A Guide To Lawn and Landscape Care For Spring

Spring is almost over but it is never too late to start taking care of your lawn. By ensuring that your lawn is in great condition during spring season, you can have peace of mind that your trees, shrubs and other plants in your outdoor area will endure the excruciating heat that the months of summer can bring. It will also keep it healthy to withstand the constantly changing weather.

Here is a guide that will help you in taking care of your lawn and landscape:

 Check the trees and shrubs.

 The first thing that you need to do is to check the trees and shrubs in your outdoor area. A quick inspection will help you in determining what else you have to do. Check if there are certain parts of the tree or shrub that has been infested by insects or pests. Don’t forget to check the branches of the tree as there might be certain areas that are about to fall or rot.

 If there are damaged or broken trees, you may have to prune it. It would also be recommended to seek the help of a tree pruning or removal professional. They can prune or get rid of broken and damaged branches with a lesser risk of causing damage to the surrounding property.

 Inspect the soil.

Inspecting the soil ensures that it is healthy and can help plants to grow abundantly. You have to inspect the soil to see if it has sufficient nutrients to cater to your plants A soil test has to be done to check the levels of nutrients in the soil. Hiring a lawn care expert can ensure that the test will be performed properly and ensure that you will be able to get the right interpretation from the results of the test.

 From the test, you will be able to determine the pH level of the soil. The soil can either be acidic or alkaline. In case that the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, certain changes have to be made to the soil to ensure that it has the desired pH level for your plants to thrive. Usually, they add limestone to the soil if it is acidic. On the other hand, sulfur and specific types of fertilizer is added into the soil if it is alkaline.

 A soil test will also determine if you’re applying the right amounts of fertilizer and if you’re required to add more. As certain plants have certain periods to grow, it requires multiple applications of fertilizer at the right time. By doing so, you can ensure that your soil will have sufficient amounts of nutrients that your plants will be needing.

 Fertilize your lawn based on your soil’s condition.

 As you have done a test, you’re already able to determine the current condition of the soil.  Depending on the nutrients that your soil needs, you will be able to know what type of fertilizer you will be using. There are certain types of fertilizers that are able to provide the nutritional needs of your soil so make sure to choose one that will be able to supply those needs. It would be best to seek the help of an expert as they are able to suggest a fertilizer that is best for your soil.

 Before anything else, do take note that not all grasses require to be fertilized during spring time. Certain grasses have a specific time of the year to be fertilized. Your lawn care company will be able to advice you on this matter.  

 When choosing a fertilizer, it is said that a controlled-release fertilizer is the best option. A slow release fertilizer is also ideal. These two types of fertilizers allows the soil to further absorb nutrients. These fertilizers release nutrients to the soil in a gradual manner which allows the soil to get optimal nutrition even in just a single application.

 Aside from the knowing the type of fertilizer to give to your plants, you also have to read what is in the label. Usually, the label contains what is in the fertilizer and how much you should be using. If you do not follow what is indicated, you will just do more harm than good. If you use too much of it, your lawn might not be in a desirable condition as you want it to be. Using too little can sometimes result to erosion.

 To make sure that your lawn will be fertilized well, hire a lawn care company. These professionals know how much should be applied to your lawn. They also know the health and safety standards in applying various types of fertilizers. By doing so, you can be certain that your lawn will be fertilized properly.

 Don’t forget to fertilize your trees and other plants.

Now that you’re done fertilizing the soil, it is time for you to fertilize your trees and shrubs. Plants and trees also require fertilizer to grow healthy. Fertilizers will replenish the nutrients that is needed by your trees and plants in order for it to thrive. Applying fertilizer to your plants will also help them to combat pests and diseases. When you fertilize your trees and other plants on time, you can be certain that they will last through all the seasons.

 Just like the fertilizer you’re going to use for the soil, make sure that you choose the right type of fertilizer for your plants. See to it that you’ve read the label and the guidelines as to how it should be used. Every type of fertilizer differ in the amount you’ll be using. Some of it would even require a different method as to how it should be applied.

 Check if there are weeds present.

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Weeds can sometimes emerge on or after spring. Make sure to check if there are weeds growing in your outdoor area so you can get rid of it before it spreads and grow abundantly. Weeds will compete with your plants for survival. In order to survive, they usually take up as much nutrients and water available. They also take up much sun light by growing upwards and crowding out on other plants growing around them. They grow too fast leaving your plants weak due to the lack of nutrients, water and sunlight.

 Aside from that, the fact that weeds can make your yard ugly is already a reasonable reason for you to get rid of them. It would not be pleasant to look at a yard that is overpowered by weeds. This will just show that you are not responsible enough for maintaining your outdoor area properly.

 To stop weeds from growing, you can use weed control. There are different types of weed control products available in the market nowadays. Just see to it that you know the type of weeds that you’re trying to get rid of so you can determine the weed control you should be using.

 Keep the space around your plants clean.

 Get rid of debris and old leaves around your plants. You can make use of a rake to keep the space clean and tidy. There are also tools available so you can bring back the natural edges around the plants.

 By keeping the space around your plants clean, your landscape will look more appealing. It will also appear to be more organized as if it has just been put up in your yard.

 Add mulch.

Mulching is one of the things you need to do. Mulching will not only protect your plants but also the soil. When you add mulch, you can prevent weeds from growing on bare soil and other open spaces in your yard. It also absorbs water which can be beneficial for your plants. As rain water is absorb, your soil will not be washed away or be eroded easily. 

 It will also make your garden look well-maintained. As you’re covering bare spaces, it will give a polished look to your entire outdoor area. Mulching is an ideal choice if you do not have any idea what to do with the remaining empty spaces around your plants.

Check your water supply.

Summer is coming so your plants and trees will require adequate amounts of water to survive the heat. Make sure that you’ve checked your water supply and your irrigation system to ensure that it is in excellent working condition. If it’s not, there are professionals who can fix the problem or replace it with a new one that is more efficient for your yard.

 We hope that you’ve learned a lot from our spring lawn and landscape care. Do take note that taking care of your outdoor area shouldn’t just be done during spring. It should be done in every season to ensure that your outdoor area will look appealing and your trees and plants to grow healthy for many years. Each season, your outdoor area will have different needs so regular maintenance is extremely crucial.

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