Sprinkler System Installations: What About Rain Sensors in TN?

rain-sensorsWhile you might not think that technology applies to landscaping or irrigation outside of advances made in more efficient power tools and methods, the truth is that there are a lot of ways that you can integrate technology in a way that will help to reduce water waste and help your home to be more efficient. One of those ways is through the use of rain sensors. While Tennessee might not get the sheer volume of rainfall on a consistent day to day basis that they receive in the Pacific Northwest, we do get our fair share of precipitation.

On the days that it is raining you might shut off your sprinklers and let your lawn, flowers and gardens get their daily watering from the sky, but what if you aren't home? What if you are at work or out of town when the rain hits? There's nothing quite like driving down the street in the middle of a rainstorm than to see your neighbors' sprinklers going off one by one. To prevent that from happening - and to save you a little on your utility bill when the weather turns wet - rain sensors can be a huge benefit. Your local irrigation company in Tennessee can help you to install one of these awesome tools and help you to reduce water waste.

How Do Rain Sensors Work?
Most of the rain sensors that are in use today with residential sprinkler system installations are wired or wireless. Each type is a little different, but they both contain an element to their system that will absorb rain water when it begins to fall. It won't shut off your sprinklers if it's just a small drizzle. This protects you from a shut down so your plants will still get the amount of water that they need, which can be important in the middle of summer when it's hot.

The sensors are set by professional sprinkler installation and programming to only shut down once the absorption reaches a certain level of saturation. Then the sensor overrides the programming schedule for the sprinkler system and prevents it from turning on at its regular time. This can help homeowners to save a lot of money, reduce the amount of water that they consume and protect plants and lawns from getting over or under watered.

In addition to wired and wireless rain sensors, there are also other ways to reduce water consumption. Smartphone enabled sprinkler controllers and schedulers (for both iPhone and Android systems), can allow you to make changes to your programming remotely or allow the sprinklers to be turned off based upon local weather reports. Some will even have reports that can be generated that let you know how much water and money you are saving over time by using their program. In addition to allowing you to program your sprinklers or control them remotely, some of these systems will even analyze the water needs of your landscape based upon the type of grass or plants that you have on your property and the exact geo-location where you live. There truly is an app for just about anything these days!

Financial Incentives for Homeowners
As if saving water and reducing your utility bill wasn't enough, there are other homeowner incentives associated with having a Manchester, TN irrigation installation company set you up with a rain sensor. Many states and local communities are offering financial incentives to homeowners who reduce monthly or annual consumption through the use of these advanced irrigation tools. You can speak with your professional sprinkler installation expert about incentives in your area or contact your local water company, state or city hall to find out if there are any discounts or rebates available.

It is important to note that there are sometimes specific requirements or restrictions on how the incentives may be received. You may have to work with your irrigation company in Tennessee to find out which brands of rain sensors are included and could have to step up your plans to upgrade your system in order to meet a time frame deadline for receiving the incentive. Check to see how much you could receive - either in a direct rebate, tax deduction or discount on your utility bill - to find out if it is worth it to make the upgrade sooner than you anticipated or to use a brand you hadn't previously considered.

Where to Get Water Saving Features in Middle TN
If you are interested in finding out more about getting water sensors or another type of water-saving technology integrated in with your Manchester, TN irrigation installation or having it added on to your current system, speak with Premier Lawn Care. We are a local landscaping and irrigation company in Tennessee and we can assist in a wide range of professional sprinkler installation options. Give us a call at 931-954-5545 to find out more about the services we provide or to get an estimate on sprinkler system installations or landscaping services.