Commercial Property Landscaping Design for the Holidays in TN


A great way to combine your regular commercial landscaping maintenance services with some great marketing ideas is to utilize seasonal color enhancements and decorative items to your advantage for the holiday season. Seasonal items are a great way to enhance your commercial properties, whether you are catering to consumers or special clients. Taking time to work with your local Middle TN landscaping design specialist to create a winter wonderland, classic pumpkin patch or some other holiday theme decor, can attract new customers and keep your existing customers happily coming back for more.

Dressing up your commercial property is a great way to attract attention and retain customers. Residential properties, such as apartment complexes, condominium properties and other rentals, will often decorate for the season rather than the specific holiday to avoid favoritism to a particular religion or culture. However, retail shopping malls and other merchandise based businesses will usually move head-on into specific holiday decor, particularly for holidays that attract a lot of shoppers, such as Christmas or Hanukkah gift-giving, Halloween candy and costume selling, Thanksgiving food shopping and 4th of July barbecuing.

How to Incorporate Seasonal Design

The best way to get started down a path of decorating your commercial property is to work with your landscaping companies in Middle TN to see what suggestions they might have for your property. Already familiar with the lay of the land at your property, your commercial landscaping maintenance design crew can make suggestions for seasonal color enhancements and other decorations that will really make your commercial property stand out from local competitors. From twinkling lights to grand holiday displays, there are a lot of options available to choose from for your commercial property.

Try to contact your Middle TN landscaping design company as early as possible to start making plans. Certain decorative items can be difficult to locate if you wait too long before the holiday. Also, the longer you and your landscaping team have to work on your plan, the more likely you will be to be ready for the launch of your new decorations in order to make the most out of the holiday promotion. The sooner you can get everything sorted out, the more time you will have to focus on making holiday sales and greeting your customers.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

In addition to the ideas that will come from your commercial landscaping maintenance crew, here are some ideas that you can use, in conjunction with your seasonal color enhancements, to optimize the look and feel of your property for the holidays. Make sure to contact your landscaping companies in Middle TN to make sure that they can accommodate your wishes. consider getting estimates or bids from an experienced company like Premier Lawn Care, if your regular Middle TN landscaping design firm is not available or cannot meet your demands.

  • repeated images throughout the store, building, shopping center or display, such as hundreds of spiders for Halloween, dozens of Santas for Christmas, lots of turkeys for Thanksgiving, etc.
  • use lighting to your advantage, check out new LED color technology and lighting techniques, which can be combined together to produce millions of unique colors and shades for light shows, attention-getting color and more
  • also consider using sound, playing spooky effects for Halloween or holiday carols for Christmas can help to get shoppers in the mood and increase sales
  • choose a color theme that you will use throughout your commercial landscaping maintenance, such as red-and-green, black-and-white, green-and-gold, silver-and-gold or whatever suits your promotion, holiday or season
  • seasonal color enhancements can come in the form of plants, landscaping accents, hardscaping elements, decorative items, hand-painted items, planters, lighting and much more - dare to think outside the box

Get Ready for the Holidays With Landscaping Companies in Middle TN

If you are thinking about employing some seasonal color enhancements, holiday decorations, lights and other decorative items, consider working with Premier Lawn Care for all of your commercial landscaping maintenance and design. Middle TN landscaping design is more than just making the grass, flowers and trees look good.

It is also about adding holiday and cultural items to your main display, providing opportunities to market to specific demographics and seasonal holidays without going overboard and alienating someone else. Give us a call at 931-954-5545 to learn more about all of our services or to find out why we are one of the number one landscaping companies in Middle TN.