Landscaping Mistakes You Should Not Make This Fall and Winter

Every one of us wants to have an outdoor area that will look great throughout the entire year. Now that fall is coming, plants and trees would begin to shed its leaves. The wind becomes cooler as the winter season would arrive. You may have hired a landscaping company to help you prepare your lawn for fall and winter. Several problems may happen no matter how much you avoid it. Still, there are ways on how you can prevent any major problems in your outdoor area.


In this article, we will discuss to you some of the common landscaping mistakes. You might be surprised that you have been doing one of these mistakes throughout the years. To start with, here are those mistakes:

Cutting Grass Too Low


It is not good to cut grass too low. Cutting grass too low would make it more susceptible to damage. It may be done for some varieties of grass but there are other grasses that are not suitable with this. It would be best to seek the help of an expert to know how short you should cut the grass. When cutting or mowing your lawn, it is advisable to ensure that the length of the grass would be consistent with its grooming requirements.

Not Watering Shrubs, Trees, And Other Plants In Your Lawn

You may think that the plants in your lawn no longer require water during fall or winter season as it is already shedding leaves. That is the most common misconception of homeowners. Regardless of the season, plants still need water. If you do not water your plants regularly, you will surely encounter major issues. Watering plants should not be delayed because your plants may get dry. The worst thing that could happen is that the plants would die from dehydration. It can also be susceptible to disease and later on cause serious damage to your plants.

You Used The Wrong Plant Fertilizer

There are different fertilizers available depending on what your plants need. You have to ensure that you will be using the right type of fertilizer for it. Do take note that it you should not only look at what your plant needs, you also have to consider the season. Why? There are fertilizers that are not compatible with colder temperatures. For example, fertilizer in granules take long to dissolve. Using this type of fertilizer is only good if the weather is still warm. During fall and winter, it is recommended to use spray applicator when applying fertilizer. Applying fertilizer is always important to ensure that the plants will be healthy and will be able to withstand the changing weather conditions.

Not Treating The Soil With Mulch


Before fall and winter comes, make sure that you have applied mulch around plants and trees. Remember to use high quality mulch only. You may think that you’ve saved money from using cheaper and lower quality mulch but using mulch that has poor quality may end up damaging the plants. It can affect the quality of the soil and may even cause fungus outbreak in your plants. It also makes your plants and trees susceptible to pests. It should be done before snow happens. If the ground is already frozen from the cold weather, mulching can be very difficult to perform.

Ignoring Minor Pest Problems

When homeowners notice pests in their plants, most of them tend to ignore it. This is something that you should not be doing. If you notice pests, make sure that you find a solution to remedy the problem. You may hire an expert to help you get rid of it. Before winter comes, your yard should have no signs of pest infestation. When ignored, pests can do major damage to your plants and trees. Instead of having beautiful plants and trees after winter season, you may end up having unhealthy and disease-infested plants.

Using Weed Killers During Winter

Spraying weed killers around your plants should not be done during winter season. You may think using weed killers would be a good idea for treating plants during that time but it is something that you should avoid. Use it only when temperature is warm. This is also one of the main reasons why you should always prepare for fall or winter. Early preparations are always important as not all tasks are possible to do during colder temperatures.

Not Buying New Supplies For Your Yard

You may think it is the wrong time to splurge on new gardening or landscaping supplies. But, during fall and winter, most stores offer summer clearance sales. You will see the best and most enticing bargains during these times. Most prices are on a markdown so you should not miss it. This can be the perfect time to replace some of your old and almost broken supplies with a new one.

Not Keeping The Yard Clutter-Free

When we say keeping the yard clutter-free, we are just not talking about getting rid of clutter and random stuff you have placed in your yard. We also mean that you have to rake the yard regularly. If you let fallen leaves accumulate around the yard, fungus and mold may thrive. These would later on affect the condition of your plants, trees, and even the soil. Make sure to rake leaves on a regular basis. This would also make it easier for you to remove snow that may have accumulated in your yard during winter.

Not Planting Ahead Of Time

It is always recommended to prepare ahead of time. That is why you should also start to plant flowers and trees in time for spring season to come. There are varieties of flowers that would take time to grow. Some trees would also take time to mature and bear fruits. It is just reasonable to start planting now.

Those are some of the most common landscaping mistakes that you should avoid. Taking care of your property's outdoor area may not be the easiest thing to do but it will always pay off in the end. If you lack the time to do this, you can always hire landscaping experts to help you prepare for fall and winter season. If you happen to live around Middle Tennessee area, Premier Lawn Care is the company that you should call. We offer landscaping services and other outdoor property maintenance services that would help you achieve a stunning outdoor area throughout the year. Contact us today and let us discuss your needs.