Prep for Spring: Seasonal Tips for Manchester TN Landscaping

prep-for-springAre you ready to start preparing your property for spring? After a long, hard winter of chilly days and cold nights, most homeowners are ready to spruce up their landscaping with seasonal color enhancements and upgrades to landscape maintenance in Middle TN. Adding a dash of color here and there will definitely help, but seasonal irrigation checks, pruning, seeding and other maintenance checks by a professional Manchester, TN landscaping service will help you to get your yard ready to celebrate the season in style!

Tip #1 - Start By Checking Trees & Shrubs
Even a mild winter can cause damage to trees and shrubs. It's a good idea to check these larger elements in your residential landscaping before you start on anything else. Do a thorough inspection of all branches to check for breaks, cracks or other damage. Landscaping professionals can help to prune any damaged areas and remove them from your property to prevent injuries to you and your family, as well as further damage to the trees and shrubs themselves.

Tip #2 - Check Your Soil
A lot can change over the fall and winter months. Leaves and other organic debris can make a change in the pH balance of your soil. When you work with a professional company that provides quality landscape maintenance in Middle TN, they can help you to stay on top of your soil quality to ensure that your lawn, garden and any other planted elements are healthy and properly provided with the nutrients they need to thrive. Soil testing is a common practice before planting, fertilizing and seeding.

Tip #3 - Fertilizing
Once you have had a proper soil test conducted by your Manchester TN landscaping company, it is time to fertilize. Different types of fertilizer are needed at different times of year depending on the type of grass that you have planted and on the quality of your soil. Speak with your lawn care service about the best type of fertilizer for your seasonal color enhancements and other springtime preparations that you want to accomplish for your residential or commercial property. Many homeowners just guess as to what type of fertilizer to use and when or where to use it. Professional landscaping companies are required by local and state governments to follow specific regulations, helping you to avoid inadvertent legal issues and to give your plants the best possible care.

Tip #4 - Weeds
The bane of most property owners is the spread of weeds throughout a lawn or garden area. Spring is the best time to get a head start against weeds like crabgrass that will begin to grow and spread as soon as the weather turns warm. Weed prevention and weed killers must also be used according to local and state regulations. Working with professional landscape maintenance in Middle TN helps you to stay in compliance and get your weeds under control.

Tip #5 - Mulching
There is a lot of debate with regard to mulching in Tennessee. Some gardeners swear by it, while others prefer to use alternative materials. Your best bet is to speak with your professional lawn care service about mulching when you discuss adding seasonal color enhancements. New much can be added after completing seasonal irrigation checks to help garden areas look neat and clean, while assisting in moisture control for soil. Organic mulch will need to be updated annually, as one of its beneficial side-effects is that it breaks down over time and adds organic matter to improve the nutrient quality of the soil.

Tip #6 - Pesticide
Another aspect of outdoor landscape maintenance in Middle TN that must be considered is pest control. There are many seasonal insects that will do damage to trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants that are used within your Manchester, TN landscaping project. Speak with your landscape professional regarding pesticides that can be applied that won't burn out or damage plants, and get rid of common pests that could threaten your landscape.

Tip #7 - Irrigation
Sprinkler systems can also become damaged during the freezing temperatures of winter. Seasonal irrigation checks should be performed to make sure that pipes did not become cracked, broken or disconnected over the fall and winter months. Again, your landscaping company can take care of this inspection, repair and servicing for you.

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