A Guide For Hardscaping Your Yard

Hardscaping is one of the main aspects in landscape design. It adds eye-catching and attractive elements in your outdoor area. Aside from aesthetic purposes, hardscaping also allows you to create functional areas in your yard. You can have an outdoor kitchen or an entertainment area without having to sacrifice all the greenery that your yard already has.

Just like any other projects you want to do in your home, there are also factors that you have to consider before you begin a hardscaping project. There are also steps that you need to follow so that you’d be able to create not only just a great hardscaping project but also have a great landscape design. This really matters considering that most hardscaping features would be fixed in your outdoor area. You do not want to just have something made, spend money for it, and after a couple of years, have it removed because you are already bored looking at it.

Here are some of the tips that may guide you in hardscaping your yard:

Look Into Your Entire Outdoor Area

Do you want to have a patio? Expand your outdoor decking? Have proper walkways around your yard? Make sure that you look into your entire outdoor area before you start planning for any hardscaping project. You need to see to it that there is enough area left for you to start your project. Depending on the features that you want to install or the plan or design of your entire project, you will need adequate space for it. You do not want the entire space to just be overpopulated with various hardscaping features that only a few plants or trees would be left.

Look For Inspiration

Look into various magazines, websites, home improvement TV shows. From there, you will have a wide range of ideas on what you can do to your yard. But, make sure to focus only on a single theme. You do not want to make your yard appear as if it’s a market full of various hardscaping features or plants. Yes, you are also free to include a variety of features in your yard. But, each feature you choose should complement with other elements in the area. If you want a modern theme, stick to it. If you want a traditional design, choose elements that have a traditional feel to it. Do not just mix and match everything.

Draw Your Plan

Create a drawing of your plan for your outdoor area. This would help you get a look or overview of what your yard may look like when you apply various elements to it. When you start drawing, make sure that you draw items or mark the areas where the new feature would be added or installed. You don't have to draw everything perfectly. You can just label each area so it can easily be determined what those elements are. Label it with the materials that you plan to use on it – stones, gravel, etc. It would also help if you label areas where electricity and gas or water pipes go.

Plan Your Drainage System Properly

In relation to the previous tip, you should also plan your drainage system properly. Most hardscaping features are fixed on one place. These features could certainly alter your drainage system. You may have to move some of your pipes or install new pipes on certain areas. You may also be required to install a new irrigation system or upgrade your existing irrigation system to accommodate the new features in your yard. Ensuring that you have an efficient drainage system before you start with your hardscaping project will help you avoid any issues, or even expensive and unnecessary expenses, in the future.

Don’t Forget About The Budget

One of the most important factors that you have to consider is your budget. Consider how much money you are willing to spend for the project. Make sure that you also have some extra budget just in case there are issues that may surprise you as you work on your hardscape design. The amount you will be spending on your hardscaping project will depend on the size of your outdoor area, the size of the area you are going to use, the features you want to install, and the materials that you are going to use in it. If you plan to hire a professional to work on your hardscaping project, make sure that the labor costs would be included in your budget as well.

To easily determine your budget, have a list of items that you are planning to use for the project. Visit local stores and check the price of each of those items. Calculate it based on the estimated quantity that may be utilized. Again, don’t keep your budget too tight as you may face certain issues or may require to purchase additional materials.

Create A Focal Point

Just like any other home improvement projects you do, make sure that you create a focal point. It would be best to make the most appealing feature in your yard to be the focal point. It should be an area or a feature that would catch your attention easily. When you invite your guests to come over, it will be the first thing that they will notice in your yard so make sure that you choose the best elements or features to be in the focal point. It can be some lush greenery surrounded with boulders or a mini fountain in the center of your yard.

Keep All Elements Balanced

See to it that everything will be in harmony. There should be a balance between all the different elements or features that you add in your outdoor area. If you just use random stuff for your hardscaping project, it will just look unnatural. The key to a successful hardscaping project is making sure that the elements you add appear natural. You won't be able to achieve this if you just combine random elements together.

Maintain The Softscape Elements

Even if you are focusing on what to do with your hardscaping project, you should also look into the softscape elements in your outdoor area. It would be bad to see a yard that only has concrete areas in it. Although this may happen on various regions because of the climate, you really have to make sure that you keep some greenery in your yard. You can have flowers surrounded by hardscape elements or have turf and a walkway.

Hire An Expert

Take the stress of planning for your project when you hire an expert. Hardscaping experts have the knowledge and skills to do work on your project efficiently. They also have the right tools for the job. When you look for an expert, make sure to look into their portfolio to see the hardscaping projects they have done before. It would be great if those projects were done around your neighborhood so that you can easily check on it for yourself.

Discuss your plan with the expert. They will be able to give you some advice on what can be done and cannot be done. Do not forget to ask them for a quote.

Choose The Right Materials

Once you have discussed your plans with the hardscaping expert and you have agreed on the terms, you will now start purchasing the materials that would be used in the project. Most of the time, the company you hire will be the one to purchase the materials. In case you decide to purchase it yourself, you can ask them for recommendations on where you can purchase quality materials. Also consider buying a little more than you need. Some materials can be hard to find and some have a limited supply. It would be best to purchase more than what you need rather than having a headache later on looking for a store where you can purchase the materials you lack. And in case there are unfortunate events while working on the project, you would have extra materials to replace what was damaged or broken.

Prepare The Area

Even when you hired a hardscaping expert to help you with your project, you also have to ensure that you prepare the area before the project starts. Clear away all the clutter that is in there. For example, if you placed a small play area for your kids, take it away first – unless keeping it there is part of the plan.

Those are tips on how you can achieve a successful hardscaping project. Follow what we’ve discussed and we assure you that you will not have any major issues as you go on with the project. In case you are looking for a hardscaping expert who can help you with your project, Premier Lawn Care is just one call away. We can work on any hardscaping project no matter how simple or grand it is. As we also offer landscaping services, you can be certain that the hardscape elements will work well with your landscape design.

If you need more information about our hardscaping services, feel free to contact us.