Choosing a Lawn Care Service, Made Simple

Originally posted on January 13, 2014

For many homeowners, the price of a lawn care provider is perhaps the most important thing next to the actual care their lawn receives. It makes perfect sense; after all, you want to get the most of your money’s worth.
It’s both a good and bad thing that lawn care companies are everywhere. Good, because there’s no way you can’t find a provider near you, not unless you live in the middle of nowhere; bad, because it also mean having to sift through ‘providers’ whose only service consists of mowing your lawn with a borrowed mower.
Here’s a guide on how you can separate the wheat from the chaff.
Be wary of cheap rates
The cheapest rates a lawn care provider in your area charges may not be in your best interest. Remember, you get what you pay for, and a cheaply maintained lawn doesn't necessarily make it the best looking. In fact, it’s a bad sign when a lawn care service offers rates that are too cheap—caveat emptor, or so the warning goes. Lower prices can easily mean lower quality.
Your lawn is an investment, so be ready to spend for it if you want professional care.
Word of mouth
Look at your friends and neighbors lawns. Do they look good—the kind of ‘good’ you want your lawn to look? Are they satisfied with the results? If yes, it’s a good chance they’re working with a reputable lawn care provider.
As with most other services, the best way to find a lawn care provider is too recommendations from people you know, or at the very least people who live close by. Relying on advertisements is alright, but when you think about, all ads say the same thing: “We’re the best!”
Get feedback from people who've actually tried a provider’s services—they usually know what they’re talking about.
Big not always good
Big lawn care providers charge high prices for their services for a good reason. They do wonderful work, using some of the best lawn maintenance equipment supplies money can buy. They use expensive fertilizer, and they see to it the results are worth the cost.
Several smaller lawn care companies offer services as excellent as the big providers, offering the same, if not more attention to detail. Sure, they may have more modest equipment, but they often offer a more personalized service at lower rates. This brings us back to why it pays to ask for referrals, as word of a local company that provides great care services with a good reputation in your area will spread easily.
As is the case when paying for service with a significant amount of money, it’s imperative that you do your homework. Research as much as you can about the subject of lawn maintenance, talk to fellow homeowners, and spend time to talking to the providers themselves, asking them the right questions. By doing so, you’ll show you know what you want from them, and it protects you from unscrupulous lawn care providers.
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