Commercial Property Safety: Prepare for Fall & Winter Weather

commercial-property-safetyWhile everyone else is running around decking the halls and getting ready for the holidays, as a commercial property owner or manager, you need to be putting your focus into training your staff for seasonal grounds maintenance and management. Keeping your property safe for visitors, employees, vendors and tenants should be your top priority. Prepping in the early fall with seal coating and line striping, and continuing throughout the season with professional power washing and porter services, should be part of your overall plan.

Studies show that "slip and fall" type accidents are the number one causes for injuries on both residential and commercial properties. Due to the changes in weather, including the rainy season, slippery falling leaves, mud as a result of rain and well on into the snow and ice, a typically safe sidewalk or parking lot could quickly turn dangerous. To protect yourself from liability, it is important to stay on top of basic cleaning and maintenance to ensure that there are no areas on your grounds that could become a potential hazard.

Hiring a Professional
One way to combat these issues and stay on top of everything during this time of year, is to hire a professional team of grounds maintenance and management service providers to take care of it for you. Even if you have maintenance workers on-site, adding new workers temporarily during the season to perform increased porter services, professional power washing and checks of walkways, driveways and parking lots throughout the property, can give you an increased edge over the potential for liability. Premier Lawn Care in Middle TN provides a wide variety of services that can help you stay in control.

Some of the outdoor services we provide to our clients include:

  • snow and ice removal
  • salting - walkways, steps, parking lots and driveways
  • seal coating and line striping
  • professional power washing
  • porter services
  • parking lot sweeping and maintenance
  • landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation and groundskeeping

Combating Snow and Ice
Once you get through the autumn months and are able to keep these common areas cleared of fallen leaves, sticks, pine needles and other seasonal debris, it's time to start preparing to keep everything cleared of snow and ice. Making sure that you take care of grounds maintenance and management in the fall will make keeping areas safe when the snow begins to fall that much easier. Wet leaves that are underneath snow can make for an extremely slippery situation, so it s important to keep clearing those on up until the snow hits - or the last leaf falls - whichever comes first.

Seal coating after an inspection for cracks and potholes can help prevent ice formation, but it is important to be ready to remove any ice that does form immediately. Speak with your grounds maintenance and management team about creating a plan of attack for snow and ice this season.

While most property managers remember to take care of snow and ice removal through the use of basic porter services or professional snow plowing on large parking lots of driveways, they tend to forget the fact that these areas have an increased risk for forming ice underneath the snow because of the blacktop. The ice can blend in with darker colors, especially right after seal coating and line striping have been performed, so it is important to stay on top of ice formation on a daily basis. Whether shoveling, salting or plowing, something needs to be done to help keep the property and its visitors safe.

Other Areas of Concern
In addition to the surfaces that we walk, drive and park on at a commercial property, there are other areas that need some attention as well. Regularly inspect handrails on stairways and sloping walkways to ensure that they have not been damaged over the summer and fall months. Any slight bit of damage can be increased when the weight of ice or snow piles on top of handrails. People utilize the handrails for balance all year long, but especially when there are leaves, snow or ice on the ground.

Lighting should also be checked on a regular basis throughout the season. Office buildings might not even need extra outdoor lighting during the summer because of the longer days, but in winter, the days are shorter and lighting will be very important. Make sure to check parking lot lighting, pathway lighting, exterior building lighting and other areas that will help your tenants or property visitors see any potential hazards, such as leaves, ice or snow, before your team is able to deploy porter services and other grounds maintenance and management to clean it up.

Inside the building is another place where you will want to be alert to potential hazards. Visitors tracking in snow, ice and even salt from outdoors can not only do damage to the interior flooring, but can create a hazard. Floor maintenance through porter services is extremely important to help reduce the risk for slips, trips and falls. Make sure that your porter services stay on top of this type of clean up right away, place clean, extra mats on the floor near entrances and exits to encourage feet wiping during this time of year.

Call Premier Lawn Care for Winter Services
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