Summer Landscape Tips: Lawn Care in Middle TN for Homeowners

summer-landscapingThe techniques and methods used to keep residential landscaping looking green and lush in the mid to late summer months are completely different than what is used in the spring and in the fall. Above all, if you want your lawn to look great in the sun and heat of summer, it is important to keep it healthy. Some people mistakenly think that means just loading it down with more water, but there's actually a lot more to it than that.

Whether you are a "keep off the grass" type of homeowner or you want a lush lawn for summer parties, barbecues and bare feet in the backyard, it is possible to get everything you want and more for your Middle TN landscaping if you take time to learn what your grass needs.

Once the growing season passes, the typical lawn in Tennessee goes through a bit of stress. The heat and the days without rain that bring even a temporary drought can be damaging, causing homeowners to have to fight against nature. It is important to understand what the change of seasons means to our lawns and what we can do to prepare our lawns ahead of time to help keep them looking great all summer long.

Cool Season Grass vs Warm Season Grass
There are different types of grass that work better for residential landscaping based upon the average temperatures and the time of year. Many homeowners elect to do a process called over-seeding, which involves putting the warm-season grass seeds over top of an existing cool-season grass lawn to help boost the growing season for their Middle TN landscaping. Others use a cool season and warm season grass seed blend, allowing the opposing season grass to go dormant while the other one thrives in the change of weather.

Common cool season grasses include rye, bluegrass and fescue. They grow best for lawn care in Middle TN when the temperatures are in the 60 degree range. Warm season grasses that are most popular with homeowners across the United States when the temperatures get above the 70s and 80s include bermuda, centipede and Zoysia.

During the really hot days of summer when temperatures get into the high 80s and above, most lawns will have a little difficulty. Obviously, the rye, bluegrass and fescue will have the most problems, showing signs through browning and becoming brittle. Some of these will even go completely dormant, coming back strong when the temperature gets back into their "best" range. The temperature throughout the summer has as much to do with the success of Middle TN landscaping as irrigation does, but it is important to understand the effects of each and what they can do to your lawn.

Watering Tips for Residential Landscaping
On average during mild to moderate temperatures, most lawns need about an inch of water each week. More water is required when the temperatures rise. While there are some landscaping systems that will actually measure the amount of water that gets put down for you, it is possible to purchase a rain gauge to check the amount of sprinkler and natural rainfall to determine whether more is required.

Additional summer watering tips include:

  • Watering early in the day instead of mid-day to reduce the amount of evaporation.
  • Not watering in the evening or overnight to prevent fungal growth in the roots.
  • Water more deeply, yet less frequently, to make roots grow deeper and become more tolerant to drought.
  • Consider allowing your lawn to go dormant over the summer to reduce water consumption - speak with your Middle TN landscaping expert for advice on care.

Consider Hiring a Pro
We all know that house in the neighborhood - the one with the perfect lawn. Either the guy is retired and spends all day working on his lawn while you're at work (trimming it with scissors, no less) or he hires a lawn service for homeowner to sneak in and take care of the mowing, seeding and fertilizing when no one is looking. Either way, we all want to be that guy, but it can be difficult when we only get a couple hours on a Saturday to really pay attention to our lawns. If that sounds familiar, consider hiring a pro to take care of your lawn care in Middle TN. Premier Lawn Care can help - call today at 931-954-5545 for a beautifully manicured lawn.