So You Want to Build Retaining Walls in Manchester, Tennessee?

retaining-wallsA retaining wall is one of the simplest, yet most functional hardscaping elements in a modern residential backyard. Retaining walls have many purposes. They can be used to hold back soil to protect the property from slopes sliding into the backyard or to keep an elevated garden area up and along the edge of a fence. They can also be used to mark boundaries between properties or to define a specific space in a yard, such as a patio or outdoor living area.

While there are materials now available at home improvement stores that can help you build a retaining wall just by stacking pre-cut stone, any retaining walls in Manchester, Tennessee that are more than three feet in height or that would be actually holding back a significant amount of dirt and soil should be constructed by licensed, insured and experienced residential hardscaping services. While it may seem simple at first glance, there really is a lot of engineering that goes into building a retaining wall.

Choosing a Style or Design
The first step after figuring out where you want the retaining wall to go and what you want it to do is to choose a style or design. When you contact a professional to do hardscaping in Middle TN, they will likely start by asking you what kind of materials you want used for your retaining wall. Do you want wood, stone, metal, PVC or some other sturdy material? Do you have a style or theme that you want to be brought into your retaining walls in Manchester, Tennessee or do you just want a simple rock wall? The landscape contractor will likely have many ideas to share with you that you can select for your backyard project.

In some cases, the type of material that is used will be defined by the purpose of the retaining wall itself. For example, a retaining wall that cuts into a slope to create more usable space in your yard will need to be strong and sturdy enough to keep the slope in place. For that purpose, synthetic or composite materials will not do. Work with the residential hardscaping services experts to pick a material that will not just function as you need it to, but that will look the way you want it to with the rest of your property.

Consider a Mixed-Media Solution
If you are looking for a particular aesthetic appeal, but the landscaping companies in TN that you are working with are making other suggestions, consider asking about a mixed media solution. An extremely sturdy wall can be created out of cinder blocks and mortar, but it won't be very beautiful.

Consider adding a beautiful flagstone facade, much like you would to an outdoor fireplace or kitchen. In fact, if your outdoor living space project includes such features, consider designing them all to match. The interior of the wall, made from cinder blocks and mortar, will give you the strength you need, while the facade will provide you with the look you desire.

Why It Pays to Hire an Expert
A quick search online will yield you hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of homeowners who thought they could build their own retaining walls that failed. Unfortunately, some of the disasters that follow such a folly can end up in injuries - or worse. Improperly constructed retaining walls in Manchester, Tennessee can fall or give way at any time. Heavy rocks and stones that fall from a height of three feet or more could seriously injury a pet or a child, not to mention caused thousands of dollars in damages.

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