How to Hire Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance in Tennessee

hire-serviceHiring the right company to provide your commercial business with property maintenance services is an important part of managing and running your business. Whether you are a property owner, manager or tenant in a large commercial complex, making sure that your parking lots and other driving surfaces are well-maintained will help the success of your business. A poorly maintained lot will reflect badly on your business and might even cause potential customers or tenants to move on down the road to another property.

Besides being unsightly, improperly maintained parking lots can also be an environmental hazard. In fact, some states are employing regulations against property owners who neglect to clear away oil, fuel and other fluids from parking areas that can ultimately affect the local groundwater and wildlife. Parking lots are designed to hold cars and, as a result, are prone to collecting fluids and debris. It is the responsibility of the property owner to hire a professional company to provide parking lot maintenance and repair on a regular basis to prevent build-up and hazardous conditions from occurring.

This article will feature tips that will help you to hire a qualified, reputable company for your property maintenance services, gain an understanding of the importance of employing responsible parking lot services to address clean-up issues and provide you with useful tips that can help keep your parking lot properly maintained. From tips on servicing Middle TN parking lot lighting to parking lot sweeping and repair, you'll find everything you need right here at Premier Lawn Care in Manchester, Tennessee.

Environmentally Friendly Maintenance
Recent trends in professional parking lot services include finding new ways to maintain commercial and residential properties while adhering to local laws and regulations with regard to preventing pollution and providing proper drainage. Controlling the amount of pollutants that are present on yoru property and taking control over drainage and the way water moves throughout your property, will go a long way toward creating a very environmentally friendly atmosphere. It is one of those things that you can't prevent, but you can take care of on a regular basis through regular parking lot maintenance and repair to prevent build-up and major problems from happening.

Some of the pollutants that can cause the most problem for the environment include:

  • GASOLINE - Even a small amount of gasoline can wreck havoc on the surface of asphalt parking lots and the hydrocarbons that are found inside of gasoline can be dangerous to the environment if allowed to build-up over time.
  • OILS & GREASE - Vehicles use grease to protect the mechanical parts of the engines and other moving parts. Many vehicles will have a small to significant amount of oil that leaks out when they are parked. Unfortunately these substances cannot be absorbed by the surface and can collect or pool, leading to asphalt damage and potential slip and fall hazards.
  • DIRT, DUST & DEBRIS - The wind blows all sorts of things onto the parking lot and vehicles, people and landscaping services can track dirt and dust all over the asphalt. Regular parking lot services that include sweeping should be employed to combat build-up of dirt, dust and trash.
  • CHEMICALS - There are all sorts of chemicals that end up on commercial parking lots including pesticides, fertilizers and residue from vehicles and other types of property maintenance services.

Staying on top of parking lot maintenance and repair with weekly, monthly and seasonal parking lot services, as well as maintaining Middle TN parking lot lighting, can help to keep your commercial parking lot clean, professional looking and safe for your employees and visitors. Hiring a company that you can trust to do a good job and be available when you need them for emergency property maintenance services after a storm or other disaster, can be very important to the success of your business.

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