Salt Institute statement that "there is no salt shortage"....

John Allin: Originally posted on March 01, 2014

Recently - on the Snow Magazine website – Snow Magazine published a statement from The Salt Institute on the concerns about salt shortages.   Here  is the content of that statement……The Salt Institute understands the public’s concern over supplies of road salt and its importance to the safety and convenience of motorists. When winter roads become impassable, there is a significant risk to life, property and commerce.  Salt keeps roads open and safe.It is no wonder, then, that the sight of salt trucks reassures citizens.  A Marquette University study examined highway accidents in snow and found that road salt reduced crashes by 88%, injuries by 85% and accident costs by 85%. There are significant economic costs as well. According to a Global Insight study a one-day major snowstorm can cause a state $300-$700 million in direct and indirect costs.
Here’s where the statement gets a little “hinky”…..
There isn’t a salt shortage—salt is in abundant supply”.   Ok – let me say that again for those of you who heard it and said WHAT??!!?? 
There isn’t a salt shortage—salt is in abundant supply.   However, some of the country is experiencing a more severe winter than normal leaving some municipalities and Departments of Transportation with low inventories. While many agencies try to have enough salt on hand in the fall to get them through an entire winter, recent weather is forcing many to order again mid-season which is not an ideal situation as there is a lead time for delivery.” said Lori Roman, President of the Salt Institute.
What’s wrong with this statement?  Ludicrous?  Ignorant?  Stupid maybe.  I’m not quite sure what Ms. Roman hopes to accomplish with such drivel – maybe she’s trying to place blame on those who purchase the product for not being clairvoyant as to what was going to happen this winter.  Snow contractors (en mass) likely take extreme issue with her self-serving “statement”.
Maybe she’s trying to cover the butts of those larger members of the Salt Institute’s clientele ?  Maybe she’s a paid shill for the major salt suppliers inability to keep up with demand, under the guise of “it’s their fault – not ours”.
Better yet – maybe this is Ms. Roman’s imitation of Kevin Bacon’s character in Animal House – standing on a snow covered sidewalk, hands raised and cackling “remain calm – all is well” all the while saying out of the corner of her mouth “do you think they’re buying it??”
No, no – she thinks we in the snow contracting businesses around the country really are “people who can’t find real jobs” and we’ll believe any kaka shoved down our throats by people who think they are “our betters”.
Snowplowers have a saying, and as crude as it may sound – it is appropriate in this instance.  Don’t piss down my back and then try to convince me it’s raining.
I’m sorry Ms. Roman – you can fool some of the people some the time, and all the people every once in a great while – but in this case – we’re not buying what you are shoveling our way.
Nice try though….. but NOOOO cigar….no cupie doll and no dice.
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