Subsurface Leak Detection: 5 Reasons Why TN Sprinklers Leak

subsurface-leakOne of the best investments that you can make in your home or commercial landscaping is to install sprinklers to help maintain lawns, plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. Irrigation services in Manchester are proven to help reduce water usage, while keeping landscaping looking at its very best. Once you have your new sprinkler system installed, it is important to stay on top of regular irrigation repair and service to keep it working as it should. Middle TN landscaping relies on properly working sprinklers for much of the year, but because of the cool temperatures and weather that we get in this area, subsurface leak detection and seasonal servicing can be very important.

What is a Subsurface Leak?
Over time your irrigation system could break down, run into problems or experience a leak. In most instances it is easy to spot, as the primary location where issues occur in a sprinkler system is with the sprinkler heads themselves. Because they are out in the open where they can be hit by a lawnmower or neighborhood kids playing in the yard, they are more susceptible to breaks and can require replacement throughout the year. It is important that you fix any type of leaks that you find right away to make sure your Middle TN landscaping is getting the right amount of water and so you won't be wasting any water as a result of the broken sprinkler head.

However, there are also occasions when the leak can happen underground. That is what is known as a subsurface leak. Rather than digging up your entire sprinkler system to try and find the leak, it is advised that you hire professional irrigation services in Manchester to come out and perform subsurface leak detection. Once the leak is located, irrigation repair and service can be performed to solve the problem. There are many advantages associated with hiring a professional for subsurface leak detection instead of trying to locate the problem on your own. Time and money are the two things that you will save the most of by hiring a pro to take care of major issues with your Middle TN landscaping.

Why Do Leaks Happen?
Sometimes learning more about how things can go wrong is the best way to prevent them from happening. However, everything will eventually break down at some point, so while it is good to have this information, it is important to check your sprinklers by hiring qualified irrigation services in Manchester to inspect your system at least once a year. Below is a list of the top five reasons that leaks happen and what should expect to hear when something does go awry.

  • #1 - FILTER BLOCKAGE - Did you know that there were filters in your sprinkler system? If they become blocked or clogged in anyway with dirt or debris, the water flow can get cut off completely or get reduced drastically. The only way to fix this type of leak is to clean out the filter and anywhere else where there is a block or clog.
  • #2 - CLOGGED NOZZLE - The nozzles of your sprinklers can easily become blocked by debris or clogged by plants, grass and other things growing right over them. Even a bit of trash blown into the yard from a neighbor or passerby can cause the nozzles to be blocked. If the nozzles aren't able to move the way they are intended to move, leaks can occur. Damage can also be caused by lawnmowers or from people hitting or running over the nozzles.
  • #3 - DRAINAGE ISSUES - Sometimes sprinklers can leak even when the irrigation is shut off. The cause behind this is something known as "low drainage." This happens when water drains from the pipes through the lowest level sprinkler on the system due to gravity. Puddling can occur, which could cause damage to your Middle TN landscaping or your structure, if near the home or building.
  • #4 - BAD CONNECTIONS - Sometimes pipes, valves, nozzles and other parts of the overall irrigation system can be connected poorly, which can lead to little or big leaks. It can be difficult to find this type of leak so you might need professional irrigation services in Manchester to help you out. This type of leak needs to be fixed right away to avoid causing damages.
  • #5 - BROKEN LINES - Holes, cracks and outright breaks in the line can cause big problems. In many cases, subsurface leak detection will need to be employed by your local irrigation repair and service to find such a leak. If you notice water beginning to pool or certain areas of your Middle TN landscaping are greener than others, you might have a break in the line underground.

Hiring Irrigation Services in Manchester, TN
If you are interested in hiring an irrigation repair and service professional for your Middle TN landscaping, look no further than Premier Lawn Care. We have provided a wide variety of landscaping and irrigation services to customers throughout the region since 1994. Subsurface leak detection, irrigation installations, sprinkler system repair and services - our team can help you get your irrigation back on track to save your landscape and your water bill! Give us a call at 931-954-5545 to get a free consultation for your residential or commercial property.