4 Simple Steps: Refresh Commercial Landscaping in Tennessee

refresh-springAs spring arrives in the beautiful Middle TN area, many commercial property owners begin to think about ways that they can refresh their commercial landscaping maintenance to reflect the colors of the season. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is to work with local landscaping companies in Middle TN and do a complete springtime clean-up on your property. This will help your landscaping to recover from the damage and debris that has collected over the winter months and prepare the soil and grounds for warmer weather and the increased demand for growth and maintenance.

This article features four simple steps that your Middle TN landscaping company and crew can employ to improve the look, feel and function of your commercial property. The sooner you get started on the clean-up portion of the task, the sooner you will be able to start planting some seasonal flowers and get your property ready to embrace the colors of spring. Whether you own or operate a retail shopping center or a residential apartment community, improving the curb appeal of your property is always a good investment.

Step One: Clear Out the Debris
What kind of debris do commercial landscaping maintenance companies usually find? It depends on the type of business, but it is usually a combination of leaves, weeds, sticks and litter. If the shopping center has a fast food restauarant, coffee shop or another food-type business on-site, there will be more litter than on properties that do not contain a source of trash. Working with landscaping companies in Middle TN to stay on top of debris year-round will help to reduce the amount of clean-up that will be required in the spring when the snow melts, however there are other things that you can do to reduce debris.

Adding large trash cans to your property and employing porter services in addition to mawn care in Middle TN can help you stay on top of the situation. Landscaping companies will come and tend to flower beds, grassy areas, hardscaping sections and clear out the debris that makes its way into these spaces. Professional property maintenance companies, like Premier Lawn Care, which offer a wide variety of grounds maintenance and management services, will help keep your entire property looking its very best.

Step Two: Clean Planting Beds and Tree Rings
After a season of icy, snowy weather, your planting beds and tree rings can usually use a good sprucing up to create a professional, well-maintained appearance. By creating deep edging around your flower beds and trees, you create a sort of framework around each area, which can help these areas to grow and look better. This also lays the groundwork for annual mulching, which should also be done prior to the start of spring to help reduce weeds and grass from spreading to these areas. Creating defined edging areas will also make mowing and trimming your landscaping easier throughout the rest of the year and will reduce the risk of damage to trees, bushes and flower beds.

Step Three: Update Your Mulch
Just adding a fresh layer of mulch to your landscape can improve the look of Middle TN landscaping and help to protect plants and flowers from the spread of weeds. It also helps to retain moisture, which makes plants require less water year-round. Most of the mulch that is used by commercial landscaping maintenane companies in Tennessee is bio-degradable, which means that it breaks down over time. This is excellent for your plants, as the materials that break down get into the soil and add extra nutrients as the mulching decays. However, fresh mulch should be applied annually to give it a fresh, clean look and to provide maximum benefits to weed prevention and moisture retention.

For best results, mulch should be about three to four inches in depth. It comes in a variety of colors including natural wood, black, red, white and off-white. Mulching can be used to add color to areas where flowers would not be a viable option and helps your property to look more cohesive in its appearance by tying it all together in a professional manner. By taking care of your mulching now, you will enure a better growing environment for your entire commercial landscape through even the hottest part of the summer. Speak with landscaping companies in Middle TN about suggestions for mulching based on your particular area and any unique requirements for your property.

Step Four: Don't Forget the Herbicide
While many of the spring clean-up ideas discussed here address the issue of weeds, it is still important to consider adding what is known as a pre-emergent herbicide. This is not a weed killer. It is an additive that can prevent local weeds from taking root in your commercial landscaping areas in the first place. This is a pro-active, preventative solution that will reduce the need for commercial landscaping maintenance services for weeding throughout the year and will also decrease the amount of weed killers that are required to be used to maintain a well-manicured commercial property.

Speak with your Middle TN landscaping company about applying the pre-emergent herbicides to tree rounds, flower beds and other planting areas. It must be applied early in the season and when the ground temperature is within a certain range. If applied too soon it won't work and if applied too late, you will be fending off weeds until winter returns. Lawn care in Middle TN is as much about knowing the local weather patterns and seasons to adapt to them effectively as it is having knowledge about the chemicals, methods and treatments used to keep everything looking its best.

Looking for Landscaping Companies in Middle TN?
If you are in the market to hire a professional Middle TN landscaping company to maintain your commercial property, look no further than Premier Lawn Care. We provide quality services to commercial and residential properties throughout the region and work directly with national and international companies throughout the United States. Commercial landscaping maintenance is about more than just keeping the grass and trees trimmed, it is about providing year-round solutions that will help create a professional appearance for your commercial property that will improve the consumer experience and boost your business. For a free custom quote on a variety of commercial landscaping maintenance and grounds management services, give us a call at 931-954-5545.