Outdoor Living in Tennessee: Top Projects to Get You Started


There are certain times of year when the weather is so perfect, you just want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. One of the latest trends to hit the real estate market in recent years, is the design and construction of outdoor living space. While there are a lot of those DIY websites and magazines that will tell you how easy it is to add hardscaping elements to your backyard, side yard or front yard, the truth is that you will get a bigger return on your investment if you take the time to hire an experienced outdoor designer and hardscaping company in Tennessee to build it for you.

What Type of Space Do You Want?

The first question you need to ask yourself before hiring a professional to take care of your hardscaping in Middle TN is what type of space do you want to build. Do you want an outdoor living space that features a lounge area, such as a living room for entertaining, or do you prefer an outdoor kitchen where you can cook and eat with family or friends? Would you like a relaxing area for reading a good book or enjoying your flower garden? Or maybe a special place for the kids or pets to play? Whatever you hope to get out of this project, make sure to at least have a basic idea of what you want to achieve before calling your local Manchester, TN landscaping company.

How Much Do You Have to Spend?

Due to the popularity of building hardscaping projects, there are so many options now available to homeowners. An outdoor kitchen to one family might include a grill and a prep counter, while another family might want a built-in refrigerator, working sink and a complete dining room set up for entertaining. A small patio with chairs for relaxing for one homeowner might mean just that, a 12x12 patio with a couple of nice chairs and maybe an awning for some nice shade. However, another homeowner might be thinking a small patio is double or triple that size with built in natural stone benches, a fire pit and pergola with wispy draperies and a chandelier for a more sophisticated experience. Create a budget and make sure to express it to the hardscaping company before you start designing your outdoor living space.

Where Do You Want It to Be?

Think about where you would want your new project to be located on your property. While most people think about the backyard as the perfect place for private entertaining or relaxation, others might be fine with having their new outdoor living space adjacent to or in the front or side yards so they will have more room to do what they want. Speak with the hardscaping company in Tennessee about your options with regard to design, taking into consideration any building restrictions or code requirements in your area.

3 Projects to Get Your Started

By now you realize that when you hire a company to provide you with hardscaping in Middle TN, the sky is the limit! That being said, it only takes a little project to help get you started on this idea of outdoor living space and you'll be hooked. Here are three of the most popular projects currently being done by local Manchester, TN landscaping and hardscaping companies. If you are looking for a great place to start, these projects could be the answer.

Project #1 - Patio

Choose from a small patio for dining or relaxation to a larger patio that will encompass all of your exciting outdoor living space ideas. Materials can also vary depending on budget and taste, including basic brick, tile, concrete and natural stone to create the desired effect or to complement the design of your home. Consider other built-in extras, such as retaining walls to separate the patio space from the rest of the yard or containers for gardening.

Project #2 - Walkway

This is a simple project that can instantly add a bit of flair to any yard. Create a walkway that helps to improve the method of bringing things in and out of the home or out to a backyard patio location. Design a beautiful meandering path that takes your throughout the property to visit gardens, water features, quiet sitting areas and other elements. Build a simple alternative to a sidewalk that would get visitors and delivery people off your grass lawn and add character to your home.

Project #3 - Fire Pit

Perhaps one of the most popular items to add to an outdoor living space is the fire pit. While there are many commercial varieties available at big box stores and home improvement centers, there is nothing quite like a built-in fire pit to really create an experience for you, your family and your guests. Speak with your hardscaping company in Tennessee about adding a fire pit to an existing patio or to include one in with your patio project.

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