Seasonal Mulching in Tennessee: All Your Questions Answered


When most people think about mulch, they see it as something that you sprinkle around flower beds to help retain moisture during the hot summer. The truth is that mulch is used in so many ways that are beneficial to landscaping in Middle TN and flower beds is just one example. While most homeowners know about mulch, it is rare to find someone who understands just how good seasonal mulching in Tennessee can be for their landscape. This article will focus on the top questions asked by homeowners with regard to the benefits of using mulch in their Manchester, TN landscaping projects, as well as some insider tips on how to use mulch to your advantage all year long.

How Much Do I Need?

The amount of mulch that you will need to be installed will depend on the amount of space you want to cover and the amount of foot traffic the space will receive. For example, mulch used on a pathway will need to be deeper than mulch used around bushes or trees that won't have people walking on it. All of this needs to go into consideration when measuring the amount of mulch that is required. Consult with professional landscaping companies in Middle TN about the amount and depth of mulch that should be used for best results.

Another thing that can influence the amount of mulch that will need for your Manchester, TN landscaping include whether or not this is the first addition of mulch or if you are topping off last season's mulch. In this case, you wouldn't need as much depth of mulch, as the new mulch would just be put over top of the older materials. The rule of thumb is about three to four inches in thickness for new areas and about one to two inches for an existing application.

Where Can It Be Used?

When you work with a professional provider of landscaping in Middle TN, you will likely discover that mulch can be used just about anywhere. As we have already stated, it is an excellent color and cover statement around flowers and on top of pathways, but it is also fantastic around trees, bushes and even to accent hardscaping areas of your yard. Used both in residential and commercial properties, mulching is a great way to add instant color and texture to a landscape without spending a lot of money or time.

Landscaping companies in Middle TN can provide property owners with a wide varieties of options with regard to mulch. Speak with your landscape provider about seasonal mulching in Tennessee to discover all the ways that mulching can benefit you throughout the year. Choose from a wide range of wood types, colors and styles of mulching to find the one that will complement the look of your home's natural landscaping.

What Are the Different Types of Mulch?

There are lots of different types of wood that are used to create the mulching material that is used by landscaping companies in Middle TN. Bark mulch is one of the most popular choices, as it is very natural looking and comes in a lot of varieties. The type of wood used to create the mulching material can be very important, as some types will enhance the soil in different ways than others. Also, depending on the type of plants that you have in your yard, seasonal mulching in Tennessee can be a huge benefit or a detriment, so make sure to speak with your Manchester, TN landscaping technician before just adding mulch anywhere to your property.

Hemlock is a very popular variety, as it is what is known as a softwood bark that is blended and processed to provide homeowners with a consistent color throughout the year. You will notice that some other mulches lose their color after just a single season, but it is important to choose a material that will provide you with long-lasting results. Other types of mulch include pine mulch, cypress mulch and cedar mulch, all of which can come in a larger "chunk" style chips or smaller "bark" style options, depending on the effect you want to create.

What About Those Big Bags of Mulch?

Beware of those big bags of mulching material that are always on sale at your local hardware or big box home improvement store. In many cases the "wood" that is used to create that type of mulch actually comes from chopped up wood palettes. While this is a great re-use and re-cycle type of idea for old wood palettes that were once used to transport goods via semi-trucks, trains or other transportation methods across the country, it is not as beneficial to your garden as aged organic mulch or any of the popular wood mulches mentioned in the last section.

How Is Mulching Beneficial?

While it is true that mulch is used to help keep the roots of plants moist during the hot summer, it is also used to help provide added warmth to roots in the fall and winter seasons. Mulch creates a layer of breathe-able insulation that works to protect plants year round. In the summer, it helps to shield vulnerable root and stem systems from direct sunlight, creating a place for warm moisture to linger even on the driest days. In the winter, it provides protection from snow cover and helps to insulate roots against freezing temperatures.

Other benefits of mulching include reducing soil compaction, irrigation and fertilizer, as well as creating a positive environment for earthworms and other advantageous creatures. It reduces the amount of maintenance and work required, all while instantly improving the look and feel of your landscaping just through the use of seasonal mulching in Tennessee.

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