Design an Outdoor Living Space to Survive a Tennessee Winter

winter-outdoor-spaceWhat is the harshest time of year for residential properties in Tennessee? The windy, rainy weather of autumn can be pretty intense, but the winters, which can bring snow and ice and freezing rain are by far the most extreme. When you work with residential hardscaping services to create a custom outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy, it is important to work with landscaping companies in Tennessee that are knowledgeable about the seasonal weather that we experience here so you can make plans and create designs that will survive one of our typical winters.

Spring, summer and even fall are pretty mild with regard to hardscaping services in Middle TN, with many homeowners being able to use their outdoor living space for cooking, dining and entertaining for a large portion of the year. Any hardscaping plans that you use must take into account the natural weather patterns that we get in the region throughout the year. Frost heaving, foot traffic, snow loads and melting snow can potentially cause a lot of damage to patios, sidewalks, paths, walkways, driveways, retaining walls and other residential hardscaping services and elements in Tennessee.

Choosing Your Materials Wisely
When it comes to creating a patio that will survive a Middle TN winter, the best place to start is in the choice of materials that will be used. Native stone, such as river rock, flag stone, field stone and other types of rock can all be used to create a long-lasting, durable base for your outdoor living space. By choosing materials that are native to the area, you are assured that they will be able to stand up to the punishment of local weather patterns without breaking, cracking or fading over time. Consider floating foundations which would allow for water from winter thaws to flow through the surface, as well as polymetric sand, which can be used to create permanent pavers that won't shift or move with temperature changes.

Preparing the Area
One of the main reasons why you should work only with local hardscaping services in Middle TN is because they will have a greater understanding of how you need to prepare the area for your outdoor living space. The type of soil and conditions in Tennessee are vastly different from what residential hardscaping services in California or Texas would have to deal with, so some knowledge of the local area should be required. Preparing the space by leveling the ground and then providing permeable options for water to flow through when it rains or when the snow melts is also very important. Once again, having knowledge of the local area plays a huge part in creating a quality outdoor living space.

Experience You Can Trust
Hardscaping services in Middle TN need to have a lot of experience in the building of structures. Tall fireplaces, retaining walls, patios and stone kitchen facings must be properly installed to prevent them from coming apart or becoming dangerous to the people who use them. For example, retaining walls that are not properly built have been known to fall over unexpectedly or develop buckles and bulges over time. You need to know that the landscaping companies in Tennessee that you work with for your outdoor living space project have done enough of these projects in the past to give them the hands-on experience required to provide you with professional results.

Proper Care and Maintenance
Once you have your brand new space design and built, more care is needed. Your residential hardscaping services provider should give you tips and suggestions on how to properly maintain your natural stone, brick or synthetic veneer surfaces to protect them from damage. Hiring landscaping companies in Tennessee to provide you with ongoing maintenance of your outdoor living space can help, but if you are going to do it yourself, there are some tools and methods that you can no longer use. Some of those tools and methods include:

  • harsh chemicals for snow and ice removal
  • metal snow shovels and snow chains
  • wire brushes and brooms
  • solvents that contain dyes that could stain
  • cleaning fluids not recommended for natural stone

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