Choosing a Day Porter Service Provider Made Simple

Originally posted on January 30, 2014

There are several businesses out there providing day porter services, but the question is, do they all provide the same level of service?
Unfortunately, they don’t, but that shouldn't stop you from finding a commercial cleaner for your establishment. After all, getting one can result in plenty of benefits as well as the priceless peace of mind knowing your premises are well taken care of.
What’s a porter service?
Day porter service providers are companies whose services revolve around keeping commercial properties clean and well maintained. Without any real cleaning and consistent maintenance, a commercial property can easily turn into a place full of dirt, trash, cobwebs, broken windows, rancid smelling restrooms—generally a terrible looking place.
Why not hire a team of janitors instead?
The simplest reason for this is that keeping a team of janitorial staff slows you down compared to a day porter service. Remember that with a staff of janitors, you’re going to have spend time and money on training and maintenance—resources better spent on other areas of your business.
What they offer
Industrial cleaners offer a wide range of cleaning services, from perimeter cleaning to other maintenance works your commercial establishment may need. If you have a large storefront, it pays to have porter service providers take care of your landscape gardening to add character and beauty to this space.
What to look for
As the search begins for the best company to handle your company’s cleaning and maintenance problems, you should consider the following:
1. Find out whether the day porter service provider already has a track record of satisfying customers. Look for feedback from fellow business owner who have availed of their services.
2. Don’t let the lowest bid be your main consideration. Always go for the porter service with the most tools, and the     most experience that you can afford.
3. Choose a provider that will gladly go beyond what’s written in the contract, one that will clean everything in your     establishment that’s dirty while also seeing to it that the basic safety prerequisites are being met.
A good rule of thumb when looking for a porter service provider is to brief the company, giving them a walking tour of the different premises and the ‘house rules’ in each area.  You’ll likely be reassured that no untoward incidents will occur once cleaning and maintenance are fully underway.
 Another important factor to consider when searching for a day porter service company is the provider’s ability to complete a job on an agreed upon time. If a company is unable to perform their duties in your premises within schedule, you’ll naturally have a headache in your hands.
That said, it’s a good idea to go for a provider that is able to work on a flexible schedule, one that’s willing to adjust to your time preferences and willing to work after or before working hours to reduce the disruption maintenance work might bring to your business.
The bottom line
 There’s nothing really glamorous about cleaning. If we could close our eyes and open them to find everything spotless, there would be no problem. But sadly, someone’s got to do the dirty work. Cleaning and maintenance takes time, energy, and most of all money.
This is precisely why most businesses and organizations would rather outsource their cleaning services to professional porter service providers. These companies were built to do one thing only, and they know how to do it good. Reliable commercial cleaners can and will present you with your desired results, allowing you to concentrate on more important matters.0_0_0_0_247_87_csupload_52755115 0_0_0_0_160_76_csupload_52755105