A Guide On Garden Preparation For Fall 2017

Aside from the variety of plants in your garden or lawn, the steps you take to maintain your garden or lawn would also depend on the weather. Spring is the perfect time to add new plants, shrubs or trees in your garden. By summer, you would witness that your new plants would start to grow and bloom. During fall, plants continue to mature until winter season comes.

Now that summer is coming to an end and fall is drawing near, it is the perfect time to start preparing for fall. In this article, we share to you some tips on how you can get your garden ready for fall 2017. To start with, here are the garden preparation tips:

Check The Garden First

Before you start doing anything to your garden or lawn, you have to check it first. Walk around and look closely into each plant. Check the turf grass and the soil. By doing this, you would be able to determine what your garden really needs. Sometimes, you'd need to aerate the soil, divide plants into smaller batches and more. A soil test may also be required to see if the soil still has the right pH and nutrient levels. Do not forget to check your irrigation system as well. It may need repairs or replacements.

Check The Perennials

Do not forget to check all of the perennials. See if there are any signs of disease. Check its leaves if there are spots. Look into its stem to see if it is rotting. If there are perennials that may be affected by disease, apply the right treatment for it. Start pruning its branches. If the disease has gone worse, it would be best to just remove the plant before its disease would transfer or spread to healthy plants around it.

Do Not Forget To Inspect The Trees

Just like other plants in your garden, make sure to check trees. Look for signs of disease or rot. If you see that there are damaged or rotting branches, prune the branch before the entire tree is affected. Doing this during fall is much easier because most of the trees would shed leaves and branches are bare.

Remove Mulch

Aside from checking for signs of damage caused by disease on your plants, shrubs or trees, make sure to remove mulch that you may have placed around the trees and other plants in your garden. Too much mulch can cause molds and mildew to form.  It would be best to remove it and replace it with a new one depending on the condition of your soil.

Bring Plants Outdoors

During fall, the weather slowly becomes cooler. This is the perfect time to bring your indoor plants outdoors. By doing this, your indoor plants would be able to get enough sunlight without having to suffer from too much heat or too much cold. This will also help your herbs and other varieties of indoor plants to grow for a much longer period of time.

Mow The Lawn

During fall, do not forget to mow the lawn. Set the blade to its lowest setting. By cutting grass lower than what you usually do, you would help it get enough sunlight. When the grass is cut low, the heat from the sunlight would easily be absorbed by the crown of the grass.

Till The Soil

It is important to till the soil. This would allow water, oxygen, and other nutrients to be absorbed well. You may be asking why you should till the soil during fall. The reason for this is that it is much easier to do as the soil is still soft. If you do it after winter, the soil is hard and still begins to thaw from the snow or frost. During fall, the soil is warm. In this temperature, good microorganisms thrive. This allows you to have a healthier soil in your garden before you start planting new plants when the next spring season comes.

Get Rid Of Weeds

Fall is also the ideal time to get rid of weeds. Many weeds may have taken over your lawn during spring or summer. Apply weed killer or poison if necessary. By doing this, there will be less weeds when spring season comes.

Make sure to choose the right type of weed killer. You may have to consult an expert about this especially if you are worried about the chemicals that is in the weed killer. Some of them are not pet-friendly and child-friendly. If you start applying weed killer in your lawn, make sure to keep your pets and children inside the house until the soil has not absorbed the poison.

Fertilize The Soil

During spring and summer, plants grow and bloom. Because of this, majority of the nutrients found in the soil are absorbed by the plants. During fall, it would be best to start fertilizing or adding amendments to the soil. As winter comes, the quality of the soil is enriched by the fertilizer.

Use organic fertilizer rather than chemical fertilizers. Before you start applying fertilizer, make sure that you have tilled the soil. Do not forget to get rid of weeds as well because this will compete with the nutrients in the soil.

When you start to fertilize, make sure that you cover parts of your garden that do not have plants. It could either be that the plants did not bloom during spring or summer or you have removed them already.

Collect Seeds From Your Plants

During fall, some plants start to mature, ripen or dry out. This would be the best time to start collecting seeds from your flowering or fruit-bearing plants. Avoid harvesting flowers and plants. Just let the fruits ripen and flowers dry out. By doing so, the plants and trees would have mature seeds which you can easily collect.

Store the seeds in a clean, dry and cool place. Do not forget to label them so that you can easily determine what those seeds are when you start planting next spring season.

Empty Water Containers

Are you among those who like to collect rain water? If you have barrels or containers filled with rain water, start emptying it before snow comes. Do not forget to clean it as well. If you will not drain it out, there is a higher chance that the container or barrel will be damaged when the water in it starts to freeze.



Those are some helpful tips that would serve as your guide on how to start preparing for fall 2017. Fall is almost here and it is never too early to start preparing for it. If you need expert help, do not hesitate to contact Premier Lawn Care. Premier Lawn Care offers landscaping services and other property maintenance services. We have experts who can guide you in every step to ensure that your lawn will look its best no matter what the season is.