Basic Tips for Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Middle TN

commercial-landscape-tipsSome people think that a beautiful, green and lush lawn is something that "just happens" if you keep it watered and weed-free. However, anyone who has ever tried to do even basic landscape maintenance in Middle TN knows that there's a lot more to it than that. This is especially true when one is considering commercial landscaping maintenance for a residential, retail or office commercial property.

Not only do you want your commercial property to look good as a means of maintaining the value of your real estate investment, but you also have tenants, visitors and customers to consider. Staying on top of Manchester, TN lawn care can be a challenge, but it is worth every effort you make. In addition to working with basic lawn care in Middle TN for grass, which includes edging, over-seeding, patching, irrigation, weeding and more, commercial landscaping maintenance services need to consider the care that is required for trees and bushes, as well as for seasonal color plantings of flowers and other foliage.

Getting Started: Learning the Basics
When grass is part of the equation, it is important to know exactly how it should be cut and maintained for proper Manchester, TN lawn care. During the growing season, mowing should happen at least weekly, but it is important to never remove more than a third of the grass blade in order to keep it looking green and lush. Lawnmower blades should be sharpened at least once during the mowing season and the oil should be checked at each mow and changed at least once during the season. Mulching mowers will allow the nutrients from the clippings when you mow to get back down into the soil. This has been proven to reduce the amount of fertilizers required and the amount of water needed to keep the lawn in good condition.

Edging is required, either for residential or commercial landscaping maintenance. It helps to keep the lawn look neat and well cared for, separating the turf from the sidewalk, pathway, driveway, parking lot or garden areas. Keeping a good separation from garden areas can prevent grasses from taking root in flower gardens, rock landscaped areas and in between hardscaping spaces. This reduces the amount of weed killer or hand-weeding that will need to be done for proper landscape maintenance in Middle TN. The more you can do to reduce the amount of daily or weekly maintenance that needs to be done, the better off you will be.

Let's Talk About Weeds
While we have already mentioned weeds a little bit here today, it is important to note a truth that many landscapers would rather not talk about with regard to weeds. If the turf is healthy and properly maintained as part of Manchester, TN lawn care services, weeds will be at a minimum. Even during the highest season for weeds, your lawn will be able to fight back and keep weeds from invading at the root level. Proper watering, soil amendments, fertilization, mowing times, mowing methods, sharp mower blades and other important aspects of commercial landscaping maintenance, will contribute to the health of the lawn.

Larger areas of weeds and grasses that you do not want in your lawn can be dealt with on a case by case basis. Patches of crab grass, velvet grass and other weeds should be cut out completely and then fixed through over-seeding with a hearty grass seed mixture. Areas of your yard that are shady and tend to grow mosses or mushrooms can be fixed by pruning trees and bushes to reduce growth. In some cases, such as when a building blocks the sunlight completely, removing the lawn from this area and replacing it with plants that do well in the shade can be best.

Watering is Important to Lawn Care in Middle TN
Make sure to work with your commercial landscaping maintenance team to ensure that your irrigation system is working properly and that it is set effectively to save water and keep all of your landscaping elements in good condition. In most cases, grass only needs to be watered three to five times a week when the weather is dry for seven to ten minutes. Less time is required - and sometimes no sprinkler time is needed - in a particularly rainy spring and summer.

Consider hiring a professional to take care of your property and lawn care in Middle TN. Premier Lawn Care has a team of highly trained, certified and experienced lawn care professionals that can help you reclaim your landscape, design something totally brand new or just maintain what you already have in place. Give us a call at 931-954-5545 for a free consultation and estimate for your residential, retail or office commercial property.