Manchester TN Lawn Care: 7 Tips for Landscaping in the Fall

7-tips-fall-lawnsOne of the most beautiful times of the year in Middle TN is the fall season. The trees are adorned in gorgeous shades of oranges, reds and yellows, as autumn leaves fall and make way for cooler temperatures and winter snow. Take advantage of this opportunity to pay attention to Manchester TN lawn care, add some seasonal color enhancements, work with a local irrigation company in Middle TN to take care of winterizing your sprinklers and consider hiring landscaping design services to take care of seasonal weeding, fertilizing and other maintenance work. The more you do now to put your summer lawn to bed, the easier it will be to get your yard green again in the spring. Don't overlook this opportunity to help your lawn - and your home - look its very best.

It is just as important to do maintenance right now before the winter season hits that will protect your hardscaping areas as it is for your landscaping. "Soft" landscaping is the planted part of your home's landscaped area, which includes grass, flowers, trees, bushes and other living plants. The "hard" landscaping or hardscaping area, includes areas such as patios, sidewalks, walkways, paths, wooden decks, retaining walls and built-in benches. Rocky areas, mulched areas and driveways also fall into the category of hardscaping. Make sure to keep these areas clean and free of debris throughout September, October and on into November before the first snow fall to protect them from damage.

Some homeowners prefer to use container gardening, planters and plant boxes around their property for seasonal color enhancements. Have your professional landscaping design services team take care of any fertilizing or winterizing for your potted plants, and consider bringing sensitive plants, such as tropical varieties, indoors for the winter. If you aren't sure which plants should be brought indoors, check with your Manchester TN lawn care company or contact a local nursery. Consider adding artificial flowers to planter boxes in the fall to continue providing seasonal color enhancements throughout the season.

Make sure to take care of leaves as soon as you can after they begin to fall, and then regularly throughout the season. While it is true that landscapers will use leaves as part of mulching, it can be dangerous to just leaves out on lawns, sidewalks and driveways where someone could slip, trip or fall as a result. In your front yard, keep the sidewalk and other walkways cleared on a daily basis to prevent others from having an accident on your property when they walk by, deliver mail or knock on your door. Your best bet is to stay on top of your Manchester TN lawn care, hire a professional to take care of clean-up for leaves and protect yourself from any liability.

Even if you hire a professional landscaping and irrigation company in Middle TN to take care of your property, chances are you still have a few lawn tools that you break out every now and again. It is a good idea to take some time to hose off all the dirt and debris from rakes, brooms and shovels before putting them away in the garage or the shed for the season. Make sure they are properly dried as well before you store them to prevent rusting.

While tending to the beautiful colors of the season that you have planed in your flower beds and have added to your external home decor, make sure to start planning for seasonal color enhancements in the spring and summer by planting your bulbs now. Speak with landscaping design services about taking care of this service for you, but know that the best time to start planing your flowering bulbs is in the early to mid fall season when the ground is still soft and welcoming to planting before the first frost hits the soil. Read the directions on the packaging for proper planting depths on flowering bulbs or hire your local Manchester TN lawn care company to take care of it for you.

Make sure to take this opportunity to have your landscaping design services professional prepare your lawn for the change of seasons with a proper mowing and fertilizing routine that is based upon where you live. They can also help you with other lawn preparations to help your grass recover again in the spring after the ground thaws from winter. This is when working with a team of professionals can really pay off and help your lawn to look its best year round.

Protect your home and reduce liability by making sure that all of your trees are properly trimmed, removing any branches that have moved over top of structures, including your home, garage, shed or shared fence with a neighbor. Keep an eye out for any branches that are getting near power lines, hanging over sidewalks or anything that could potentially cause damage following a fall or winter storm.

Hire a Professional for Best Results
Regardless of the work you require, you can count on your local Manchester TN lawn care professionals at Premier Lawn Service to help you with your seasonal services. From landscaping design services to help you keep your lawn looking its best to the work of our irrigation company in Middle TN to protect your sprinklers from damage during the winter, Premier Lawn Service has the knowledge and the experience to get the job done right. Ask about our seasonal color enhancements options for fall and winter. Just give us a call at 931-954-5545 to find out about any of our year round professional services.