Create Outdoor Living Space With Tennessee Hardscaping Ideas

outdoor-living-spaceOne of the biggest buzz words in home improvement these days is hardscaping. This term is used to describe renovations and remodeling projects that are used to improve curb appeal, enhance the landscaping of the home or create an outdoor living space. In most cases, hardscaping in Middle TN will add value to the residential property, either in the form of actual real estate potential for people who are in the market to sell their home or by increasing the usefulness of the property for the homeowner.

What is Hardscaping?
Now included by most professional service providers as a part of traditional landscaping design services, hardscaping is defined by the materials used to create the projects for homeowners and commercial property owners. Retaining walls, brick or stone patios, outdoor kitchens, backyard fireplaces - these are all examples of popular hardscaping projects that are completed most often by Manchester, TN landscaping services. They are used to create a defined space that can be used to plant flowers, separate areas of property for different purposes, establish a useful outdoor living space for entertaining and create new ways to use the space around a structure.

Some more examples of hardscaping in Tennessee include:

  • large outdoor living space patios
  • paved walkways
  • fencing and walls
  • large rocks and other decorative elements
  • fire pits and seating areas
  • landscape lighting

While hardscaping has been used for many years, it became a popular buzz word in the mid 2000s when the housing market slowed down and homeowners searched for new ways to add value to their homes to increase selling prices and boost interest with buyers. Studies reveal that hardscaping in Middle TN can be just as valuable for boosting home sales prices as other, more traditional home improvements, such as bathroom or kitchen remodeling. One recent Gallup Poll showed that homeowners across the United States experienced up to a 15 percent increase in home values after completing a professional upgrade of hardscaping and landscaping design services.

Improving More Than Just Curb Appeal
Manchester, TN landscaping that includes hardscaping elements can do much more than just make your home look better to passersby or prospective buyers. Creating beautiful outdoor living space areas is very popular these days. All one has to do is turn on a home improvement program or look at a remodeling magazine to see all of the tips, ideas and examples of hardscaping in Middle TN and all across the country.

Real estate experts have estimated that homeowners in America spent nearly $40 billion in 2007 alone on making improvements to their lawns and gardens, with almost $12 billion of that focused primarily on hardscaping and outdoor living space. Since that time, hardscaping projects have grown in popularity. Experts now believe that outdoor living space and other hardscaping projects make up approximately 40 percent of the amount of money spent on outdoor home improvements each year.

Manchester, TN landscaping and hardscaping is a big business and for good reason. Today's home buyers are looking for more than just four walls, a roof, a nice garage and space for all of their belongings, they are looking for a home that can serve as a refuge, a place to entertain friends and spend time with loved ones. All of this can be accomplished through the use of professional landscaping design services that have experience designing, building and maintaining outdoor living space.

Hiring a Pro for Hardscaping in Middle TN
Homeowners who are in the market for professional quality work with regard to hardscaping and landscaping design services in the Middle Tennessee area can count on the knowledge and experience of the team at Premier Lawn Care. Located in Manchester, Premier Lawn Care offers a variety of landscaping and hardscaping services to clients throughout the entire region, ranging from small residential projects to large commercial developments.

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