Middle TN Landscaping Design: Create Your Own Winter Garden


When the temperatures begin to fall, many homeowners in Tennessee think that there's no way for them to still enjoy the beautiful and relaxing gardens that they experienced in the spring and summer. However, it is possible to extend your growing season well into the fall and winter, while taking advantage of hardscaping opportunities, to create a year-round place for you to enjoy. Whether your passion is in growing flowers or winter vegetables, the challenge of gardening during this time of the year can make it even more exciting. Understanding the Seasons It is important to work with a hardscaping company that also specializes in local Manchester, TN lawn care and services. That way, the technicians that you work with will also be able to help you strategically design solutions that will increase your opportunity for success. While temperatures in our state can remain higher than many other regions to the north throughout much of the fall season, this can make germination difficult. For plants within the Tennessee area, autumn signals the coming of the dry season, so it is important to provide enough water. While you might be familiar with the issues that plague gardeners during the spring and summer, there will be different things to face this time of year.

Taking time to do research, ask questions and learn all that you can about gardening in Tennessee during the late fall and winter months can help. However, you can gain a huge advantage by choosing to work with a professional hardscaping company in Middle TN that also works with landscaping, gardening and property maintenance services. Premier Lawn Care has all of the knowledge, resources, equipment and experience that you could ever require in order to design hardscaping in Tennessee and create winter garden space that is built for success. Our team works year-round to provide quality services to both residential and commercial clients. You can count on us to make your winter garden dreams come true.

Container Gardening and Raised Beds One way to beat the season is to think smarter about how to best grow your winter vegetables and plants. Container gardening is a popular method, as it allows for the containers to be moved indoors in case of extreme weather conditions, not necessarily to a warm greenhouse, but at least out of the elements. Raised beds are all the rage now, with many homeowners creating their own out of plywood. When you work with an expert in Middle TN landscaping design, you can forget about the basic materials and start looking at creating a winter garden that is as beautiful to look at as it is functional.

Speak with your Manchester TN lawn care services about designing and building hardscaping in Tennessee. Talk about your goals, the things you want to plant and the results that you are hoping to achieve. Outdoor living space areas are complemented greatly by well-designed planters, garden beds and alternative planting options. So when you meet up with your hardscaping company in Middle TN to talk about gardening, you might end up considering your options for expanding your living area to include space for entertaining or enjoying a cup of hot cocoa in your own backyard.

Choose the Best Plants and Seeds When it comes time to start planting your winter garden, make sure to choose the best plants for your area that will do well in the winter season. Again, consider consulting with your local Middle TN landscaping design company for ideas in this area, as they will likely be able to steer you toward plants and seed varieties that will have the most success. Learn all you can about the winter cycle, including when the average frost dates begin to occur. For example, areas like Nashville and Memphis will typically remain frost-free until late October or early November, while higher altitude areas, such as Gatlinburg, will usually have their first frost by mid- September.

Winter vegetable seeds should be planted 1/4 inch deeper than even the recommended depth on the seed packages. This will help them to retain moisture during the dry fall season. Watering should occur only weekly, just as needed and to keep the soil moist. Do not allow your seedlings to dry out, but be careful not to over-water. Check regularly for weeds and look over your plants for any disease or pests. Your winter garden should be fertilized with a specialty vegetable fertilizer three weeks after it is planted and again every four to six weeks after, to ensure proper feeding.

Call Premier Lawn Care for Winter Gardens If you are interested in exploring the idea of creating a winter garden or expanding your outdoor living space through top quality hardscaping in Tennessee, contact our team of experienced and licensed landscaping and hardscaping design specialists. Premier Lawn Care can help you with a variety of services for both residential and commercial properties. Give us a call at 931-954-5545 to get a FREE estimate on any of our professional services.