Professional Snow Removal and Salting Services in Middle TN


One of the best ways to keeping your commercial property free and clear of ice is to use salt. As part of, or in addition to, custom parking lot services, many property owners are utilizing salting services in Middle TN to help keep their driveways, sidewalks, stairs, steps and parking lots free of slippery ice. Many different states throughout the United States utilize salting for state properties, which include highways, interstates, residential streets and commercial streets, as they have been proven to reduce winter collisions by as much as 85 percent. While some may argue that road salt has some negative side effects, such as causing vehicle parts to rust or possibly impacting ground water supplies in areas where it is used heavily, the benefits definitely seem to outweigh the potential negatives.

The Case for Salting

If you are debating which approach would be best to snow removal on your commercial residential, office or retail property, consider all of the benefits associated with salting services in Middle TN. For example, the 85 percent collision reduction is just part of the picture. Studies show that the overall effectiveness of salt at preventing accidents, as well as slips and falls on sidewalks and driveways, is undeniable. Improving the friction of the road surface through the use of salt to break down ice patches can result in better traction and less weather-related crashes. In fact, one study revealed that every 10 percent of improvement yields a 20 percent reduction in crashes.

Another reason why many property owners include salting as part of their year round custom parking lot services in Tennessee is that salt is very cost-effective. Many states also use salt because it costs a lot less compared to some chemical approaches to de-icing, while still performing just as well. Prices can vary from $50 a ton on average, up to as much as $200 a ton or more in years when supplies run scarce, but either way salting services in Middle TN will cost you a lot less than other approaches to ice and snow removal. If you want to get an accurate pricing for this service in your area, contact a company like Premier Lawn Care who does Manchester TN snow removal and ice removal across the state.

Safety First: Why Salting is Important

As the owner of a commercial property, it is your job to ensure the safety of all who come onto your property. This includes renters if you own an apartment complex or run a home ownership association, but it also includes office workers and clients if you own an office building. This includes tenants if you lease commercial retail or restaurant space, but it also includes the vendors, shoppers and patrons that come to those businesses to delivery products, shop or eat. When you hire a local snow removal company in Tennessee, such as Premier Lawn Care, ask about the availability of salting services in Middle TN for your properties as well. They can help you to protect visitors to your property and help you stay on budget for winter maintenance.

While there are other methods being tested, the use of rock salt is still by far the most reliable and effective. Some companies are even experimenting with spraying a salt based solution on dry roads in advance of bad winter weather to prevent the ice from even forming in the first place. While the jury is still out on that method, the point is that the overall effectiveness of salting, compared to other chemical based methods of reducing and removing ice, wins hands down. Salting is an important part of custom parking lot services for commercial property owners in Tennessee and anywhere else that gets snowy, icy weather.

Protecting Vehicles from Salt

While some critics may still complain about the effect that salting can have on vehicles, it is important to properly care for your vehicle during the winter to prevent damage from highways and interstates in addition to commercial property and residential property use of salting services in Middle TN and the surrounding area. Experts say that the best thing you can do to protect your vehicle is to wash and wax it frequently during the winter. While most people neglect car washing during the snowy and icy days of winter, experts say that's exactly when you should be getting a good wash and wax.

Washing your vehicle will remove any salt, dirt and debris that has built up on your vehicle during the fall and winter, while waxing will help to prevent salt from sticking to it when you drive around town. Another option is to seal your undercarriage, which helps to prevent salt from getting up, under and into your vehicle where it can cause damage. Speak with a professional about other tips and things that you can do to protect your vehicle from snow, slush, ice and salt during the winter months.

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