Why Fall and Winter Are The Best Times For Landscaping

Sometimes, we lack the time to maintain our property’s outdoor area. But when we do have the time, we all are excited to tend to our yard. Depending on the variety of trees, shrubs or flowers that you’re going to plant, there is a different time of the year to do it. But, if you just want to do maintenance in your outdoor area, the ideal time to do landscaping and other maintenance work is during fall and winter.

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Others may think that the best time to do it is during spring where a lot of perennials start to bloom. But, that is just overrated. Here are reasons why you should do it during the fall and winter seasons:


Unlike other seasons, fall and winter have cooler weather. During fall, the morning is cold, the afternoon is warm, and the air during the evenings has a certain coolness to it. The temperature of the soil remains at an ideal temperature which allows plants to develop firm and healthy roots. Plants become more robust before the freezing weather comes. There is also a lesser demand for water because of the cooler temperature. This cold temperature helps not just plants but people as well. It is not blistering hot outside making it ideal to do any landscaping work.


If you start planting during summer or in spring, you will have to keep watering plants. The warm temperature requires a higher demand for water in plants. You will have to keep doing this for several months until the temperature becomes cooler. If the temperature continues to heat up, you will have to constantly observe the trees and shrubs that you’ve planted in the landscaped area. If you do this during fall and winter, less watering is required. With lower maintenance on the plants, you can do other landscaping tasks.



The fall and winter are considered as the off-season. During this time, you can take advantage of discounts and lower prices not just on landscaping materials but also by landscape professionals. If you want to achieve that dream outdoor area, this is the time to do it. You can get an estimate to find out how much things will cost. It will surely be lower than other months when landscape contractors are all busy with other projects.


Not all landscaping projects are done easily. Some projects can be complicated and may require you to acquire a permit first. So, if you are doing major landscaping projects in your home, it would be best to start early. This gives you more time to deal with permits and the construction process itself. You will be able to get started with your project early and use it when the perfect weather comes.


As the fall and winter are off season, there is a lesser demand for landscape designers. This means that they have better availability to deal with your project. You can set up appointments and meet with them to discuss your ideas and plans. If you do this during summer and spring, most landscape designers have already lined up their projects for the next few months. If you want to get things done quickly, better do it when the experts are a lot less in demand when they can focus most of their time on your project.


The fall and winter season are just short-lived. It won’t take a long time. Before you know it, the sun is back again. The fall and winter season are the perfect time to look into your plans and put your landscaping ideas to paper. You don’t need to rush things during spring. Start now and ensure that your outdoor area is ready when the spring and summer seasons arrive.



When plants are replanted, it could change color, wilt, or undergo a “shock”. This could happen because of the changes in the temperature or the quality of the soil. If ignored, the plant could die from it. But, if you take care of it and treat it properly, it can easily get back to life. Let your garden go through this shock period to test them how they deal with adverse weather conditions especially during winter. You will see how the plants could handle rain or cold temperatures. This also lets you to see any structural problems early such as in your garden’s drainage and irrigation.

Those are some of the reasons why you should get started with your landscaping project during fall and winter. This may be unlikely to do but with those reasons, you’ll surely be convinced to get started with your project right away. If you need an expert to guide you with any landscape construction projects, you can call us at (931) 954-5545 to set an appointment. Premier Lawn Care offers landscaping services. We can also help you with irrigation and turf management. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we’d be delighted to assist you.