Benefits of Having An Irrigation System In Your Lawn

Every homeowner wants their yard to look appealing. To do this, you really have to spend more time and effort in taking care of your lawn. You may be fully aware that there are plenty of things that should be done. One of the most important things that you need to do is to ensure that your plants get the right amount of water each day. Depending on the season and the type of plants you have in your lawn, the amount of water it requires will vary. If you are busy with your work or in doing various chores at home, it can be difficult to allocate some time in watering all of the plants in your yard. To help you with that, installing the appropriate type of irrigation system for your lawn is necessary.

An irrigation system is one of the components that every home with a yard should have. This is specifically important for homes with a larger outdoor area. When you have a larger yard, it will take a long time for you to water your plants by hand. When you install an irrigation system, you will have peace of mind that your plants will get adequate amount of water each day. It may cost a significant amount of money but you will be able to save time and effort in the long run. You will just have to set or configure the irrigation system and it will automatically water plants as required.


To help convince you to install an irrigation system in your yard, here are some of the benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of:


An irrigation system helps saves time.

Because you can easily set your irrigation system according to your preferences, installing one for your lawn actually saves you plenty of time. You can just turn on your irrigation system and set it as to how long you want it to run. By doing so, you can water your lawn while you are doing other chores. When you have a sprinkler system, it is even possible to set it to turn on when you are travelling out of town or when you are in the office. Even when you are away, you can still ensure that your plants are watered regularly.


It offers you flexibility in gardening.

The lack of flexibility is one of the reasons why some homeowners tend to forget or lack the effort in taking care of their outdoor area. Having an irrigation system on your yard offers you the flexibility that you need when you have a busy schedule. You can have your garden watered at a specific time. Aside from that, it also allows you to do more gardening work. While the other part of your garden is being watered, you will be able to plant, prune or fix another area in your garden. You will be able to do more gardening work at a much shorter period rather than doing each of those tasks manually one by one.


Your irrigation actually helps you conserve water.

Other people think that installing an irrigation system will just increase their water bill payments every month. But, they are actually wrong. That is probably one of the most common misconceptions that homeowners have about irrigation systems. As long as you have installed an effective irrigation system, you will be able to conserve a lot of water. An irrigation system is even much more effective than watering your plants manually. With the use of an irrigation system, you are able to provide the right amount of water for your plants. This means that you will not be over watering or under watering any of your plants.


For example, you can position your sprinkler system in an area in your yard where it will be able to water plenty of plants nearby and not the sidewalk or the street. There are also systems which have a sensor that prevents the system from turning on when it is raining. You can also adjust the irrigation system setting to increase the water it releases during a hot day or during drought. You can also set it to decrease the water it releases during rainy days or when you are trying to conserve water.


Your irrigation system helps prevent the occurrence of diseases and weeds in your yard.

Aside from conserving water, your irrigation system will also help you in preventing common diseases that occur in plants. It also helps in preventing the growth of weeds. There are irrigation systems, such as a drip system, that waters the plant directly to its roots. The water seeps through and flows directly to the roots of the plants. It is not watered like rain such as in a sprinkler. Through this, any weeds surrounding the plant will not grow. This will in turn benefit not only in the growth of your plants but also you. Why? This is because you will no longer have to spend plenty of time taking out any weeds that grew in your yard.


Watering your plants at the right time and with the right amount prevents the occurrence of any common plant diseases. When the plant is directly watered from the roots, the leaves will be in good condition. Sometimes, droplets that stay on the foliage of the plant causes problems in the leaves. This is something that other homeowners are not fully aware of. Contact a gardening expert and they’ll discuss this matter with you.


An irrigation system not only preserves water but soil structure as well.

When people water their plants manually, most of them tend to water the plants more than what it needs. This is the same when you use a garden hose which just releases water. You may have notice that a lot of water will seep into the soil. Some people think that this is good as they can be certain that the water will really flow through the roots of the plants. What people do not know is that nutrients run off with the water. This will leave your plants with lesser nutrients than what it needs.


Because you have overwatered your plants, the soil where it is planted will be compacted. As the soil is compacted and the roots of your plant is suffocated, this causes the plant to wither. This will also increase the chance of plant diseases from occurring.

Talk to an irrigation system expert and ask for their guidance on choosing the appropriate irrigation system for your garden. They will be able to suggest a system that helps reduce soil compaction and preserves nutrients in the soil.

It will improve your home’s curb appeal all year round.

Because the grasses, flowers, and all other plants in your outdoor area get the right amount of water, it will surely grow in a great condition. Even during drought, you can ensure that your plants will get the right amount of water that it needs. Grasses will be greener and flowering plants will really bloom. Your plants will grow healthy throughout the whole year. When all the plants in your yard are in great condition, you can ensure that your home’s curb appeal will improve as well.


Installing an irrigation system adds value to your home.

Even if an irrigation system is not really a requirement in every home particularly those with a smaller yard, installing one will indirectly add value to your home. As discussed in the previous point, your outdoor area will look great throughout the whole year. This will in turn increase your home's curb appeal. If you plan on selling your home in the future, a great curb appeal will entice plenty of buyers. You will not have a hard time looking for a buyer as they are already interested in checking out your property because of the condition of your outdoor area. They will have an impression that your home is well-taken care of just by the look of your yard.


Those are the 7 major benefits that you can get from installing an irrigation system for your lawn. You do not have to install all the different types of irrigation system and spend a lot of money for it. You just have to make sure that you install an irrigation system that is appropriate for the size of your yard and the plants in there. You also have to consider the weather condition in the area where you are living.


If you are having a hard time on deciding what type of irrigation system is appropriate for your home, do not hesitate to consult Premier Lawn Care. Premier Lawn Care does not only provide landscaping services. We also offer assistance to homeowners who are interested in installing an irrigation system in their yard. Our irrigation specialists will assist you in installing, maintaining and repairing an irrigation system.


We hope that the points we have discussed has helped you decide whether you should install an irrigation system in your yard or not. Contact us today and see how we can help you.