Benefits Of Retaining Walls For Your Property

Retaining walls can be a great addition to any property’s landscaping. Most of the time, retaining walls are installed in order to prevent the soil from eroding due to floods or landslides. It also prevents the remaining landscape to be destroyed in case the landslide worsens. The installation of retaining walls is particularly advantageous for properties located in a slope area.

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As that is the main function of a retaining wall, there are other property owners who are hesitant in installing retaining walls around their property. However, aside from that, there are other ways in which you can enjoy the installation of a retaining wall. If you are still thinking twice about adding a retaining wall, we will discuss the benefits of adding one to your property. The following will definitely convince you:

Cost-effectively Improve Your Landscape's Look

The installation of a retaining wall is priced per square foot. It usually starts at around $20 per square foot. The cost varies depending on the type of materials you plan to use and how tall or how long you want the retaining wall to be. Another factor that would affect the price is the depth of the structure and the time it would take for the landscaper to finish installing it. Feel free to talk to the landscaper and ask for a quote. This helps you prepare your finances especially when the installation covers a huge area. Still, retaining walls are a cost-effective way for beautifying your property and improving its safety at the same time.

It Is Attractive


These hardscaping features are very attractive to look at. It gives your outdoor area a clean and stylish look. Depending on the materials used in building the retaining wall, the contrast of the structure of the retaining wall and the natural green landscape can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Discuss your desired design with an expert and rest assured that you'll get a beautiful end result.

Retaining Walls Help Create Additional Functional Space Outdoors

Other hardscaping features can also be attractive but not all of them could provide functional space. When not placed strategically, some hardscaping features tend to eat up so much space which could still be utilized for landscaping. But with retaining walls, you can create multilevel walls making it look like a terrace. You can use such space for planting. You can also use that space to place smaller sized hardscaping features or perhaps as an area for an outdoor kitchen with a view.

Maintaining Retaining Walls Can Be Easy


Retaining walls are built to last for years. The materials used in constructing it are durable and are properly arranged together in order to create a sturdy structure. Retaining walls are usually made from stone. Such materials require very little maintenance. In case wood was used, the wood has probably already been treated to resist damage from moisture. The maintenance you will be doing is to clean it from time to time and treat the wood to prevent it from rotting. If, in the worst case, it gets damaged, it can easily be fixed.

This Allows You to Manage Water Runoff

A retaining wall can slow down the flow of rainwater. It also allows you to control where the water flows and divert it to the right location such as a drainage. If you live in an area where it constantly rains, a retaining wall is a must have. This prevents your lawn from being damaged heavily by the water runoff.

It Can Prevent Soil Erosion

Due to strong winds and water runoff, soil erosion can occur. If your outdoor area does not have plenty of trees or shrubs that could keep the soil in place, you have a bigger reason why a retaining wall is very important. When a soil erosion occurs, a lot of sharp and heavy debris are carried with the erosion. This debris can cause damage to your yard when the speed as to which it runs off is not lessened. With a retaining wall in place, you can slow down if not prevent such debris from causing further damage.

Retaining Walls Provide Structural Support

As previously discussed, retaining walls provide the structural support that your yard needs. It keeps the soil in place. It also acts as a barrier to prevent the soil from sliding down your landscape. Heavy or continuous rain could easy soften the soil so a retaining wall is vital. This is a necessary safety feature that homes must have. This not only ensures the safety of your landscape but of your entire property as well.

Retaining walls keep your property safe while giving it that added aesthetic appeal. It also gives your property a dimension which helps break up the bare space giving it a more textured look. At Premier Lawn Care, we can help you in building a retaining wall that is ideal for your outdoor area. We also provide landscaping and hardscaping services that can help make your property standout. Contact us today to discuss your desired design and we will help make that a reality.