In this article, we will guide you on the necessary measures that any property owners have to do to ensure that their lawn will be in good condition during and even after the drought. Keep the following methods in mind:

Continue To Mow The Lawn


Even during a drought, the grass will continue to grow and will not stop from growing. If they grow very long, start to mow the lawn. Make sure that you do not cut it too short as it will affect the growth of the grass. The blades of your mower should also be sharp so that it would cut the grass precisely. Blades that are not too sharp will not be able to cut through grass well. Instead of cutting, it will just rip some of the grass or pull it off from the soil.

Remove Thatch From The Lawn

Thatch absorbs plenty of moisture. If you haven't, get rid of thatch to allow the ground to breath and so that the plants and trees won't have to compete for water and moisture. This is one of the most important things you need to do when there's a drought.

Aerate The Soil


It can get very hot during drought. The soil can also get dry. This would result to the roots of grass and other plants not getting enough moisture causing it to get dehydrated. Aerate the soil by punching holes in it. Moisture will easily flow to the roots through those holes.


Get Rid Of Weeds

Aside from thatch, one of the things that would compete with plants for water and moisture are weeds. You will have to use an herbicide or a weed killer for it. Make sure that you choose one that is organic or does not contain too much chemicals in it. If you do not know which one to choose, you may ask one of the garden store staff for recommendation. You can also hire a professional who can do the job for you. When you get rid of weeds, your plants will be able to survive the drought considering that they no longer have a competition for moisture and nutrients.

Do Not Walk On The Lawn

Foot traffic can make the soil more compact. When the soil is too compact, water and moisture will be prevented from seeping down through the roots. Make sure that you tell the entire household not to walk on the lawn. You could also place a sign on your lawn to remind them and other people about it.


Water Thoroughly

Watering your plants thoroughly may be difficult to do during a drought as the local government will impose strict rules on water conservation. You might even get into trouble with your neighbors when you do so.

Once the restrictions are lifted, make sure to water your lawn thoroughly. See to it that the lawn is soaked. Doing this will help bring back all the moisture that the plants and grass didn't have during several weeks or months of drought. This will also help roots to grow well.

Aside from what's in your lawn, make sure that you water the grass or plants that are growing on the sloped areas of your yard. The heat of the sun can make that area become dryer than other areas of your lawn. The wind will also make the water to run off easily. To prevent evaporation, water your lawn early in the morning. You can do it before 8 o'clock in the morning so that it is still not too hot or too windy.

Apply Fertilizer To The Soil

After a week or two of watering the lawn, it would regain the moisture it needs to become healthy again. Hire a professional to conduct a soil test so you can determine the condition of the soil and what it really needs. Once the results of the soil test are available, you will be able to choose the correct type of fertilizer to use in it. Make sure that the fertilizer has a combination of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Continue To Maintain The Lawn

Because there are no longer any water restrictions that are stopping you to take care of your lawn further, continue to maintain the lawn after the drought. If you did not fertilize your lawn during the drought, do it now that it's over. Continue with the regular maintenance that you do. Take care of the brown areas and ugly patches of grass in your lawn. Once you continue maintaining the lawn, it will be back to its old glory.

Those are the methods that you should do during the drought and after it is over. Those methods are important in ensuring that your lawn will become healthy again after the drought has passed. If you need help, you can also hire a professional to help you with maintaining the lawn. Premier Lawn Care offers turf management, landscaping services, and other outdoor property maintenance services that you may need. We have experts who are highly trained in this area. Rest assured that we will help you in any way that we can. Contact us today and discuss your needs with our experts.

Landscaping Mistakes You Should Not Make This Fall and Winter

Every one of us wants to have an outdoor area that will look great throughout the entire year. Now that fall is coming, plants and trees would begin to shed its leaves. The wind becomes cooler as the winter season would arrive. You may have hired a landscaping company to help you prepare your lawn for fall and winter. Several problems may happen no matter how much you avoid it. Still, there are ways on how you can prevent any major problems in your outdoor area.


In this article, we will discuss to you some of the common landscaping mistakes. You might be surprised that you have been doing one of these mistakes throughout the years. To start with, here are those mistakes:

Cutting Grass Too Low


It is not good to cut grass too low. Cutting grass too low would make it more susceptible to damage. It may be done for some varieties of grass but there are other grasses that are not suitable with this. It would be best to seek the help of an expert to know how short you should cut the grass. When cutting or mowing your lawn, it is advisable to ensure that the length of the grass would be consistent with its grooming requirements.

Not Watering Shrubs, Trees, And Other Plants In Your Lawn

You may think that the plants in your lawn no longer require water during fall or winter season as it is already shedding leaves. That is the most common misconception of homeowners. Regardless of the season, plants still need water. If you do not water your plants regularly, you will surely encounter major issues. Watering plants should not be delayed because your plants may get dry. The worst thing that could happen is that the plants would die from dehydration. It can also be susceptible to disease and later on cause serious damage to your plants.

You Used The Wrong Plant Fertilizer

There are different fertilizers available depending on what your plants need. You have to ensure that you will be using the right type of fertilizer for it. Do take note that it you should not only look at what your plant needs, you also have to consider the season. Why? There are fertilizers that are not compatible with colder temperatures. For example, fertilizer in granules take long to dissolve. Using this type of fertilizer is only good if the weather is still warm. During fall and winter, it is recommended to use spray applicator when applying fertilizer. Applying fertilizer is always important to ensure that the plants will be healthy and will be able to withstand the changing weather conditions.

Not Treating The Soil With Mulch


Before fall and winter comes, make sure that you have applied mulch around plants and trees. Remember to use high quality mulch only. You may think that you’ve saved money from using cheaper and lower quality mulch but using mulch that has poor quality may end up damaging the plants. It can affect the quality of the soil and may even cause fungus outbreak in your plants. It also makes your plants and trees susceptible to pests. It should be done before snow happens. If the ground is already frozen from the cold weather, mulching can be very difficult to perform.

Ignoring Minor Pest Problems

When homeowners notice pests in their plants, most of them tend to ignore it. This is something that you should not be doing. If you notice pests, make sure that you find a solution to remedy the problem. You may hire an expert to help you get rid of it. Before winter comes, your yard should have no signs of pest infestation. When ignored, pests can do major damage to your plants and trees. Instead of having beautiful plants and trees after winter season, you may end up having unhealthy and disease-infested plants.

Using Weed Killers During Winter

Spraying weed killers around your plants should not be done during winter season. You may think using weed killers would be a good idea for treating plants during that time but it is something that you should avoid. Use it only when temperature is warm. This is also one of the main reasons why you should always prepare for fall or winter. Early preparations are always important as not all tasks are possible to do during colder temperatures.

Not Buying New Supplies For Your Yard

You may think it is the wrong time to splurge on new gardening or landscaping supplies. But, during fall and winter, most stores offer summer clearance sales. You will see the best and most enticing bargains during these times. Most prices are on a markdown so you should not miss it. This can be the perfect time to replace some of your old and almost broken supplies with a new one.

Not Keeping The Yard Clutter-Free

When we say keeping the yard clutter-free, we are just not talking about getting rid of clutter and random stuff you have placed in your yard. We also mean that you have to rake the yard regularly. If you let fallen leaves accumulate around the yard, fungus and mold may thrive. These would later on affect the condition of your plants, trees, and even the soil. Make sure to rake leaves on a regular basis. This would also make it easier for you to remove snow that may have accumulated in your yard during winter.

Not Planting Ahead Of Time

It is always recommended to prepare ahead of time. That is why you should also start to plant flowers and trees in time for spring season to come. There are varieties of flowers that would take time to grow. Some trees would also take time to mature and bear fruits. It is just reasonable to start planting now.

Those are some of the most common landscaping mistakes that you should avoid. Taking care of your property's outdoor area may not be the easiest thing to do but it will always pay off in the end. If you lack the time to do this, you can always hire landscaping experts to help you prepare for fall and winter season. If you happen to live around Middle Tennessee area, Premier Lawn Care is the company that you should call. We offer landscaping services and other outdoor property maintenance services that would help you achieve a stunning outdoor area throughout the year. Contact us today and let us discuss your needs.

Ways To Restore Your Commercial Property's Outdoor Area

Whether it is a residential property or a commercial property, having an appealing outdoor area is very important. The look of the outdoor area is particularly important for commercial properties. The look of your lawn will affect the first impression of people passing by. This would also affect your customer's impression of your business. When people see that your lawn is well-kept, they will be enticed to enter your establishment and check out what you have on offer. They will also have an impression that, since you have a beautiful, well-kept outdoor area, you will be able to provide them with quality service.


If you have a commercial property and have a good-sized outdoor area, you have to make sure that you take proper care of it. In case there had been some issues with your lawn or you just did not have the time to maintain it, do not worry! There are still ways on how you can restore your lawn back to its glory. To start with, here are our tips on how to restore your commercial property's outdoor area:

Check The pH Level Of Your Soil

The pH level of your soil will determine if your plants and turf grass will flourish. Some plants, particularly flowers, could flourish in a highly acidic soil. On the other hand, when you have turf grass all over your yard, you have to make sure that your soil is not too acidic. Turf grass would not work well in an acidic or what others call as a "hot" soil.

If you have turf grass or if you are planning to have turf grass laid in your commercial property's outdoor area, make sure that the pH level of the soil is between 6.5 and 7.0. This is considered as an alkaline level which is ideal for growing turf grass.

When it comes to changing the pH level of your soil, this process cannot be done overnight. This cannot be fixed instantly as it would take time for the soil in your entire outdoor area to adjust its pH level. As the pH level of the soil goes up or becomes more alkaline, the roots of your turf grass would be able to get more nutrients from the soil. This would make the roots of your turf grass stronger and gather more nutrients.

The pH level of the soil can easily be determined through a soil test. Through a soil test, you will not only know about the pH level of the soil but you will also know the nutrients that your soil lacks. This would help you in improving the soil in your outdoor area over time. You can seek the help of professionals if you want soil tests to be done properly.

Keep The Soil Loose And Airy

After doing a soil test and making your soil nutritionally balanced, the next step you need to do is to make sure that the soil is not hard and compact. If your soil is as hard as a rock and is very compact, the health of your entire lawn would be affected. Because of the condition of the soil, there would be no room for water and air to seep through. The roots of your plants, trees, and grass would not even grow well and strong.

To improve the condition of your soil, core aeration should be done. Core aeration is a process of lawn aeration but focuses more on making the soil loose. After the soil is properly aerated, water, air, and other organic matter will be able to easily reach through the roots of your plants and trees. This would make all the plants in your outdoor area thrive.

Not All Plants Are Equal


When it comes to the plants and trees that you have in the outdoor area of your commercial property, you have to understand that there are plants that are suitable for cooler climates and there are also plants that are suitable for warmer climates. It is important that you choose the right plants that would thrive in the climate of your local area. It would be difficult to grow cool climate plants in an area that is extremely hot.


This is also applicable for the grasses that you want to have in your lawn. There are varieties of grasses that prefers the sun and is drought resistant. If you are in an area where the weather is always warm, choose a variety of grass that is suitable for it would be an ideal choice. It would be best to work with a landscaping professional as they can suggest the best grasses, plants, and trees that would be suitable for your outdoor area.

Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Outdoor Area

It is important to get rid of weeds that thrive in your outdoor area. This is not only applicable for residential properties but for commercial properties as well. Weeds can wreak havoc in your lawn if you continue to ignore it, let it thrive and leave it untreated. Weeds can also compete with the grass and other plants in your lawn. Instead of having the nutrients, water, and air seep through the roots of your plants, the weeds would take most of it.

There are certain treatments that have to be applied on your lawn on a regular basis to ensure that weeds would not thrive in it for the rest of the year. Treating it would prevent the weeds from germinating and taking over your outdoor area.

Make Sure That The Soil Is Well-Fertilized


Fertilizing the soil is not just applicable to a residential property's outdoor area. It is also extremely important for the outdoor area of commercial properties. The soil has to be fertilized and should have a balance between three elements. These three elements are potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Potassium would help plants to grow healthy and strong. Nitrogen helps your grass and other plants to stay green while phosphorus ensures that the roots of your plants would grow strong.

These three elements are important in any outdoor area. It also has to be applied in the right amounts. You do not just apply it for the sake of just applying it in your lawn. You have to determine the correct amounts that your soil would need. The results of the soil test would help determine how much of each element is required by the soil. Do take note that you may need to adjust the amounts based on the condition of the area and the current season.

Those are ways on how you can restore the outdoor area of your commercial property back to its former glory. This would help you have a well-maintained outdoor area where plants and/or trees would thrive. If you want to ensure that this would be done properly, always seek the help of professionals. Premier Lawn Care offers landscaping services and can guide you on how to care for your outdoor area properly. We have experts who are highly knowledgeable and well-trained to take on any tasks, no matter how small or large it is.

Call us today and we will help you restore your outdoor area.

A Guide On Garden Preparation For Fall 2017

Aside from the variety of plants in your garden or lawn, the steps you take to maintain your garden or lawn would also depend on the weather. Spring is the perfect time to add new plants, shrubs or trees in your garden. By summer, you would witness that your new plants would start to grow and bloom. During fall, plants continue to mature until winter season comes.

Now that summer is coming to an end and fall is drawing near, it is the perfect time to start preparing for fall. In this article, we share to you some tips on how you can get your garden ready for fall 2017. To start with, here are the garden preparation tips:

Check The Garden First

Before you start doing anything to your garden or lawn, you have to check it first. Walk around and look closely into each plant. Check the turf grass and the soil. By doing this, you would be able to determine what your garden really needs. Sometimes, you'd need to aerate the soil, divide plants into smaller batches and more. A soil test may also be required to see if the soil still has the right pH and nutrient levels. Do not forget to check your irrigation system as well. It may need repairs or replacements.

Check The Perennials

Do not forget to check all of the perennials. See if there are any signs of disease. Check its leaves if there are spots. Look into its stem to see if it is rotting. If there are perennials that may be affected by disease, apply the right treatment for it. Start pruning its branches. If the disease has gone worse, it would be best to just remove the plant before its disease would transfer or spread to healthy plants around it.

Do Not Forget To Inspect The Trees

Just like other plants in your garden, make sure to check trees. Look for signs of disease or rot. If you see that there are damaged or rotting branches, prune the branch before the entire tree is affected. Doing this during fall is much easier because most of the trees would shed leaves and branches are bare.

Remove Mulch

Aside from checking for signs of damage caused by disease on your plants, shrubs or trees, make sure to remove mulch that you may have placed around the trees and other plants in your garden. Too much mulch can cause molds and mildew to form.  It would be best to remove it and replace it with a new one depending on the condition of your soil.

Bring Plants Outdoors

During fall, the weather slowly becomes cooler. This is the perfect time to bring your indoor plants outdoors. By doing this, your indoor plants would be able to get enough sunlight without having to suffer from too much heat or too much cold. This will also help your herbs and other varieties of indoor plants to grow for a much longer period of time.

Mow The Lawn

During fall, do not forget to mow the lawn. Set the blade to its lowest setting. By cutting grass lower than what you usually do, you would help it get enough sunlight. When the grass is cut low, the heat from the sunlight would easily be absorbed by the crown of the grass.

Till The Soil

It is important to till the soil. This would allow water, oxygen, and other nutrients to be absorbed well. You may be asking why you should till the soil during fall. The reason for this is that it is much easier to do as the soil is still soft. If you do it after winter, the soil is hard and still begins to thaw from the snow or frost. During fall, the soil is warm. In this temperature, good microorganisms thrive. This allows you to have a healthier soil in your garden before you start planting new plants when the next spring season comes.

Get Rid Of Weeds

Fall is also the ideal time to get rid of weeds. Many weeds may have taken over your lawn during spring or summer. Apply weed killer or poison if necessary. By doing this, there will be less weeds when spring season comes.

Make sure to choose the right type of weed killer. You may have to consult an expert about this especially if you are worried about the chemicals that is in the weed killer. Some of them are not pet-friendly and child-friendly. If you start applying weed killer in your lawn, make sure to keep your pets and children inside the house until the soil has not absorbed the poison.

Fertilize The Soil

During spring and summer, plants grow and bloom. Because of this, majority of the nutrients found in the soil are absorbed by the plants. During fall, it would be best to start fertilizing or adding amendments to the soil. As winter comes, the quality of the soil is enriched by the fertilizer.

Use organic fertilizer rather than chemical fertilizers. Before you start applying fertilizer, make sure that you have tilled the soil. Do not forget to get rid of weeds as well because this will compete with the nutrients in the soil.

When you start to fertilize, make sure that you cover parts of your garden that do not have plants. It could either be that the plants did not bloom during spring or summer or you have removed them already.

Collect Seeds From Your Plants

During fall, some plants start to mature, ripen or dry out. This would be the best time to start collecting seeds from your flowering or fruit-bearing plants. Avoid harvesting flowers and plants. Just let the fruits ripen and flowers dry out. By doing so, the plants and trees would have mature seeds which you can easily collect.

Store the seeds in a clean, dry and cool place. Do not forget to label them so that you can easily determine what those seeds are when you start planting next spring season.

Empty Water Containers

Are you among those who like to collect rain water? If you have barrels or containers filled with rain water, start emptying it before snow comes. Do not forget to clean it as well. If you will not drain it out, there is a higher chance that the container or barrel will be damaged when the water in it starts to freeze.



Those are some helpful tips that would serve as your guide on how to start preparing for fall 2017. Fall is almost here and it is never too early to start preparing for it. If you need expert help, do not hesitate to contact Premier Lawn Care. Premier Lawn Care offers landscaping services and other property maintenance services. We have experts who can guide you in every step to ensure that your lawn will look its best no matter what the season is.