A Guide On Garden Preparation For Winter 2017

As the cold weather starts to kick in, it would be ideal to start preparing your outdoor area for winter. Winter is just a few weeks away so before snow and ice cover your yard, you need to make sure that the plants and even the soil will incur less damage from the freezing cold weather. In this article, we will guide you on the important tasks that you need to do in order to prepare your outdoor area the upcoming winter this 2017. 


Consult A Snow Control Service in Manchester TN, USA

Before your property starts to be buried in snow and ice, make sure that you've already found a local snow control service in your area who can assist you with snow removal. Do not wait until it starts snowing before you find one as most snow removal services get fully booked during this time. Plan early and look for a trusted snow removal company in your local area. You may even order rock salt or anti-icing agents ahead of time.

Mow The Lawn

One of the common misconceptions of property owners is that grasses stop growing or just go dormant when the cold weather kicks in. It may be true to some variants of grasses in your property but there are still variants of grasses that prefer to grow during the cool season. Grasses continue to grow but at a slower pace than in the warm season. Until the entire lawn freezes from the cold, you need to continue mowing your lawn. 

When you start mowing, keep the height of the grass at a minimum. When the grass is shorter, you can prevent fungus from appearing and causing further damage.

Check The Condition of The Soil


Other property owners tend to ignore the condition of the soil as winter draws near. Still, you need to check the condition of the soil. There are professionals who can help you in checking the pH of the soil. Checking the soil's pH level is important particularly when you are about to choose an appropriate fertilizer for the soil and plants. Once you have determined the pH level, you can then proceed with the next steps. If ever you lack knowledge on this, hire a professional who can do the test for you. It is best to hire a professional as you can be certain that they can do the test properly and you can get accurate results.

Aerate The Soil

Aerating the soil is extremely important. Doing this process will help open up the soil and improve the condition of the roots of the grasses and other plants. Through aeration, it will be easier for water and nutrients to seep through the roots of the plant which can then improve their growth and condition in the long run. Do take note that this should not be done regularly. Aerate the soil only when it is prone to getting compacted because of traffic, which happens most of the time on commercial and industrial properties. You should also aerate the soil when grass clippings exceed half an inch deep. On the other hand, if those two instances don't happen, aerating the soil may not be done.

Do Not Forget to Fertilize The Soil

As part of lawn care during fall, it is important to ensure that the soil gets enough nutrients it needs to let grass, plants and trees thrive in great condition. Depending on the condition or pH level of the soil, you will be required to use different types of fertilizer. Applying fertilizer should be done throughout the growing months. When winter is fast approaching, it is ideal to use a fertilizer that has a higher amount of potassium. Potassium will help roots to be prepared for the freezing weather during winter and help grass and plants have a better chance of surviving. Aside from potassium, you should also ensure that the level of nitrogen is much lower than the ones you applied during the start of early Spring. This will help prevent too much growth during winter.

Clear Out All The Fallen Leaves in Your Yard

falling leaves

It is apparent that there will be plenty of fallen leaves on your outdoor property during fall. Before winter comes in, make sure that you keep the lawn clean and free from fallen leaves. You do not just want to leave a thick layer of leaves on the ground which can be difficult to get rid of when it starts snowing. Getting rid of fallen leaves may be time consuming to do but it will surely pay off.

In this process, you can either opt for mulching or raking leaves. If you prefer to go with mulching, you will need to do this regularly before the layer of leaves get too thick. If you opt for raking, it can be time consuming to do so make sure you buy a high-quality rake. You would also be able to rake the leaves when it is already dry.

Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds thrive whenever and wherever it can. During fall, it is best to start controlling or preventing the growth of weeds. If you do not get rid of weeds, it will continue to take all the nutrients, water and sunlight that the grass and plants could have gathered. When this happens, your plants and grass will have a less chance of survival during winter and allow more weeds to thrive. Apply weed control solutions to prevent weeds from growing further.


Those are the steps that should be done before winter comes. By doing the steps we’ve indicated above, you can ensure that you will have less problems with your outdoor area during and after winter. You will have peace of mind that your plants will survive the cold and continue to thrive after winter. 

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