Creative Ways To Use Pavers Outdoors

Pavers are among the most used materials for hardscaping. It is not just ordinary slabs of concrete, brick or tile. With some creativity, your pavers can help accent your landscaping and improve the look of your outdoor area.


Here are some ways on how you can make use of pavers outdoors:

Create A Courtyard

By laying out your pavers in a circular pattern, a courtyard effect will be made. You will be able to use such style in order to highlight focal features in your backyard. It can be a statue, a waterfall or a mini fountain.

It Can Serve As A Path


Depending on the size of the pavers and the distance of your door to your walkway, you will be able to use five or more pavers. Line pavers from the door to the walkway. This style lets you achieve a high-end looking pathway in your backyard without having to spend a lot of money. To give it a more high-end look, you can fill the space with plants or stones which require less maintenance and are much less expensive.

Have A Sturdy Outdoor Dining Area In Your Backyard

Image by:    aryanpour.info

Image by: aryanpour.info

You can use large pavers and lay them where you want to have your sitting area. It will serve as a solid surface for your chairs and tables. If you want something more natural looking, you can make use of smaller sized pavers. You can lay it and keep some grass in between each paver. When the grass grows, it will look as if the pavers have been laid out there for a long time. You don’t have to worry about sitting in wobbly chairs during outdoor meals!

Use It To Accent Your Home’s Architecture


In order to unite the style of the interior to the exterior of your home, you can make use of pavers. Pavers are great accent pieces that you can line up around your home. If you use larger pavers, it can even double up as a pathway giving not only aesthetic appeal but also functionality.

Use It As A Bridge

Instead of using wood and other material to create a bridge over the pond, why not use pavers instead? Think outside the box and line rectangular pavers to serve as an alternative to common bridge materials. This feature will give your backyard a unique yet classic look.

Have An Outdoor Lounge Space

If outdoor dining isn’t your thing, you can have an outdoor lounge space instead. Decide which area you want to have your lounge chairs and then place the pavers on there. To save on pavers, you can have a gap in between them and fill those gaps with gravel. See to it that you fill the gaps and spaces between each gravel properly so it will not move or be wobbly.

Use Pavers To Create Patterns


Creating patterns with pavers is one of the most common features in any home. Pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can easily create different patterns with it. You can place them interlocking each other or place them next to each other. This may seem random but when you lay the pavers properly, everything will appear aesthetically pleasing and orderly.

Pavers Can Serve As A Cover

Are there areas in your backyard where grass or sod doesn't seem to grow? Is there a particular area that you just really want to cover? If there are, then you shouldn't worry. Pavers could serve as a stylish cover for those areas. Set down your preferred size or style of pavers and stones. You can create a pattern or just design a patio with it.

Place It Around The Pool


Do you feel as if your pool just lacks character? Why not place pavers around it and create a dramatic look? Elegantly-placed pavers will certainly add a distinct effect in your pool and make it glow. It will not only be pleasing to the eye but will also be functional as it can serve as a walkway around the pool area.

Have An Oversized Chess board

Image by:    Pinterest

Image by: Pinterest

Do you love chess? Be creative and use pavers as an oversized chess board. You can purchase pavers of equal sizes and have chess pieces carved out. An outdoor chess board will not only be an attractive feature in your backyard but will also be a fun way to spend time with your family and guests.

With some creativity, pavers can go a long way. It is among the most versatile materials and come in various sizes, materials, colors and styles. If you want to incorporate pavers with your home’s landscaping, contact us at Premier Lawn Care. We offer hardscaping, landscape construction and design water features as well.