Middle TN Seasonal Color Enhancements for Summertime Gardens

color-enhancementsOne of the best ways to really make your seasonal garden pop is to add a touch of summertime colors. Beautiful shades of bright hues designed by nature to attract pollenators, such as bees, birds and butterflies. When you work with professional landscaping companies in Middle TN, such as Premier Lawn Care out of Manchester, you gain years of knowledge and experience as to which plants will do better than others and which ones you should avoid.

Seasonal irrigation checks are also important to the health and success of your summertime flower beds. Quality landscaping companies in Tennessee will offer a variety of beneficial services, including irrigation maintenance and servicing and planting of seasonal color enhancements. Choose from a variety of annuals, perennials, bushes, shrubs, climbing plants and trees to add texture, height and interest to your home garden. Lawn care experts from landscaping companies in Middle TN should be able to help you make smart selections.

Ideas for Local Blooms in Middle TN
If you are looking for some ideas of flower that might work for your summertime garden in the Manchester are of Middle Tennessee, consider the plants listed in this section. Selected for their ability to grow beautifully without a lot of attention or experience and without a lot of excess water, fertilizer or pest control. It is important to choose native plants whenever possible and to avoid invasive exotic plants that can take over your garden and hinder the growth of - or choke out entirely - your existing plants.

  • Black-Eyed Susan - One of the most popular flowers of the summer, next to its cousin the common Daisy, the Black-Eyed Susan blooms early in the summer and can re-bloom again later on in the season for long-lasting good looks. The blooms are between two and four inches with variations on orange and red petals that are punctuated with a purple-black colored center. Cutting these plants can help to encourage a second bloom, but make sure to work with your landscaping companies in Tennessee for proper care and watering.
  • Vinca - A super easy flower to grow in the summer because it thrives in full sun and heat. Drought tolerant and able to withstand the higher end of the temperature spectrum, this Southern garden favorite can be kept in check as a great border or highlight plant in a flower bed or along a walkway, but it can also be allowed to grow into a beautiful bush that will bloom nearly all summer long. Choose from shades of white, pink, purple, rose and combinations of colors that look beautiful in any garden.
  • Lantana - This gorgeous plant grows quickly in summer, bearing beautiful little flowers that grow in clusters that vary in color from whites to blues and purples to pinks, yellows to oranges and interesting combinations as well. Lantana is a great way to attract more butterflies to your garden, as they can't seem to resist them. The lovely light and airy fragrance of these dainty flowers will waft into your home or screened in porch, evoking childhood memories of summers gone by.
  • Verbena - Another very popular bloom, this flower will begin to bloom in the late spring around June and will continue to be a beauty through the hottest part of the summer. Very tolerant to drought and heat, this precious plant does not require a lot of water or attention. Extremely color in a very wide variety of hues, this plant is extremely easy to grow and will make even the laziest gardener appear to have a green thumb. Speak with your landscaping companies in Middle TN about how to best use this versatile flower.
  • Zinnia - One of the most favorite flowers of summer nationwide, these garden standards provide homeowners with beautiful and colorful beds. Bright, round flowers in a variety of shades, this plant is extremely flexible - even in unseasonably warm weather. They can be planted at just about any time in the spring or early summer, yet will still provide beautiful blooms through the end of the season.

Hire Professional Landscaping Companies in Tennessee
If you are interested in adding seasonal color enhancements to your garden or if you are in need of quality landscaping services that you can count on, contact Premier Lawn Care in Manchester. We are one of the top ranked landscaping companies in Middle TN, providing reliable services to residential and commercial clients alike. Give us a call at 931-954-5545 and we will come out to your property and provide you with a FREE estimate for any of our professional services.