Creative Ways To Use Pavers Outdoors

Pavers are among the most used materials for hardscaping. It is not just ordinary slabs of concrete, brick or tile. With some creativity, your pavers can help accent your landscaping and improve the look of your outdoor area.


Here are some ways on how you can make use of pavers outdoors:

Create A Courtyard

By laying out your pavers in a circular pattern, a courtyard effect will be made. You will be able to use such style in order to highlight focal features in your backyard. It can be a statue, a waterfall or a mini fountain.

It Can Serve As A Path


Depending on the size of the pavers and the distance of your door to your walkway, you will be able to use five or more pavers. Line pavers from the door to the walkway. This style lets you achieve a high-end looking pathway in your backyard without having to spend a lot of money. To give it a more high-end look, you can fill the space with plants or stones which require less maintenance and are much less expensive.

Have A Sturdy Outdoor Dining Area In Your Backyard

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You can use large pavers and lay them where you want to have your sitting area. It will serve as a solid surface for your chairs and tables. If you want something more natural looking, you can make use of smaller sized pavers. You can lay it and keep some grass in between each paver. When the grass grows, it will look as if the pavers have been laid out there for a long time. You don’t have to worry about sitting in wobbly chairs during outdoor meals!

Use It To Accent Your Home’s Architecture


In order to unite the style of the interior to the exterior of your home, you can make use of pavers. Pavers are great accent pieces that you can line up around your home. If you use larger pavers, it can even double up as a pathway giving not only aesthetic appeal but also functionality.

Use It As A Bridge

Instead of using wood and other material to create a bridge over the pond, why not use pavers instead? Think outside the box and line rectangular pavers to serve as an alternative to common bridge materials. This feature will give your backyard a unique yet classic look.

Have An Outdoor Lounge Space

If outdoor dining isn’t your thing, you can have an outdoor lounge space instead. Decide which area you want to have your lounge chairs and then place the pavers on there. To save on pavers, you can have a gap in between them and fill those gaps with gravel. See to it that you fill the gaps and spaces between each gravel properly so it will not move or be wobbly.

Use Pavers To Create Patterns


Creating patterns with pavers is one of the most common features in any home. Pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can easily create different patterns with it. You can place them interlocking each other or place them next to each other. This may seem random but when you lay the pavers properly, everything will appear aesthetically pleasing and orderly.

Pavers Can Serve As A Cover

Are there areas in your backyard where grass or sod doesn't seem to grow? Is there a particular area that you just really want to cover? If there are, then you shouldn't worry. Pavers could serve as a stylish cover for those areas. Set down your preferred size or style of pavers and stones. You can create a pattern or just design a patio with it.

Place It Around The Pool


Do you feel as if your pool just lacks character? Why not place pavers around it and create a dramatic look? Elegantly-placed pavers will certainly add a distinct effect in your pool and make it glow. It will not only be pleasing to the eye but will also be functional as it can serve as a walkway around the pool area.

Have An Oversized Chess board

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Image by: Pinterest

Do you love chess? Be creative and use pavers as an oversized chess board. You can purchase pavers of equal sizes and have chess pieces carved out. An outdoor chess board will not only be an attractive feature in your backyard but will also be a fun way to spend time with your family and guests.

With some creativity, pavers can go a long way. It is among the most versatile materials and come in various sizes, materials, colors and styles. If you want to incorporate pavers with your home’s landscaping, contact us at Premier Lawn Care. We offer hardscaping, landscape construction and design water features as well.

How To Design A Beautiful Yet Functional Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is one of the things that homeowners consider having in their gardens. It is even among the top trends for this year. Having one can be an asset for your home as it increases your property value and adds more functionality to your outdoor area.

If you plan on creating one, here are some tips that you should consider.

Outdoor Kitchen Essentials.jpg


Think About What You Want

Before you start purchasing the things you will be needing for your outdoor kitchen, think about how you want it to be. This will depend upon your budget, the space available, your lifestyle and other factors. Ask yourself, do you want it to be basic? Do you want it to be extravagant? Are you going to build it exclusively for family members to bond together or are you doing it for entertaining guests? 

How Much Space Do You Have?

If you have a spacious outdoor area, you will have to make sure that you are not going to walk too far from your house going to the outdoor kitchen especially when you prefer to cook outside and dine inside your home. If you have a smaller property, you have to strategically think of the best areas to place your appliances and its size to ensure that there is still enough room left for the sitting area and other features. 

Draw Your Plan

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                                                          Image via Pinterest


To have an efficient kitchen, draw out your plan. Draw where you plan to place the grill, sink, benches, storage areas and other features. If you are not sure, talk to a professional who can help you in planning out your design perfectly.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?


Decide as to how much you are comfortable spending. Work within that budget and avoid getting too excited. Sometimes, things can get out of hand and you will be surprised how much you’ve spent (usually on things that you really won’t be needing). Remember that you will not just spend on the outdoor appliances alone. Depending on the complexity of the design, you will also spend on building materials, labor, landscaping fees, permits and more.

Don’t Forget the Climate

People living in areas with a mild climate would surely spend more of their time outdoors. But, for those who live in areas where it rains a lot, make sure you have a patio or other structure that could serve as a shade or cover for your grill and other outdoor kitchen appliances.

Your Home’s Design and Landscaping Should Complement One Another



The outdoor area should complement with the indoor area of your home. Think of a design that would merge the two together. It should appear as if it is an extension of what’s inside your home. See to it that their designs complement one another. You can make use of compatible materials or build outdoor structures using similar architectural details as what’s indoors, such as your benchtops and counters. 

Choose Materials Requiring Less Maintenance

Any appliances that you place in your outdoor kitchen would be regularly exposed to the elements. It will go through wear and tear faster than those you use indoors. It has to be maintained regularly to ensure that they last longer, even if you are not using it much often. Durability is important. So, when purchasing appliances and features for your outdoor kitchen area, choose those that require less maintenance and can withstand the elements such as stainless-steel grills.

There Should Be Adequate Lighting

                                                                 Image by:  Shivastay

                                                               Image by: Shivastay

Add ambiance to your outdoor kitchen by adding proper lighting. It is important to have good light when you cook outside. This also extends the use of your kitchen for those late-night barbecues with family and friends. 

Your Kitchen Should Not Just Be Stylish

When you build an outdoor kitchen, make sure that it is not just aesthetically pleasing. It should also be functional. There should be enough room for you to cook comfortable and for people to dine. Consider adding a sink so when you need to wash up, you don’t need to go back inside.

Don’t Forget The Utilities

Just like the indoors, your outdoor kitchen would require utilities too. Depending on the appliances and features you add, there should be plumbing, gas and electrical lines installed. You might also need to acquire permits on some features you plan to add.

Outdoor kitchens serve as an additional entertaining area all year-round. Those are the tips you should bear in mind if you want to have a beautiful outdoor kitchen. If you need more help, consult our experts at Premier Lawn Care. We provide landscaping, outdoor lighting and other outdoor property maintenance services that would surely help you in creating the perfect kitchen outdoors. Plan ahead and transform your outdoor area into a space that you will love. Contact us today!

Landscaping Tips To Instantly Improve Curb Appeal.

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There are plenty of things that a homeowner needs to do before they can successfully place their property on the real estate market. Not only do you need to spruce up your old kitchen, and paint over your roommate's questionable color choices, but you also need to think about how you're going to establish the curb appeal that draws buyers towards your home.

While the inside of your house might be the thing that ultimately sells your property, it's the outside that convinces people that they want to take a second look. With that in mind, here are a few tips for instantly improving curb appeal.

Maintain Your Yard


Turf Maintenance Macon Mannor

No matter how stunning your home is on the inside, an overgrown and shabby garden will always detract from a good first impression. When you want to get the most out of your property, it's important to look at your yard from a third-party perspective and think about what you need to do to excite potential buyers.

Could you benefit from re-doing your driveway, or adding a few flowers to the front part of your building to make your property seem more colorful? Speak to a landscaping expert if you're having trouble making upgrade choices.

Remember to do the little jobs too, like pulling up weeds, getting rid of leaves, and mowing the lawn on a regular basis. Proper yard maintenance is key to great looking home

Add Lighting for a Good-Looking Property Day and Night

Lighting is an incredible way to add to the curb appeal of your home. Not only is it inexpensive, but it's fantastic for those times when someone might want to come and see your property later in the day, and you still want to give them the full effect of your stunning yard.

A home that's well-lit looks safer and more inviting during the day, and in the evening. Not only will your lights help to guide buyers down the path to your home, but they can also be a powerful security feature too, as thieves and burglars are more likely to avoid well-lit homes.

Consider a Landscaping Overhaul

While mowing the lawn, getting rid of weeds, and potentially planting some new flowers will all help to make your property more appealing to buyers, there's a chance that you might need to invest in a few more significant upgrades too. For instance, a great driveway can be a powerful incentive to buyers who want to know that they'll have somewhere safe to park their car when they're coming home from work.

On the other hand, if your landscape is dull and boring, you might want a professional team to come in and turn things around. A freshly-designed landscape can be a great way to ensure that new buyers can really get the most out of the natural space around your property. In fact, sometimes the right landscape can even encourage a buyer to spend more on a home!

While there's no perfect guide to convincing someone to buy your property, you can rest assured that strong curb appeal and a stunning garden will help you to convince your buyers that your property is right for them.

How To Choose The Right Snow Removal Company

Now that winter is here, you’re probably thinking how you will be able to clear your property from ice and snow. Snow removal can be a complicated thing to do especially when there is already a heavy snow build up all over your property. Instead of focusing on other important aspects of your business, you and your team would end up spending more time and effort in shoveling and clearing your property – and, no one wants to do such time-consuming task. 


To help you on this matter, there are companies offering snow removal services. These experts would be able to help you with your needs this winter. No need to spend countless hours shoveling. All you need to do is to call a snow removal company and they will be there to assist you. But, wait! One thing you must remember is you should not just call the first snow removal company you will find. Allocate a little more time on properly selecting a company.

Finding a snow removal company in Tennessee or wherever your property is located can easily make one feel overwhelmed. With a lot of companies offering such services, it can be confusing on which one you should hire. But, don’t worry! In this article, we will guide you in choosing the right company for your snow removal needs. Continue reading as we compile to you a checklist of what you should look into in every prospective company in your list.

winter care tips


Finding a company offering snow removal services may sound easy but, if you are planning to find the right one, you need to rely on your research skills and judgment.

Research A List Of Companies

Search online to find a list of companies in your local area that is offering snow removal services. You can also seek the help of your friends and fellow property owners around the area who may have worked with a snow removal company in the past. They may be able to suggest to you a few good companies that they have hired before. 

Once you have a list of companies, narrow down your choices by looking closely as to what these companies offer. Get to know more about the company by visiting their website and checking all the other services they can offer. It would be best if you work with a company that offers multiple outdoor property maintenance services so that you will not just work with them during winter but all throughout the year whenever you need their services. 

Now that you know about the services they offer, check the reviews given to them by their clients. This is probably one of the most important things that you need to check. Look into various review sites to see if people were satisfied by the services that the particular company has provided to them. Do not forget to read the negative reviews as well. Check how the company has dealt with such feedback from their clients.

Check How Reputable The Company IS

premier lawn care testimonials

Now that you have narrowed down your list to a few companies, it is now time to look into the reputation of the company. You need to ask yourself: “are they reputable?” Only choose a company that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Most companies have a BBB Accredited Company logo on their website, but it won’t take you a long time to double check if the company really has an accreditation from the BBB. Visit the Better Business Bureau website and search for the company name. The BBB lists down the contact details of the company and even the person who manages the business. See if the company has a high rating on BBB and make sure to read the reviews and complaints listed there as well.

Expensive Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Yes, we get it. Companies who offer their services at a higher price usually have the most high-end tools and equipment for the job. Most of these companies also have a team of experts with years of experience. But, not all companies are like that. An expensive rate doesn’t always mean better services. There are also companies offering quality services at a more affordable price. With that in mind, do not just choose a company strictly on the price that they offer. Look into the experience of the company and the equipment that they have to do the job well.

Find Out The Services They Offer

premier lawn care services offered

Again, it would be best if the company offers a variety of services. It would be ideal to find a company that will not only help you prepare during the winter but also in spring, summer and fall. Finding an all in one company is always better than having to find multiple companies who offer all other services that you may need. This way, the company will then be able to help you prepare and care for your outdoor property for the upcoming seasons.

Work With A Company That Is Insured

You will never know what may happen as they are working on the job especially in a time when the harsh cold weather is your enemy. Find a company that is fully insured. The company has to assure you that you, your employees, customers, and property will be safe and secured. In case of an unfortunate situation that will happen during their work, you will have peace of mind that everything is protected.


Take note of the points we’ve shared in this article if you are looking for a snow removal company that you can trust. If you still can’t find one, Premier Lawn Care offers snow removal services as well as other outdoor property management services in Tennessee and surrounding areas.  With a highly experienced team, complete with the latest tools and equipment, rest assured that you will get quality service from our team. To book an appointment with our team, feel free to contact us. We would be glad to hear from you.

A Guide On Garden Preparation For Winter 2017

As the cold weather starts to kick in, it would be ideal to start preparing your outdoor area for winter. Winter is just a few weeks away so before snow and ice cover your yard, you need to make sure that the plants and even the soil will incur less damage from the freezing cold weather. In this article, we will guide you on the important tasks that you need to do in order to prepare your outdoor area the upcoming winter this 2017. 


Consult A Snow Control Service in Manchester TN, USA

Before your property starts to be buried in snow and ice, make sure that you've already found a local snow control service in your area who can assist you with snow removal. Do not wait until it starts snowing before you find one as most snow removal services get fully booked during this time. Plan early and look for a trusted snow removal company in your local area. You may even order rock salt or anti-icing agents ahead of time.

Mow The Lawn

One of the common misconceptions of property owners is that grasses stop growing or just go dormant when the cold weather kicks in. It may be true to some variants of grasses in your property but there are still variants of grasses that prefer to grow during the cool season. Grasses continue to grow but at a slower pace than in the warm season. Until the entire lawn freezes from the cold, you need to continue mowing your lawn. 

When you start mowing, keep the height of the grass at a minimum. When the grass is shorter, you can prevent fungus from appearing and causing further damage.

Check The Condition of The Soil


Other property owners tend to ignore the condition of the soil as winter draws near. Still, you need to check the condition of the soil. There are professionals who can help you in checking the pH of the soil. Checking the soil's pH level is important particularly when you are about to choose an appropriate fertilizer for the soil and plants. Once you have determined the pH level, you can then proceed with the next steps. If ever you lack knowledge on this, hire a professional who can do the test for you. It is best to hire a professional as you can be certain that they can do the test properly and you can get accurate results.

Aerate The Soil

Aerating the soil is extremely important. Doing this process will help open up the soil and improve the condition of the roots of the grasses and other plants. Through aeration, it will be easier for water and nutrients to seep through the roots of the plant which can then improve their growth and condition in the long run. Do take note that this should not be done regularly. Aerate the soil only when it is prone to getting compacted because of traffic, which happens most of the time on commercial and industrial properties. You should also aerate the soil when grass clippings exceed half an inch deep. On the other hand, if those two instances don't happen, aerating the soil may not be done.

Do Not Forget to Fertilize The Soil

As part of lawn care during fall, it is important to ensure that the soil gets enough nutrients it needs to let grass, plants and trees thrive in great condition. Depending on the condition or pH level of the soil, you will be required to use different types of fertilizer. Applying fertilizer should be done throughout the growing months. When winter is fast approaching, it is ideal to use a fertilizer that has a higher amount of potassium. Potassium will help roots to be prepared for the freezing weather during winter and help grass and plants have a better chance of surviving. Aside from potassium, you should also ensure that the level of nitrogen is much lower than the ones you applied during the start of early Spring. This will help prevent too much growth during winter.

Clear Out All The Fallen Leaves in Your Yard

falling leaves

It is apparent that there will be plenty of fallen leaves on your outdoor property during fall. Before winter comes in, make sure that you keep the lawn clean and free from fallen leaves. You do not just want to leave a thick layer of leaves on the ground which can be difficult to get rid of when it starts snowing. Getting rid of fallen leaves may be time consuming to do but it will surely pay off.

In this process, you can either opt for mulching or raking leaves. If you prefer to go with mulching, you will need to do this regularly before the layer of leaves get too thick. If you opt for raking, it can be time consuming to do so make sure you buy a high-quality rake. You would also be able to rake the leaves when it is already dry.

Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds thrive whenever and wherever it can. During fall, it is best to start controlling or preventing the growth of weeds. If you do not get rid of weeds, it will continue to take all the nutrients, water and sunlight that the grass and plants could have gathered. When this happens, your plants and grass will have a less chance of survival during winter and allow more weeds to thrive. Apply weed control solutions to prevent weeds from growing further.


Those are the steps that should be done before winter comes. By doing the steps we’ve indicated above, you can ensure that you will have less problems with your outdoor area during and after winter. You will have peace of mind that your plants will survive the cold and continue to thrive after winter. 

If you need expert help, feel free to talk to us at Premier Lawn Care. We are ready all throughout the year to help you with outdoor property maintenance. In case winter comes in and you need snow control products such as rock salt, you may order it from Snow Control Service in Manchester TN, USA. Snow Control Service is our dedicated company offering snow control products and equipment. Whatever it is that you need before, during and after winter, Premier Lawn Care and Snow Control Service can help you.