How To Deal With Insect Problems In Lawn Or Landscape

insect-problems-2   As a homeowner, having a lawn or backyard garden can greatly benefit you in a variety of ways. With this scintillating outdoor feature, you get to improve your property’s curb appeal, which in turn increases its market value. Furthermore, it adds a few natural elements to your surroundings as well as provides fresh edibles for you and family. But sadly, you won’t be able to enjoy all these perks when there are pest and insect problems in lawn or landscape. Whether you are growing orchids, herbs or vegetables, it is essential for you control insects in lawn or landscape. In this guide, you will get informative pointers how you can control insects in your garden in a safe and effective fashion.

Pest-controlling Plants

insect-problems-3There are some plants and flowers that have the ability to deter bugs naturally. If you can include a few of these pest controlling plants in your garden, you can dispatch certain kinds of insects in your landscape. Here are a few examples of plants and flowers that can help control the insects in your outdoor space:

  • Lavender
  • Basil
  • Marigold
  • Clover


Using pesticides is by far the most prevalent way of controlling pests and insects. While pesticides are very effective in dispatching insects, you must be extra careful when using them, especially when there are animals and people around. For the most part, pesticides contain potent chemicals that can b hazardous to your pets and children.

Chemical-free solutions

For a safer alternative to commercial pesticides, use chemical-free pest repellants like herbal extracts, orange oil, hot pepper and garlic. With these solutions, you get to deal with your insect problems in lawn or landscape in a safe and effective way.

Prevention is the key

insect-problems-4The best and easiest way to protect your garden from insects and pests is to prevent them from coming. As a homeowner, a healthy and lush garden is your best defense against insects.

  • Remove any weak plants in your garden, as they could be infected. Failure to remove these plants could attract more insects and predators in your garden.
  • Organic composting techniques and mulching your landscape are the best ways to develop vigorous and strong plants.
  • Get rid of weeds and debris can become breeding places for these pests.
  • When working with plants that are infested with insects, make sure to clean your equipment and tools before you move on to the other areas of your garden. That way, you are reducing the speed of insects invading your garden.

Beneficial insects

Surprisingly, not all insects can wreck havoc to your garden. As a matter of fact, there are some insects that can make your landscape healthier and look better. For the most part, these insects prey on harmful insects that can be a nuisance to your garden. Here are a few examples that you should attract to your landscape or garden:

  • Ladybugs
  • Praying Mantis
  • Hover-flies
  • Nematodes
  • Lacewings
  • Ichneumon wasps, Chalcids and Brachonids

Hire a professional landscaper

insect-problems-1Last, but not the least, enlist the services of a professional landscaper. As trained specialists, professional landscapers can maintain your lawn and get rid of all its bad insects. With their knowledge in landscaping and pest control, rest assured that these professionals can provide the best solutions to your insect problems in lawn or landscape. What’s more, they have the tools and solutions to get the job done in a timely manner.

Nothing can be more annoying than having insect problems in lawn or landscape. Not only will these pest cause serious damage to your lush yard or garden, but they can be a hazard to your health as well. Hopefully, the tips shared in this guide can help you get rid of the annoying pests roaming around your yard.