Middle TN Sprinkler Repair & Tips for Better Summer Watering

watering-tipsWater is a very important ingredient in having a beautiful lawn. While we get our fair share of annual rains in Tennessee, there are still certain periods and times of year when homes could benefit from professional sprinkler installation. Once the sprinklers are installed, it is important to maintain them properly throughout the seasons. Too much water can be harmful to lawns and plants, while not enough can be just as damaging. Finding the right balance can be difficult, but it is key to having a well maintained residential property. Middle TN sprinkler repair and seasonal maintenance is important to ensure the life of your irrigation system and for the consistent watering and care of your landscape. While many homeowners prefer to maintain their own lawns, it is in your best interest to hire professional landscaping companies in Middle TN that have experience working with local sprinkler systems to provide you with proper irrigation repair and service when you need it. They can help you make adjustments for the seasons, winterize your irrigation system before the weather gets cold and get your sprinklers ready for spring when it warms up again.

Knowing When to Water

Your lawn will need more water in the spring when it is new or coming out of its dormant stage and again when the temperature gets high or if a period of drought hits the region. Some of the newer irrigation systems, which can be set up through professional sprinkler installation, will automatically shut off when it rains based on actual measurable rainfall or via weather tracking data. Still others can be controlled remotely via smartphone or other types of mobile devices. This helps to save costs associated with watering, but also prevents your lawn and flower beds from being over-watered when they do not need the help.

The goal of watering your lawn should always be two-fold: to water deeply and to water infrequently. What that does is to help grow your root system, which will protect your grass from drying out and turning brown during short periods of drought. Watering infrequently will help train your grass not to expect a constant amount of water on a daily basis.

The time of day that you water your lawn is also important. It should not be watered between 11am and 3pm, which is the hottest point of the day when it is more likely to evaporate. The ideal time to water your lawn is between 6am and 10am when there is less hot sun, wind and when your lawn has more time to dry out from the irrigation. Nighttime watering can cause fungus or mildew to develop, which can rot out and kill your lawn. If you must water in the afternoon, make sure to do it between 4pm and 7pm so your lawn has time to dry. Again, this will cause less evaporation, giving your lawn the water it needs, without over-watering it or allowing water to stand overnight.

Sprinkler Settings are Important

Part of hiring a pro to help you with Middle TN sprinkler repair and maintenance is about adjusting the settings to ensure that proper coverage is provided. Approximately one-half inch of water should be provided twice per week to ensure proper watering. If your professional sprinkler installation did not include a rain gauge or other type of measuring system, you can use an empty flat-sided can to measure the amount of water that your lawn is receiving. A low level can, such as a tuna or pet food can, can work well. Depending on the type of sprinkler that was installed by your landscaping companies in Middle TN, this should require somewhere between 15-30 minutes.

You also need to check the sprinkler settings to make sure that the water is going where it needs to be going. Over time, Middle TN sprinkler repair may be required if the water is hitting the sidewalk or driveway more than the lawn, or of the sprinkler head no longer points to the flower bed or shrubbery, as it should. Regular testing and adjustment must be made by the company that provided you with professional sprinkler installation to make sure everything is working properly. You can check your own sprinklers as well in between visits, by just watching to see where the water hits when they are scheduled to go on. You can contact your landscaping companies in Middle TN to come out for adjustments or repairs then as they are needed.

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