Hire a Pro to Install and Maintain Sprinklers in Middle TN

irrigation-servicesThere are many instances in property ownership when it is in your best interest to hire a professional to take care of installations, repairs and services. Whether you own your own home or own a commercial business, professional sprinkler installation, irrigation repair and service is one of those areas where it is best left in the hands of someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience.

While you might think that the cost is prohibitive, hiring a pro for Manchester, TN irrigation installation is a lot more affordable than most people realize. Putting in a brand new sprinkler system is an important part of taking care of your real estate investment, so making sure that it is installed properly and effectively to maximize the potential of the new system is just good sense. Hiring a pro means doing it right the first time and having a guarantee that everything is up to local codes and requirements.

Licensed and Insured
Another good reason to hire a local company for Middle TN irrigation system repair and installations is that they are licensed and insured. If anything goes wrong with the installation or if damages occur due to the direct neglect of the installer, you are covered. If you were to install the system yourself and missed a connection or water began pouring into your basement because the pipes weren't sealed properly, there would be no one to blame but yourself. Hiring a pro means having confidence in the training, certification, education, skills and experience of the technician, but also in backing it all up with insurance.

What About a Warranty?
When you do a brand new Manchester, TN irrigation installation, make sure to ask about a system warranty. In most cases the manufacturer of the system that you have decided to install will offer a warranty that includes the parts and labor for any repairs caused by a defective material. However, some irrigation repair and service companies in the Tennessee area will also offer their own warranty or guarantee on the installation. Make sure to ask up front when you hire a pro to do professional sprinkler installation or whenever you get any type of repairs or services performed on your existing system.

In some cases, additional warranties and coverage can be added when you get your sprinkler system installed by a professional company. Make sure to also ask about extended warranties, annual maintenance contracts or other service contracts that would include inspections and also Middle TN irrigation system repair or service as needed throughout the life of the sprinklers. This type of protection is available for both residential and commercial contracts to extend the life of the new system through proper maintenance.

Local Permits and Regulations
Another advantage to working with a professional for Manchester TN irrigation installation and repair is that the company will take care of all the required permits and regulations. There are different requirements depending on where your property is located, set by the various towns, cities, counties and regions in the State of Tennessee. When you hire a contractor for professional sprinkler installation, make sure to ask if they will be taking care of all the permits, inspections and certifications that will be required by the local authorities.

If it is not offered to you directly, make sure to ask about getting proof of those documents for your personal home repair files. All you need is a copy of the permits, inspections and certifications to keep on hand in case anything ever comes into question. A copy of your contract with the Middle TN irrigation system repair and installation company should be kept with these papers, along with a business card for the individual that you worked with throughout the process.

Choosing an Irrigation System
When it comes time to decide which type of irrigation system will be best for your property - and your budget - make sure to consult with the installer. Some Manchester TN irrigation installation professionals prefer one brand over another for a specific reason. It could be due to the type of property that you have, the grade of the land, the size of the space that will be irrigated and a number of other factors that you might not even consider. Inquire about the number of sprinkler heads and zones that will be used to provide irrigation to the space and ask about future maintenance and services that should be performed. Some of the top brands include Rain Bird, HydroPoint, Hunter, Toro and Weather Trak.

Professional Sprinkler Installation in Middle TN
Premier Lawn Care is a full service property maintenance and company that provides professional sprinkler installation and Middle TN irrigation system repair and service to homeowners and commercial property owners within the region. We specialize in the installation, service and repair of quality irrigation systems and will help you choose the absolute best solution for your unique situation. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive system that will efficiently irrigate your landscaping to protect your real estate investment for the future.

In addition to local Manchester, TN irrigation installation, we also provide our customers with subsurface leak detection services, sprinkler system repairs, repair of broken sprinkler heads, drip system repairs, timer setting issues, replacement of timers, broken pipe repairs, sprinkler system tune-ups, seasonal system checks and winterization. We also work extensively with sprinkler design and layouts to help maximize your irrigation potential and save you money on water costs and wasted space. Give us a call today at 931-954-5545 or use our online contact form to get an estimate for your next irrigation or landscaping project.