Conserve Water With Smart Landscaping Design in Middle TN

smart-landscaping-designIt seems like everywhere you look today, people are trying to find new ways to conserve. Conserving electricity, fuel and water can help us to reduce waste with regard to natural resources and shrink our carbon footprint, but it can also help us to lower our utility bills and overhead costs. Whether you own a commercial or residential property, cost is important. However, it is possible to utilize a variety of techniques that can help you to conserve water through intelligent landscaping design services. Working with a professional Manchester, TN landscaping company can help you to achieve your goals, improve curb appeal and even help you to save money in the long run.

What Is Water Smart Landscaping Design?
One of the biggest trends seen by landscaping companies in Tennessee is to be smarter about irrigation and the water that gets used to keep lawns, trees, bushes, flowers and other foliage looking healthy and beautiful. Over-watering is a serious problem that doesn't just waste this important natural resource, but it can cause major damage to plants if it remains unchecked for any length of time. Figuring out what types of plants are better suited to the area in which you live is part of water smart landscaping design, but strategic planning and planting by your professional landscaping design services is also crucial to your success.

There are three things you need to look for when choosing water smart plants:

  • plants that are native to your Middle TN landscaping design
  • plants that use little to no water outside of regular rainfall
  • plants that are appropriate to the region in which you live

When you make smart choices about the plants used in your residential or commercial landscaping design, you can become more water-efficient, reduce your utility costs for irrigation and negate the need to use chemicals, such as fertilizer. Studies have shown that native plants are much more resistant to climate conditions, pests and common plant diseases in the area. They are also much more adapted to the makeup of local soil, require less chemical correction. Not only does this help to be more water smart, but it also helps to lower the amount of chemical contribution to local groundwater and runoff, which contaminate the local water supply.

A Special Word About Exotic Plants
It might seem like a great idea to have some tropical plants or palm tress out around the pool in the summertime. After all, with the natural humidity and temperatures of Middle TN during the summer, it is perfect for growing these exotic plants. However, there's a reason why landscaping companies in Tennessee stay away from exotic options: they can sometimes be invasive. When you bring a non-native plant into an area, it may have the ability to "take over" other native plants. Bamboo is a perfect example of this in action. While it grows quickly and is great for creating a natural privacy hedge between neighbors, bamboo growth can get out of hand and crowd out native species as it spreads. Non-native species will also require more water, attract more pests and cause other costly issues, inhibiting your ability to create a water smart Manchester, TN landscaping design.

Water Smart Strategy by Design
Another great way to reduce the amount of water that your landscaping requires is to group plants according to their watering needs. This allows you to set irrigation systems accordingly, providing more water to the plants that need it and providing less to the plants that don't. This prevents over-watering, which can kills shrubs, trees and other more drought-tolerant plants, as well as grasses and lawns that can turn brown or grow more weeds if they have too much water.

Consider adding a smart meter for your irrigation system. There are some that have sensors that prevent the sprinklers from going on if there is a measurable rainfall. There are others that are controlled via smartphone that can be shut off from miles away if the weather report shows that rain is expected in the area. Middle TN landscaping design, through the use of qualified, experienced and certified landscaping design services, can help you to achieve all of your water-saving goals while maintaining a well-manicured and cared for property.

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