Basic Guide to Middle TN Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair

parking-lot-repairIf you don't ever know anything else about asphalt repair in Middle TN, it is important to understand that tiny cracks that are left untreated or repaired will turn into bigger cracks. Just one tiny crack can even lead to potholes and other dangerous issues with the asphalt and the winter months here in Tennessee don't help it one bit. Just a little bit of water trickling down inside of a crack can make its way down deep into the asphalt. This can cause the stone base to soften and lead to a myriad of damaging and dangerous types of cracks.

Some of the bigger types of cracks that can form just from a tiny little crack include:

  • alligator cracking
  • spider webbing
  • potholes
  • degraded or eroded pavement
  • surface failure

The change of seasons is no friend to asphalt cracks, which should be treated right away by parking lot maintenance and repair services. Regular seal coating and line striping are a "fact of life" for a commercial property owner, as are the installation and maintenance of speed bumps and stop blocks, as well as other safety tools. The more you can do to prevent problems from occurring and stop small issues before the become big problems, the longer your asphalt surface will last.

How Does Weather Affect the Asphalt?
The weather in Middle TN can range between hot extremes in summer and cold extremes in the winter. Throw in some torrential springtime rains, lots of autumn leaves and a smattering of snow and ice, and you've got a recipe for asphalt disaster. Parking lot maintenance and repair should be performed on a regular basis, especially for a busy commercial or residential property. In fact, your street or parking lot sweeping crew should be on the look out for any issues that could require asphalt repair in Middle TN throughout the year.

  • WINTER - In the winter months, any cracks that don't get repaired during the warmer seasons will grow much faster due to the snow and ice, plowing and salting, as well as the freezing and thawing cycle. It is important to do seal coating and line striping before the winter season hits to prevent further damage.
  • SUMMER - In the summer months, the hot sun and warm temperatures can do some serious damage to asphalt that hasn't been properly seal coated and protected. Areas that have higher humidity can have a similar effect to what is seen in the winter months with moisture getting down into little cracks and making them bigger as the temperatures fluctuate and the stone base softens.
  • SPRING/FALL - These seasons are similar in that they tend to get more wet weather in the form of rain storms and high winds, both of which can be damaging to asphalt, requiring parking lot maintenance and repair to ensure further damage does not occur in the winter and summer months.

While seal coating the entire surface is the best solution by far to provide your parking lots, driveways and roadways with the protection that they need, there are other, more affordable solutions that can be employed. Asphalt repair in Middle TN can be accomplished using patching or crack filling. Patching can ultimately end up costing you more than seal coating and it doesn't last anywhere near as long as other solutions. Crack filling can be used to reduce the amount and severity of asphalt deterioration because it blocks water from getting deep down into the stone base. This solution should only be used by your parking lot maintenance and repair service, along with other services, as part of a preventative program until a complete seal coating can be applied.

Other Important Repairs and Maintenance
In addition to taking care of asphalt repair in Middle TN, there are other things that you also need to remember to take care of with regard to parking lot maintenance and repair. Installing speed bumps and stop blocks can also play a part in protecting your asphalt just like seal coating and line striping. Making sure that visitors and tenants don't speed through the parking lots and driveways will help to reduce wear and tear on the pavement. Speed bumps can really help if they are strategically placed. Stop blocks prevent people from pulling too far forward in their parking spaces and can help protect you from liabilities.

If you are interested in these services in addition to parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair in the Middle TN area, contact Premier Lawn Care. Located in Manchester, TN, Premier Lawn Care provides top quality parking lot services, maintenance services, landscape services and much more to residential and commercial clients throughout the state of Tennessee. Give us a call today at 931-954-5545 for a FREE estimate on any of our parking lot services, including seal coating and line striping or speed bumps and stop blocks, as well as any of our other professional services.