Lawn Care Tips: How To Achieve An Amazing Lawn

People say that first impressions always last. This is not only applicable to people but it is also applicable to homes and even to commercial and public properties. The lawn is the first thing that people will see before they enter your home. It would be great to have an outdoor area that is beautiful and appealing. This can be done when your lawn is well-maintained.

With that in mind, it is best to care for your lawn regardless of the season. This way, you can have a property that the entire neighborhood will surely envy. Here are some tips that will help you achieve an amazing lawn:


Do What Is Best For The Season

Caring for your lawn is extremely important and should be done regardless of the weather. The best time to water and fertilize grass is during spring and summer months. Fertilizing should be done before winter comes. This can be difficult to do during winter because there would be plenty of snow that would accumulate the ground and the soil would also be frozen. Regardless of the season, watering the grass is also important. Don't let your plants die from dehydration. During fall and winter, you should start preparing and doing steps to ensure that your lawn would be protected from the cold weather. You have to make sure that your lawn would be able to withstand the harsh conditions caused by lower temperatures.

Get Rid Of Weeds

If you see weeds growing around your lawn, make sure to get rid of it. Do not wait for it to thrive as you would spend plenty of time getting rid of weeds. It would also be difficult to remove it when it has already thrived. Weeds compete with water and sunlight. It would also absorb the nutrients in the soil that would have been absorbed by the grass. Because of this, the grass would look unhealthy and may be prone to diseases. Weeds would also make your lawn look unattractive.

There are weed killers available in gardening stores in your local area. Make sure that the weed killer you use would not be very harmful to your pets and/or children. You can always ask the store attendant which weed killers would be best. Before you apply weed killer, see to it that you have read the guidelines on how to use it and the safety precautions.

Mow Your Lawn


Do not forget to mow your lawn. When mowing, make sure that you will not cut it too short. It may be easier to do as it can save you time. But, this can make the grass susceptible to damage. Cutting it too short would also make weeds thrive around your lawn. Keep grass taller. If grass grows fast, you can always mow your lawn from time to time. Keep the grass taller so that it would also grow healthier.

If you do not know how long the grass should be, the general rule is to avoid cutting off more than one third of the grass blade. Check with a landscaping or turf management expert to find out what is best for the grass in your lawn.

Start Watering Your Plants In The Morning


The best time to start watering your plants is during the morning. Start watering early. When the sun comes out, it will dry the grass and allow water to absorb well down through the roots and the soil. If you water during night time, it will take time for water to absorb. Moisture will also last longer. This make the grass prone to diseases that would later on inflict major damage to your lawn.

If you do not have time to water in the morning because of work or household chores, you can always make use of an irrigation system. You can hire an expert to install an automatic sprinkler. Through this, you can set the time as to when you would like to water your plants. It will automatically turn on and turn off depending on what you have set in its controls.

Plant New Grass

If you are not happy with the grass in your lawn, you can always plant a new one. There are different varieties of grass that you can choose from. Before you purchase, make sure that you ask about the needs of the grass. There are some varieties that will require you to water it constantly while there are also those that would still survive even if you do not water regularly. There are also some varieties that would not survive warmer or colder temperatures. Always consider such factors when choosing new grass. We all want our lawn to look its best throughout the year so it is advisable to choose one that would fit best in your area.

Fertilize The Lawn

It is important to fertilize the lawn. There are fertilizers that would help the grass grow faster. This is important especially when you've replaced the grass with a new one. Seek the help of experts to find out which fertilizer is best for the variety of grass in your lawn. When using, always read what is indicated in the label. This will help ensure that you apply just the right amount of fertilizer. Make sure you do not put too much as it will burn the lawn. Applying too little would also not be sufficient for what the grass would need.

Hire An Expert

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Having a great lawn can be achieved through the tip we have discussed. Taking care of your lawn is extremely important. Yes, we agree that it may be a tedious task but what you are doing will surely pay off in the end when you would have a beautiful outdoor area.

If you lack the time to care for your lawn, you can always hire an expert who can help you with it. Premier Lawn Care has a team of experts who are skilled and knowledgeable on what your lawn really needs. We offer landscaping services, turf management and all other service that would be helpful for residential and commercial property owners. Contact us today and we will help you.