Fall Clean-Up: 10 Top Tips for the Best Middle TN Lawn Care


Taking care of your lawn is a year-round chore. Many homeowners think that all they have to do is mow, take care of weeding and irrigation in the spring, summer and early fall, but there is a whole other season that requires some attention. In the fall, you need to perform what is known by landscaping companies in TN as "fall clean-up," which includes taking care of certain details now so your lawn will have its best shot to look great and be healthy when the ground thaws in the spring.

Premier Lawn Care in Middle TN provides a wide variety of landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation and property maintenance services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the state of Tennessee. Whether you need weekly services or would just like to hire our company for fall clean-up and other seasonal services, our team of highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced technicians can help you to achieve your goals. Here is a list of 10 tips or things that you should do each fall to help get your lawn prepared for the spring.

Task #1 - FEED

While many people think about adding fertilizer in the spring when new grass seed gets put down, it is also important to add fertilizer in the fall. Fall fertilizer is used to fuel and replenish your long after all of the growing and adjustments it went through during the summer months. Long, hot days, extra watering and extra mowing can take its toll, so fertilizer is essential to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy roots. Timing is important, so make sure to work with your landscaper to feed your lawn while the plants are still absorbing nutrients, before you contact your irrigation company in Middle TN to winterize your sprinkler system.

Task #2 - WATER

Watering is very important. Plants that are recovering from a harsh summer still need water to ensure healthy root systems and prevent disease. Make sure to water deeply to encourage root growth and make sure your lawn is properly hydrated before you contact Premier Lawn Care in Middle TN to winterize your sprinklers and put them away for the winter.

Task #3 - AERATE

Your soil needs to be properly aerated to ensure enough oxygen is reaching the roots of your lawn. When you aerate and loosen the soil, you help ensure that your plants are healthy from the roots up. Over time, foot traffic, mowing and build-up of thatch can compact the soil. There are a couple of ways to aerate your soil. Consult with your local landscaping companies in TN that have experience in this area to find out which method is best for your lawn.

Task #4 - LEVEL

Get a head start on spring growth by taking care of ground problems now. Fill in any low spots or ruts where the water collects when your sprinklers are on. A nice, even and level yard and planting bed will yield the best results.

Task #5 - RE-SEED

If you need to apply new seed to your lawn to cover up bald spots or any spaces that died off due to wear and tear during the summer, now is the time to do it. Re-seed your lawn in the early fall so the roots have time to become established before the winter comes. Evenly apply seed and consider adding a soil amendment for extra protection.

Task #6 - RAKE

Another big task is in raking up and removing all of the leaves as they fall from the trees. Don't just wait for a pile so big that all the neighborhood kids are jumping in your yard or that you get a call from code enforcement. Make sure to take care of leaves regularly throughout the season to prevent them from suffocating your turf. While ground up leaves and other organic material are great for compost, they can be harmful if left to rot, bringing disease and other issues with them.

Task #7 - LAST MOW

The very last mowing of the season should be very low and short. The blades of the grass won't be needed for growth and the lawn should go dormant, keeping only the root system alive, until spring. Work with your Middle TN lawn care company to ensure it gets cut to the optimal height.

Task #8 - WASH

Consider washing down all of your hardscaping elements and outdoor furniture at the end of the season. This will help everything to look fresh and new in the spring, as well as to prevent a build-up of dust, dirt, chemical and anything else that is on these areas. Consider a professional power washing from your local irrigation company in Middle TN to ensure everything is clean when you winterize your sprinkler system.

Task #9 - BULBS

One of the best ways to enhance your beautiful lawn is by planting flowers. Gorgeous spring bulbs, including tulips, daffodils and crocus, should all be planted as bulbs in the wall. Make sure to plant right after the first frost to keep the bulbs cool all winter long. Consider hiring landscaping companies in TN to take care of these tasks to ensure they are done properly.

Task #10 - DECORATE

Another great way to enjoy your lawn throughout the seasons is to decorate it. Add lighting, a pop of seasonal color here and there - even get festive with holiday decorations.

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