Tips for Tennessee Commercial Landscaping Maintenance & Design

commercial-designWhen it comes to commercial landscaping maintenance and design, it pays to be creative and consistent. You want to create a beautiful first impression for your customers and other visitors to your property, so landscaping in Middle TN can be very important. A property that is not well-maintained will stand out in a bad way, while a property that is obviously taken care of and maintained on a regular basis will set the tone for the experience that your visitors will have while on-site. It will become part of the lasting "good feeling" that they will get when they tell others about your property and even recommend friends or family members to go there for your products or services. Who knew that landscaping could be so important?

What Constitutes as Landscaping?
If you consider the property as a whole an think about commercial landscaping maintenance, what needs to be done, what need to be trimmed and maintained and what needs to be changed out regularly with the seasons, you can get a bigger, better picture of your landscaping requirements. Landscape maintenance in Middle TN is a year-round task, especially for commercial properties. The entryway to your retail establishment, a homeowners association, a corporate business complex - wherever you work, it is important to create a solid first impression.

Commercial landscape is similar to, yet still very different from, residential landscaping. While you might have some grassy areas to maintain, landscaping companies in TN will need to maintain more hardscaping, seasonal flower beds, bushes, trees and larger features than for a residential client. Commercial landscaping maintenance can also include maintaining the areas around property signs, parking areas and much more, all with an eye for creating a professional looking appearance that will reflect well on the property, the property owner and the businesses that operate on-site.

Commercial Landscape: Keeping It Simple
While some properties go over the top with commercial landscaping in Middle TN, including huge water features such as fountains or ponds, adding large seating areas, gazebos and other big ticket items that can require additional services, there are ways to keep it simple. By adding in more hardscaping, such as paver patios, retaining walls and borders, it can make the property easier to maintain and keep looking good year round. Adding in a mix of ground cover, such as mulch or rocks, combined with hearty plants that will last all year long with very little maintenance can cut your work in half.

Once you have the basics down, it is easy to add in touches of color here and there with strategically planned, seasonal flowers. Choose bright, vivid colors that reflect the time of year and plant them fresh and new a couple of times throughout the year. In the winter months, consider adding basic white lights or artificial plants to fill out the space. Depending on the type of property that you own or manage, you may want to even add holiday touches here and there to encourage shopping at a retail site or provide a welcoming theme at a residential community.

Property Tip: Pick a Focal Point
When people drive past your property, you want them to know where they are. Oftentimes, for retail centers and residential properties, there is a sign out front that announces to people driving by what they can expect to find inside. One of the best focal points on any commercial property is the signage. Putting your commercial landscaping maintenance focus on that area will ensure that people notice your sign and hopefully, will turn into your property as a result. If you have a big sign, don't be afraid to go big with the color and surrounding plants, just be carefully not to get lax with your landscaping maintenance in Middle TN in the summer when plants can start to grow out of control.

Other focal areas can include the entrance area, such as landscaping lining the driveway or areas in front of building entrances. Flower beds overflowing with beautiful color are a sure bet for attracting attention and making the most of this opportunity to impress. Make sure to take into account the needs of the plants, such as soil, watering and sunlight, to prevent having to replace them more frequently than necessary. Working with reputable commercial landscaping companies in TN will help you to create a smart and strategic plan that will help your property look great without breaking your budget.

Professional Landscaping Maintenance in Middle TN
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