Seasonal Tasks for Grounds Maintenance and Management in TN


When it comes to providing top quality outdoor property maintenance in Middle TN, it is important for the service provider to know which tasks need to be done, according to the season. Certain things need to be done to keep up with maintenance and repair issues in the spring that don't need to be done in the fall. Some tasks need to be done in the summer that aren't an issue in the winter. Working with a company that provides comprehensive grounds maintenance and management, as well as important porter services in Tennessee, that has experience working in the local area is essential.

Some of these duties help to protect the investment in the commercial property, such as parking lot sweeping to keep up with debris, such as falling leaves, twigs and pine needles or staying on top of snow and ice in the winter, all to prevent damage to asphalt and concrete surfaces. It pays to work with a company that understands the requirements of the area, demands of the local weather and the needs of your business. Premier Lawn Care is a four-season provider of landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, parking lot services and more. Our team can help you to stay on top of seasonal tasks all year long.

Top Autumn Tasks for Commercial Properties

Not all commercial properties are created equal. Some have a lot of lawn that needs to be maintained, while others are more hard surface based, requiring power washing and other types of outdoor property maintenance in Middle TN. Some property owners assume that as summer passes away, less outdoor services will be required. The truth is that there is as much to do in fall and winter as there is in spring and summer. The work that needs to be done, however, is just different.


One of the most over-looked areas that require maintenance in the fall and winter are trees and bushes. Make sure to use this time to remove any branches that are dead or dying. Also remove any branches that are hanging over structures, as they could pose a major problem to your property when covered in heavy snow and ice. Pruning trees, bushes and shrubs before the winter weather hits will help to improve their health and protect them during the cold season. Work with an experienced provider of grounds maintenance and management for best results, as many inexperienced workers will trim away too much, leaving the plants defenseless against the season.


You don't want to forget to winterize your sprinkler system for your commercial property. When you hire a company to provide you with outdoor property maintenance in Middle TN, make sure that they know about winterizing your irrigation to prevent it from becoming damaged. Winterizing is accomplished by blowing out the sprinkler system lines to remove all excess water. Any water that is left behind could freeze and cause pipes to crack underground. Make sure to work with your service provider to be ready in case of an early freeze.


Make sure that parking lots, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, pathways, steps and any other outdoor surfaces are kept clean at all times. Fall leaves can accumulate and create a slick and slippery situation for visitors to your commercial property. Left to rot on grass, they can also cause disease to set in that will harm your spring lawn. Parking lot sweeping should be part of your overall plan for grounds maintenance and management, as well as hiring porter services in Tennessee to take care of walkways, steps and other areas where visitors and employees could slip and fall if not properly maintained.

Premier Lawn Care Can Help

If you are in need of outdoor property maintenance in Middle TN and the surrounding area, contact Premier Lawn Care for all of your commercial and residential grounds maintenance and management services. Our team can provide you with a comprehensive plan to help you meet your goals. From parking lot sweeping to landscaping, snow removal to porter services in Tennessee, Premier Lawn Care can help. Give us a call at 931-954-5545 to get a FREE estimate on any of our professional services.