Beautiful Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Your Tennessee Home

outdoor-living-spaceOne of the hottest things in residential landscaping these days is to create a beautiful outdoor living space that you can enjoy with family and friends year-round. It is important to work with a professional hardscaping company in Tennessee that is experienced in this type of work, that can provide you with effective landscaping design services and maintenance as well, to help keep your new outdoor living space looking and functioning as it should. Today's landscaping is much more than just planting flowers and building retaining walls in Middle TN.

An outdoor living space is a true extension of your home and will provide you with new areas where you can entertain or just relax and spend time in your backyard. Outdoor kitchens, living rooms, dining areas and more can be added with all of the bells and whistles to help create useful space that won't just increase your ability to use the space, but will also increase the real estate value of your home. Choose from a variety of fireplaces, pizza ovens, complete kitchen areas and lighting effects to enhance your custom hardscaping design.

Making Plans
It all should start by sitting down with your landscaping design services specialist to plot out your plans for a new outdoor living space. Design what you want the new space to be used for and what elements you would like to see there. You could have a basic fire pit to sit around and enjoy with friends or a full fireplace that can be used to provide heat and ambiance on cool summer nights and cold fall afternoons. Real authentic brick pizza ovens and stainless steel kitchens, complete with refrigerators, working sinks, grills and stove tops can all be added, based upon your needs.

Your hardscaping company in Tennessee can help you choose flooring options, such as basic cement, designer cement options that infuse color and texture, paver patios and much more. Retaining walls in Middle TN can be used to create flower beds or other planting areas, as well as provide definition between one outdoor living space and another. Your custom hardscaping design can be created entirely to your specification to embrace your current landscaping design services, existing landscape elements and your budget.

Consider New Ideas
Because there are so many different methods and design ideas that can be used to create your brand new outdoor living space, the sky is truly the limit. Think about all of the outdoor entertaining, dining, sunbathing, exercise, cooking and relaxing that you will want to do there. Speak with your hardscaping company in Tennessee about the best possible solutions based upon the size of your property, the location of the space in relation to your home, and any strategic planning to maximize the benefits from the sun or shade. Even small backyards can make the most of custom hardscaping design if they are planned well.

New ideas in the layouts and shaping for gardens, patios and other outdoor living space arrangements can also be employed to increase your options. Think outside the square or rectangular box and consider curved hardscaping ideas or modern design to enhance the look and feel of your home. Remember that this is a real estate investment, so while you are considering your own tastes and potential use of space, you should also consider whether or not your ideas are too unique and specific for a potential buyer.

Embrace Current Elements
Do you have a pool, spa, pond or fountain in your backyard? Make sure to incorporate these visual and functional elements into your custom hardscaping design. Consider the space around these areas and how you would want them used to enhance the function of these elements. For example, a fountain could be enjoyed much more with some built-in seating around it and a pool could be even more useful if it had a nice decking area for sunbathing or lounging with family and friends.

Do you have mature trees and bushes in your yard? Some landscaping design services have even found ways to build patios and decking around mature trees to take advantage of natural shade opportunities. A large, mature tree provides a natural canopy feel that can be enhanced with accent lighting, uplighting and string lighting for a festive look and feel all year long. Some homeowners think they need to take out natural and existing elements to create a useful outdoor space, however these elements can be a real asset to the design.

Contact Premier Lawn Care
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