Irrigation Services in Middle TN: How Much Water Do You Need?

irrigation-servicesOne of the most important things that you can do to help keep your lawn and landscaping looking healthy and well cared for is to learn all you can about proper watering in your area. Seasonal irrigation checks and irrigation services in Manchester, TN and the surrounding area can ensure that your system is working as it should, prevent unseen damages caused by underground failures and make sure that your grass, plants and trees are receiving proper irrigation.

The best possible scenario for a modern lawn is to choose grasses and create a watering plan with your irrigation company in Middle TN that will help it to grow best in your natural environment without a lot of watering. Some areas of the country are better suited for turf lawns than others without requiring daily watering. Due to our typical weather conditions, it is possible to have a beautiful summer lawn in the Tennessee without watering it every single day, so it is important to do what you can to try and make that possible.

While some degree of irrigation is required to keep seasonal flowers, bushes, trees and sometimes grasses green throughout the heat of summer, it is important to ensure that everything is operating as it should for maximum efficiency. Proper Middle TN irrigation system repair and regular maintenance, as well as understanding the settings on your equipment, can help to increase the effectiveness of your current setup.

How Much Water Is Enough?
When it comes to setting your sprinkler system with your irrigation company in Middle TN, it is important to know how much water is required each day or week with the current conditions and type of turf grass that you are using. In general, most turf grasses need between three-quarters and an inch of water each week in order to stay green and keep growing as they should. Higher temperatures in the "dog days" of summer or sudden heat waves and particularly dry, windy conditions, can cause your lawn to require additional water.

When you hire a professional team to take care of your Middle TN irrigation system repair, maintenance and lawn care, it is important to consult with them about whether or not you want to allow the growth to slow down naturally in the summer months. Some homeowners will do this, allowing the lawns to go dormant in the hot weather, while others prefer to have a very green and lush lawn throughout the entire season. The amount of water to achieve this will vary depending on weather conditions, soil and landscaping care. Seasonal irrigation checks can help make sure that everything is in proper working order when you need it.

Create a Game Plan for the Season
Work with the irrigation company in Middle TN to decide how much and how often you are going to water your lawn. Do this before the heat of summer hits and before weather conditions change to decide what you want to do. Make a plan ahead of time and stick with it. It will waste more water if you let the grass go brown and then work to try and get it to go green again. Either let it go dormant or keep working with your irrigation services in Manchester, TN to keep it green through June, July and August.

If you decide to keep your lawn green, don't over water it either. Again, this is when Middle TN irrigation system repair and maintenance can be most helpful. As the weather starts to warm up, experts suggest that you allow the grass to go under a very mild bit of drought stress to increase rooting. This will help the lawn to hold more water after each rain or watering with your irrigation system and prevent crab grass and other weeds from taking over your yard.

Work with your irrigation service company to determine a watering schedule that is right for your location, turf and current weather conditions. Make sure the water has a chance to soak down to the roots, but not to get overly saturated. Watering early in the day is better than watering late in the afternoon or evening, as some moisture-based lawn diseases may take root overnight if temperatures aren't high enough to prevent it. Again, consult with your irrigation services in Manchester, TN if you are unsure about settings or to have them run seasonal irrigation checks if you feel that your lawn isn't getting enough water.

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