Middle TN Parking Lot Services: It's More Than Just Sweeping!

parking-lot-servicesThe goal of hiring someone to take care of your Middle TN parking lot maintenance is more than just getting your parking lots, driveways and roadways swept free of dust, dirt, leaves and debris, it's about protecting your commercial investment and helping to improve curb appeal at the same time. Parking lot services provide more than just a weekly lot sweeper, blower or professional power washing. In addition to parking lot sweeping, they also help businesses to stay on top of the exterior part of their commercial property with regard to repairs, safety and other important issues.

When you hire a team of technicians to come to your property and provide you with parking lot services, you gain an incredible opportunity to get insight into a whole new area of your property's outdoor maintenance. It is important to schedule parking lot sweeping at least once a week and a deeper cleaning on a monthly or as-needed basis when there is more debris to be removed, such as in the fall when the leaves begin to pile up or after the first of the month at a residential property when more move-ins and move-outs occur.

What Other Services Can You Expect?
In addition to basic parking lot sweeping, you can also expect to get a whole lot of other services when you hire a company to provide you with Middle TN parking lot maintenance. Services that can protect your asphalt, increase safety, help to improve curb appeal and just give your property an all around cleaner, more professional appearance are just some of the advantages associated with hiring parking lot services for your commercial property.

Some of the most important benefits of these services include:

  • Protecting the Asphalt - There are a lot of things that can damage the asphalt in your parking lots, driveways and roadways. Little things like glass, debris and small rocks can grind their way into the asphalt if they are not cleaned away on a regular basis. In the winter, snow plowing can also cause the asphalt to loosen up over time if not checked regularly. Paying attention to these details can help to extend the life of the asphalt and reduce the amount of required Middle TN parking lot maintenance and repairs.
  • Preventing Damage - When you hire professional maintenance services to take care of parking lot sweeping, they should also be doing regular checks to alert you to any tiny cracks, which have the potential to become bigger cracks and potholes over time. Water can seep into tiny cracks and then the water expands and swells during temperature changes, causing the crack to worsen and a pothole to form. It is important to have your parking lot services provider repair tiny cracks as soon as they appear as part of their Middle TN parking lot maintenance service.
  • Seal the Asphalt - Another service that you can have your parking lot services add on to your regular maintenance schedule is seal coating the parking lots, driveways and roadways throughout your commercial property. Seal coating can help to reduce normal damage and extend the life of your asphalt much better than small patches. Studies have proven that commercial properties that use seal coating services can save as much as 50 percent off of other parking lot services and repairs than properties that just do quick patches.
  • Prevent Water Collection - Keeping water off of your parking lot, driveway and roadway is another important benefit of parking lot sweeping. While they do extra services, such as professional power washing or sweeping, your Middle TN parking lot maintenance crew should be keeping you aware of any collected fluids, such as oil, sediment or plain old water. Water can come from seasonal rains or from sprinkler over sprays, so it is important to check for water collection year round.

Call Premier Lawn Care for Parking Lot Services
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