Ways To Restore Your Commercial Property's Outdoor Area

Whether it is a residential property or a commercial property, having an appealing outdoor area is very important. The look of the outdoor area is particularly important for commercial properties. The look of your lawn will affect the first impression of people passing by. This would also affect your customer's impression of your business. When people see that your lawn is well-kept, they will be enticed to enter your establishment and check out what you have on offer. They will also have an impression that, since you have a beautiful, well-kept outdoor area, you will be able to provide them with quality service.


If you have a commercial property and have a good-sized outdoor area, you have to make sure that you take proper care of it. In case there had been some issues with your lawn or you just did not have the time to maintain it, do not worry! There are still ways on how you can restore your lawn back to its glory. To start with, here are our tips on how to restore your commercial property's outdoor area:

Check The pH Level Of Your Soil

The pH level of your soil will determine if your plants and turf grass will flourish. Some plants, particularly flowers, could flourish in a highly acidic soil. On the other hand, when you have turf grass all over your yard, you have to make sure that your soil is not too acidic. Turf grass would not work well in an acidic or what others call as a "hot" soil.

If you have turf grass or if you are planning to have turf grass laid in your commercial property's outdoor area, make sure that the pH level of the soil is between 6.5 and 7.0. This is considered as an alkaline level which is ideal for growing turf grass.

When it comes to changing the pH level of your soil, this process cannot be done overnight. This cannot be fixed instantly as it would take time for the soil in your entire outdoor area to adjust its pH level. As the pH level of the soil goes up or becomes more alkaline, the roots of your turf grass would be able to get more nutrients from the soil. This would make the roots of your turf grass stronger and gather more nutrients.

The pH level of the soil can easily be determined through a soil test. Through a soil test, you will not only know about the pH level of the soil but you will also know the nutrients that your soil lacks. This would help you in improving the soil in your outdoor area over time. You can seek the help of professionals if you want soil tests to be done properly.

Keep The Soil Loose And Airy

After doing a soil test and making your soil nutritionally balanced, the next step you need to do is to make sure that the soil is not hard and compact. If your soil is as hard as a rock and is very compact, the health of your entire lawn would be affected. Because of the condition of the soil, there would be no room for water and air to seep through. The roots of your plants, trees, and grass would not even grow well and strong.

To improve the condition of your soil, core aeration should be done. Core aeration is a process of lawn aeration but focuses more on making the soil loose. After the soil is properly aerated, water, air, and other organic matter will be able to easily reach through the roots of your plants and trees. This would make all the plants in your outdoor area thrive.

Not All Plants Are Equal


When it comes to the plants and trees that you have in the outdoor area of your commercial property, you have to understand that there are plants that are suitable for cooler climates and there are also plants that are suitable for warmer climates. It is important that you choose the right plants that would thrive in the climate of your local area. It would be difficult to grow cool climate plants in an area that is extremely hot.


This is also applicable for the grasses that you want to have in your lawn. There are varieties of grasses that prefers the sun and is drought resistant. If you are in an area where the weather is always warm, choose a variety of grass that is suitable for it would be an ideal choice. It would be best to work with a landscaping professional as they can suggest the best grasses, plants, and trees that would be suitable for your outdoor area.

Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Outdoor Area

It is important to get rid of weeds that thrive in your outdoor area. This is not only applicable for residential properties but for commercial properties as well. Weeds can wreak havoc in your lawn if you continue to ignore it, let it thrive and leave it untreated. Weeds can also compete with the grass and other plants in your lawn. Instead of having the nutrients, water, and air seep through the roots of your plants, the weeds would take most of it.

There are certain treatments that have to be applied on your lawn on a regular basis to ensure that weeds would not thrive in it for the rest of the year. Treating it would prevent the weeds from germinating and taking over your outdoor area.

Make Sure That The Soil Is Well-Fertilized


Fertilizing the soil is not just applicable to a residential property's outdoor area. It is also extremely important for the outdoor area of commercial properties. The soil has to be fertilized and should have a balance between three elements. These three elements are potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Potassium would help plants to grow healthy and strong. Nitrogen helps your grass and other plants to stay green while phosphorus ensures that the roots of your plants would grow strong.

These three elements are important in any outdoor area. It also has to be applied in the right amounts. You do not just apply it for the sake of just applying it in your lawn. You have to determine the correct amounts that your soil would need. The results of the soil test would help determine how much of each element is required by the soil. Do take note that you may need to adjust the amounts based on the condition of the area and the current season.

Those are ways on how you can restore the outdoor area of your commercial property back to its former glory. This would help you have a well-maintained outdoor area where plants and/or trees would thrive. If you want to ensure that this would be done properly, always seek the help of professionals. Premier Lawn Care offers landscaping services and can guide you on how to care for your outdoor area properly. We have experts who are highly knowledgeable and well-trained to take on any tasks, no matter how small or large it is.

Call us today and we will help you restore your outdoor area.