Premeir Lawn Care Installs GPS On Company Vehicles

Having Fleetmatics GPS installed in all company vehicles right now. For us as a company we will be able to track aggressive driving, hard stopping, speeding in company vehicles, excessive idle time etc. Anything that relates to excessive fuel use and vehicle abuse. We will also be able to track or vehicles live and print a daily report of all stops, locations and times spent at each location. This will result in huge cost savings for company. On the customer side of it we will be able to provide exact times on properties. For lot sweeping we can provide exact times on properties, as well as, the exact path of vacuum truck on lot and provide to clients if needed. On snow removal the same thing, exact times on properties and exact paths plow trucks used on lot to plow. This is a huge step for our company and what we will now be able to offer our clients information wise. snow removal and salting2