Beautify Your Middle TN Outdoor Living Space With New Plants

new-plantsOne of the best ways to add color and life to your residential or commercial landscape is to include a wide variety of plants that will thrive in our unique region. If you aren't sure what type of plants to get or when and where to plant them, consider hiring professional landscaping design services to help you make some smart decisions. Many "big box" home improvement stores sell plants that won't necessarily do well in our local weather patterns, so it really pays to hire a pro. Landscaping companies in Tennessee, such as Premier Lawn Care out of Manchester, are trained and knowledgeable in the types of plants that will do best in your exact location so you will have a better chance of successful growth.

Here is a list of beautiful trees, flowers and shrubs that you should speak to your Middle TN lawn care company about planting to enhance your outdoor living space:

This beautiful perennial grows well in both full sun and partial sun, but grows best in moist soil that is well-drained. It is very easy to grow and is quite popular as a colorful addition to any landscape. Flowers are trumpet shaped and come in shades of blue and white in both summer and fall. A favorite for borders, flower beds and even containers by landscaping companies in Tennessee and the rest of the region. Speak with your landscaping design services about adding this hardy, fast growing plant to your outdoor living space. These deer-resistant blooms are also very low-maintenance compared to other similar flowers.

If you are looking for a great-looking tree that will bring seasonal color to your landscape year-round, consider this small maple. It only grows to be about 75 percent of the size of a normal maple variety, at about 25-35 feet in height. Colors range from light to medium greens in the spring and summer to beautiful ranges of dark and purple reds. When planting in the spring, make sure to water deeply to establish well before the dry season hits the region. This very drought tolerant tree looks great in many different types of landscaping styles, accenting evergreens and other garden standards very beautifully. Speak with your Middle TN lawn care about whether this colorful tree is right for your property.

Also known as the butterfly lily, this perennial is native to India and Himalaya, but grows beautifully in the Middle TN area and makes a great accent to any outdoor living space. Growing best in full sun to part shade, this very showy and fragrant flower works great in a garden or container and grows best in rich, moist soils. Thriving in warm summers, it is best planted in the ground after the last frost date and can be stored in containers over the winter months. This flowering plant can grow up to six feet in height. The flowers resemble butterflies, which is where it gets its common name. Speak with your landscaping design services coordinator to determine whether this plant is right for you.

Native to the United States, the birch tree is considered to be one of the most easy trees to grow. A very elegant garden tree, the open and airy branches of the birch combined with the textured looking trunks, help it to stand out in any landscape or garden. Many landscaping companies in Tennessee will use the birch along a river, stream or pond for visual impact, however they also grow well in a grove along a property line, driveway or to divide different areas of outdoor living space. Your Middle TN lawn care company can help you decide if the beautiful birch is right for your situation.

Recognized immediately for its bright yellow bell-shaped flowers, the forsythia is the hallmark of spring. Pruning is required to prevent growth sprouts from shooting up at random and this shrub does best when planted in full sun. Forsythia can be trained to grow up against a warm wall, as long as there is plenty of water and sunlight. Grows to as high as 20 feet with proper maintenance and care and up to 9 feet in width. Very colorful purple leaves in the fall and breath-taking bright blooms in the spring, make this a year-round treat. An excellent provider of privacy and erosion control on slopes, forsythia is also deer resistant. Your Middle TN lawn care provider can help you choose the perfect location for this popular shrub.

Another beautiful shrub, the dwarf walters vibernum appears to look very similar to a boxwood with its very small and round green leaves, but in the fall the leaves turn dark red. Lovely white spring flowers adorn this plant, which look very similar to baby's breath. Advantages include the fact that insects do not like this shrub and it is very drought tolerant, making it very low maintenance. All of the seasonal changes and ease of care make this plant an excellent choice for residential property owners. Many landscaping companies in Tennessee recommend this 3-5 foot tall shrub to their clients because it looks great year-round. Speak with your landscape designer about adding this beautiful bush to your outdoor living space.

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