Awesome Outdoor Living Spaces: Middle TN Landscaping Design

outdoor-living-designOne of the biggest trends in landscaping design services is outdoor living spaces. It is very popular with prospective home buyers, existing home owners and is a big deal in the real estate market. More and more homeowners are wanting to spend time outdoors to enjoy their whole property, not just the indoor living space. Patios, living spaces, enclosed patios, open eating areas, beautiful decks and play spaces for children are all high on the must-have list for many homeowners.

If you are thinking about hiring a hardscaping company in Tennessee to build the outdoor living space of your dreams, consider looking at landscaping companies in Middle TN, like Premier Lawn Care. Even though they are most well known for their residential and commercial property maintenance and landscaping services, they have also built a solid reputation throughout the region for outdoor landscaping design services and hardscaping construction. Whatever you envision for your front or backyard, Premier Lawn Care can help you to achieve your goals.

Do You Want to Build a Patio?
Whether you want to build a brand new patio, add an overlay to an existing patio, expand on a small patio or do something totally unique, this is by far the most popular hardscaping project chosen by homeowners today. Everyone wants a patio, a place where they can relax. Many of the projects created by local Middle TN landscaping design include a patio for outdoor dining, cooking and entertaining. It is important to have a nice surface to start off the rest of your hardscaping project. Landscaping design services through a professional provider can help you create the perfect foundation to set the tone for your new outdoor living space.

What About a Water Feature?
Another popular item in gardens all across the country and especially for landscaping companies in Middle TN is the water feature. Whether you want a complete fountain or pond, a small waterfall to create sound and ambiance or if you want to go all out and create a Koi Pond for some outdoor fish, a water feature is a great way to tie your landscaping design services all together. A water feature is great in a backyard where you are trying to create a sense of privacy, as the water noise can drown out or buffer the noise that comes from your neighbor's backyard. The sound of moving water is also relaxing, making it the perfect addition for an outdoor living room area.

Maybe a Backyard Fire?
There are a couple of ways that you can create a toasty fire in your backyard to toast marshmallows or just cuddle up on a chilly night under the stars. From fire pits to fireplaces, an outdoor fire is a great addition to any outdoor living space. Work with a reputable hardscaping company in Tennessee that has experience working with fire pits, fireplaces and other related landscaping design services. Whether you use a wood burning pit or a gas fueled fire, make sure to always put safety first and have a professional do the installation.

Would You Like an Outdoor Kitchen?
When most people think about cooking outdoors, they immediately think about the traditional BBQ grill. However, much has changed in the way that people cook outdoors. An entire full kitchen, complete with a refrigerator and a sink with running water, can be easily added to your Middle TN landscaping design. Outdoor dining areas, countertops and other must-have amenities can all be included in your custom design. Outdoor kitchens have sort of paved the way and lit the fire of creativity under homeowners who are looking for unique ideas in outdoor living space design.

How About a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis?
Another popular trend seen by landscaping companies in Middle TN with regard to outdoor living and hardscaping is the creation of a beautiful relaxing space for families. A nice enlarged patio area with some sort of cover and shelter from spring and summer rains that is beautifully designed with relaxation in mind. Comfortable couches, lounge chairs, throw pillows and wispy draperies can all be used together to create a spa day at home any day of the week. Sound systems, televisions, computer charging stations and just about anything you need to really let go and relax, can all be added to your outdoor living space.

Call Premier Lawn Care in Middle TN
If you are in the market to expand your living space into the Great Outdoors, look no further than Premier Lawn Care to help you achieve your goals. One of the top landscaping companies in Middle TN, Premier has been providing top quality services to clients throughout the Great State of Tennessee and all across the country since 1994. Call today at 931-954-5545 to learn more about our landscaping design services or to schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate on your next outdoor project.