Fall Head Over Heels With These Fall Landscaping Ideas

Image by: Byron O’Neal Just because we often associate fall or autumn with earth tones, fading colors, and falling leaves does not mean you cannot do any landscaping during this season. Fall  is a beautiful season and you can have an equally stunning garden if you choose to landscape. Of course, you can choose to tackle this fall landscaping project on your own or you can hire a professional. Looking for a professional landscaper is as easy as typing keywords such as landscaping services in Manchester TN or landscaping services in CA or wherever state you belong on that search bar. Either way, the point of you choosing to landscape during the fall season is to beautify your garden and prepare it for the winter season.

Now, before you delve into the unknown, it is always best to do some research about fall landscaping ideas. Keep in mind that a landscaping idea that worked perfectly during spring may not work during fall. Therefore, it is always best to arm yourself with knowledge. In this manner you would be able to make a list of the things you want to achieve after landscaping.

To help you out, here are fall landscaping ideas you might be interested in.

  • Blocking - No, this technique does not only apply to theatrical performances but you can also apply this during landscaping. The whole idea of blocking is to create an illusion of unlimited space by toying with the viewers imagination and curiosity. To achieve this, you will need to plant trees that will more or less block a certain area in your garden thus adding a hint of mystery. Visitors will be curious to check out what's behind that seemingly out of place tree.
  • Backdrop - In order to highlight the fall colors of various plants you must create a plain backdrop. In most instances, evergreens are used. You do not have to cover your whole garden with this plant. You can plant evergreens in certain areas like corners or in the center before planting shrubs and other ground level plants.
  • Plant shapes - Plants do not just grow upward. Plants have shapes too. When we speak of plant shapes we are talking about how a certain plant looks when it is full grown. Some plants grow tall and narrow. Other plants weep or bowed down while other plants grow up to be mounded. To create a more natural and add intrigue to your fall garden you combine plants with different plant shapes. In landscaping, it does not always have to be uniform. In fact, diversity in plant choices and designs can help bring out the best in your fall garden.
  • Carpeting - This is not your ordinary carpet. Carpeting in landscaping means adding ground hugging plants to your plant choices. Fall brings out a unique set of colors in plants and what is more beautiful than walking down a pathway filled with fall colors as well. In addition to this, adding ground hugging plants to your garden can also help reduce the growth of weeds and weeds have no place in a beautiful fall garden.
  • Fixtures and structures - A garden is not just about plants hence you should not only focus in selecting plants but you should also try and select garden fixtures to your garden. It does not have to be a marble statue or a fountain. Depending on your garden theme you can always add fences, stone pathways, stone sculptures, a man made waterfall or even a pond.
  • Layering - If you happen to visit a rain forest you will notice that plants of the same height do not usually grow side by side. If you step back and look at the bigger picture you will notice that Mother Nature has employed this technique commonly known as layering. Of course, since your garden is man-made it is up to you to apply this technique. Choose plants of varying height in order to achieve this effect.

Fall colors may not be as vibrant as spring colors but with the right techniques and combination fall gardens will surely blow your mind. With the right techniques and ideas you will be able turn your garden into a fall garden filled with the natural colors of the earth.