Sustainable Landscaping Design Services & Ideas in Middle TN

sustainable-landscapingOne of the hottest things in landscaping today is sustainable, "green" landscaping. From commercial property owners to residential homeowners, everyone is more aware of the chemicals that are used in Manchester, TN lawn care and they are interested in learning more about how they can reduce the negative impact on the earth. As a result, there are now many landscaping companies in Tennessee who offer alternative means for property maintenance that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

You might now know this, but much of the method behind sustainable landscaping is in the actual landscaping design services themselves. What plants are used, how and where they are planted and the services provided to keep them healthy play a big part in how sustainable your landscaping will be. For example, planting native plants versus planting exotic plants that might need more water or other non-native plants that could hinder the growing ability of basic landscaping elements, might make your entire set-up more "thirsty" for water or more in-need of service and attention.

Starting Smart
If sustainability is your goal, the best way to achieve that goal is to start smart. Contact your local provider of landscaping maintenance in Middle TN and talk with them about making smarter choices with regard to your landscaping and ask for their input on how you can reduce water consumption and be friendlier to the local environment. You might be surprised at just how much your Manchester, TN lawn care specialists know about sustainable landscaping and what they can do for you.

One of the ways to reduce your impact on the environment right away is to switch to a bio-nutritional style fertilizer instead of a chemically-based fertilizer. In some cases, depending on what you were using before, a bio-nutritional fertilizer might cost a little more, but because so many people are interested in sustainable landscaping design services, in many cases it will be cost-negative, meaning no change in cost. This will dramatically reduce the amount of pesticides and insecticides used on your grass and flower beds.

Before making the switch from a chemical fertilizer to a bio-nutritional fertilizer, you will want to consult with a specialist in landscape maintenance in Middle TN. Premier Lawn Care is one of the very few landscaping companies in Tennessee that employs a team of technicians that are licensed, certified and experienced in sustainable landscaping design services. In fact, we are licensed with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and we are also a certified bio-nutrient specialist with Holganix.

Irrigation is Key
The next step to providing a more sustainable method for Manchester, TN lawn care is to focus on the irrigation. Make sure to work with a company that can also install, service, repair and maintain a water smart irrigation system that will help you to reduce consumption and avoid wasting water. This can be especially important for commercial property owners, as over-watering, improperly maintained sprinkler heads and inconsistent servicing can lead to a lot of waste and higher water bills.

Investing in a good irrigation system will help you to be more efficient and it will also be much more cost-effective than simply trying to continue using an old system. Weather based or climate based controllers, as well as wireless access systems and rain sensors, can help landscaping companies in Tennessee to manage irrigation remotely to shut the program down during heavy rains to ensure smarter irrigation control. In addition to saving water, these programs also help to make sure that your plants are getting enough water below the surface to ensure longer-lasting, more sustainable results year-round.

In addition to landscaping design services and maintenance, Premier Lawn Care is also extremely experienced and knowledgeable in irrigation installations, servicing, maintenance and repair. Our team can provide you with a free consultation and estimate for our services to help you create a more sustainable, efficient and environmentally-friendly irrigation system for your commercial or residential property.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping
Another sign of sustainable landscape maintenance in Middle TN is adding a basic arrangement of maintenance-free or low-maintenance to your property. While many properties rely heavily on seasonal color features, such as strategically placed flower beds and other color opportunities near entrances, signage and other areas frequented by customers or visitors, it is important to mix in some great-looking plants that won't require a lot of water, fertilizer or attention. Speak with your landscaping design services specialist about options that would decrease requirements for Manchester, TN lawn care in your area.

For example, many landscaping companies in Tennessee are now using ornamental grasses because they look great when planted behind seasonal color bed areas, in containers near entrance doors or along walkways. Drought-resistant shrubs, trees and other greenery will add texture, height and color to your property without increasing your irrigation needs. In fact, the use of these additional plants can decrease the amount of color space required to enhance the look and feel of your property, allowing you to use less "thirsty" flowers, while still maintaining the same eye-catching benefits.

If you are interested in hiring a professional company for landscaping design services and landscape maintenance in Middle TN, consider Premier Lawn Care. We have been providing top notch services to commercial and residential clients throughout the region since 1994. We have earned a solid reputation within the region and currently work with many different national and international companies to provide them with professional landscaping, irrigation and property maintenance services. Give us a call at 931-954-5545 to get a custom estimate for any of our quality services.