Retail Parking Lot Sweeping in Tennessee: DIY or Hire a Pro?

retail-sweepingWhen it comes to running a business, there are things that you can do yourself or with an in-house crew that will save you money and there are things that you are better off outsourcing to a professional team that can do a better job. Parking lot sweeping is one of those tasks that can be done in-house or through professional custom parking lot services providers. A small parking lot that holds ten vehicles or less can probably be cleaned with a landscaping blower, but will still need professional parking lot sweeping on a regular basis to remove built-up dirt and debris.

Medium and large sized parking lots will require a lot more attention, perhaps more than you have time to maintain. In addition to employee time, you will also need to invest in equipment. Beyond just being able to blow dirt and leaves off of the asphalt, a professional parking lot sweeping machine will be needed in order to get a good, deep down clean, which could cost thousands of dollars up front. Your best bet is to hire a Middle TN parking lot sweeping company to take care of your regular cleaning and maintenance at your commercial retail parking lot.

How Dirty Is It?
The first thing you will need to do is take a good look at the current state of your parking lot. Is it dirty? Is there trash blowing around? Do you already have an in-house crew that is supposed to be maintaining it and they just aren't doing a good job? Was there a storm recently that left behind sediment and debris? If your parking lot needs custom parking lot services, such as cleaning and repair or even a fresh seal coating and line striping, what are you going to do about it?

Should You Hire a Pro?
Unless you already have all of the required equipment and a team of in-house maintenance staff that can handle the job of regular parking lot sweeping and cleaning, chances are hiring a professional custom parking lot service company is your best bet. There are many property maintenance companies that also offer Middle TN parking lot sweeping in addition to landscaping, porter, irrigation and property repair services, so you might be able to hire a company to take care of multiple tasks throughout the year.

Who Should You Hire?
It is important to hire a company that has experience working in your area with the type of property that you own. Many parking lot sweeping companies are limited to just coming through with a sweeper on a daily or weekly basis and aren't able to offer other services. However, some of the more professional operations offer custom parking lot services and can offer a lot of extras, such as parking lot lighting, seal coating and line striping in addition to Middle TN parking lot sweeping and clean-up.

What About Seasonal Cleanings?
There are certain times of year in Tennessee when there is more clean-up needed than others. In the spring and the fall, the winds can blow in all sorts of leaves, twigs, dirt and debris that can quickly turn a clean parking lot into a big mess. Make sure that when you hire a company to provide you with parking lot sweeping that they can be available on call for emergencies to keep your lot in tip top condition. Snow removal, salting for icy pavement, shoveling and other services are often needed in the winter. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get quotes on other one-time or seasonal custom parking lot services that you might need.

Are There Other Benefits?
In addition to keeping your commercial retail property looking neat and clean for customers and other visitors, parking lot sweeping does have other benefits. Custom parking lot services help to keep your retail lot free from debris, oil, grease and other pollutants that could become potential hazards. If someone slips and trips on your property because of your neglect in Middle TN parking lot sweeping and maintenance, you could be held liable. You can save money and reduce your insurance premiums by paying for regular parking lot sweeping and staying on top of repairs with seal coating and line striping as needed.

Who Should You Call?
If you are in the market for custom parking lot services in Tennessee, consider Premier Lawn Care. Located in Manchester, we provide a wide variety of services to commercial and residential clients throughout the region. Middle TN parking lot sweeping and maintenance can be a huge benefit to your business in a number of ways. To get a free consultation and custom quote for your retail property, give us a call at 931-954-5545.